Jun 25
Knockout Checkers Chamber - Mr. Box
We’re really glad that Summer Sale's time has come! Meanwhile our Knockout Checkers Chamber game awaits you to spend a really great time playing and do so with a 75%! Do not miss!

Sincerely yours, WonderBox Team
Knockout Checkers Chamber - Mr. Box

Make an amazing trip through the green world of Forestation: Circle of Nature. This is a sequel of our another wonderful game - Forestation. Here your main aim is growing forests. Sounds really amazing!

Remember that to grow a forest you are to master weather changing skills and other features of the Forestation world. Also you are to take into account a current season, to make trees grow properly.

Solving riddles is another feature of this game. Pass through a great deal of levels with special tasks to make your own forest kingdom!
All this process requires the maximum relaxation and harmony. That's why you'll be able to admire relaxing music, while playing.

Try Forestation: Circle of Nature and grow your own forest!
Knockout Checkers Chamber - Mr. Box
The Sale is on, get prepared! Grab Knockout Checkers Chamber on sale for 75% off for a limited time.
Knockout Checkers Chamber - Mr. Box
We’re really glad that Summer Sale's time has come! Meanwhile our Knockout Checkers awaits you to challenge your skills in magic checkers - all the more so during Summer Sale Knockout Checkers Chamber will be co 75% off its price! Do not miss it!
Sincerely yours, WonderBox Team
Knockout Checkers Chamber - Mr. Box
On FRIDAY the 13th always happens something STRANGE. You found A MYSTERIOUS BOX in your garage. There is SOMEONE in it! It makes you do THINGS! Do you want to find out WHO'S IN THE BOX? Then check it out and let us know what you think!

WonderBox Games Team
Knockout Checkers Chamber - Tim32
Cryptocurrency Clicker is now available on Steam! This is your chance to become a cryptocurrency millionaire! Click Bitcoins to earn them and upgrade your mining farm to reach the success.

Leave your feedback in comments and help us to make this game better!
Knockout Checkers Chamber - Chronoscopist

You thought that Complete Bundle is really complete? Well, here’s a surprise: new, truly enormous bundle that contains even more games! Purchase all 8 our titles and try them all or send as a gift to someone who likes small indie games in massive amounts!
Feb 15, 2018
Knockout Checkers Chamber - Chronoscopist
Greetings! Rather large patch has come out today - we have worked on it since January and hope that you will like it!

- Totally reworked the Single Campaign mode - 16 rounds are now combined with dramatic storyline and characters;
- Improved interface and localizations;
- Performed a lot of bugfixing.
That's all for today, but the process of improving the game is going on, as there's still plenty features to add. Meantime, tomorrow we will release the patch in honor of the Chinese New Year. Yes, even this fantasy world sometimes has connections with the Middle Kingdom! So prepare for certain surprises!
Dec 28, 2017
Knockout Checkers Chamber - Chronoscopist
Hello! Here's another small update, presumably the last in this year:
  • Increased the maximum number of turns in a round: the draw now happens after 25 turns;
  • Added support for saving the game progress in cloud;
  • Added anti-aliasing of graphics.
Knockout Checkers Chamber - Chronoscopist
Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Behold small, yet still noteworthy Christmas Update!

  • Added Christmas graphics;
  • Added x2 boost to power of effect of ice checkers (it will be active up to the first days of January);
  • And, finally, a feature that was desired by many players: we have added tutorial (in the form of video). Enjoy, and happy New Year!

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