7th Sector - NoskovFe

Hello! Recently, on May 17, to be exact, 7th Sector won the Devgamm Awards competition in two nominations, Best Indie Game and Excellence in Visual Art! This is a very important and solemn event for me, inspiring further work! Sleepless nights of development were not in vain :)

Ps. Now I am making a small free DLC -
"Museum of the 7th Sector" with a first-person view, in which you can walk through the gloomy location with various exhibits and their descriptions.
7th Sector - NoskovFe

Hello! After the release of the game, several mini - stories about the world of the 7th Sector game were published. I thought through the universe of the game in detail, and the game has a big storyline branch, but I could not put it in the puzzle-platformer genre.

Sorry, but the content does not exist in other languages.

7th Sector - NoskovFe

Good day! Soundtracks for "7th Sector" by Aleksey Trofimov (Nobody's Nail Machine) are available on Steam as a free DLC!
Mar 23
7th Sector - NoskovFe

Hello! I worked on the creation of trading cards and now they are available.
Mar 13
7th Sector - NoskovFe

Fixed several gameplay and graphical bugs. Fixed the error of saving the controller selection in the menu, closed some areas where the character fell into textures, solved the problem with the invisible wall at the Chase level, fixed the problem with the container blocking the path at the Tower level, etc.
7th Sector - NoskovFe

Hello! Update 1.0.1

- Fixed a bug with going beyond the location
- The control of the drone with using the gamepad is smoother.
- Changed the toy car control from the cross to the left stick.
- Added control map with gamepad (main buttons)
- On some puzzles, the pause between the buttons is reduced
- MAYBE, fixed bug with invisible people, casting shadows. I could not repeat the bug, so there are no guarantees.
- Fixed a bug with the achievement "Chronicle" when collecting all the pictures in the menu
7th Sector - NoskovFe

Friends, the "7th Sector" was released on Steam!
I hope the game will leave a positive impression.

Now I am planning my future work. Most likely, I will not start a dev of new game, I need a rest. But I have idea, to release two of my old projects: "Light" and "Train". Also, maybe I will dev a DLC for the 7th sector (Maybe with first person). Write in the comments, how do you think about this idea? And of course, I want to make several updates for "35MM", add new elements and fix old bugs. I unfortunately did not have time for this before.

I don’t say about 7th Sector updates and fix bugs - it goes without saying.

Thank you all for attention!
7th Sector - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Dominic Tarason)

There’s not many games where you can play as a haunted robot, but 7th Sector, quietly launched today, appears to let you play the role of a literal ghost in the shell. It’s the latest from , the folks who previously freaked Alec out with the deeply Russian 35MM. It reminds me a little of Inside, only instead of hacking the meat-brains of everything that crosses your path, your little spark of life hops between robot bodies (from toys to military hardware), exposed wiring and computer systems across its cyberpunk world. Take a peek at the launch trailer for yourself.


7th Sector - NoskovFe

7th Sector. Release - 5 March! Work coming to the final.

Small video preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVLmXcom21U

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