Jun 23
Technosphere - AdaptiveGame

The development of the game is very active.
We plan to finish by the end of summer.

The game will have 10 levels united by history.
At the moment, we begin to design levels and explore the game world.

Sometimes it will be scary, sometimes hot, but you should not give up. You must save humanity.

Tell your friends about the game. Support the development that the game would be the best quality.
May 25
Technosphere - AdaptiveGame

Update 0.3.1
Firstly, two months the development was frozen. The reason was the lack of funding.
We have solved the issue with financing and are pleased to announce the continuation of the development.
In version 0.3.1, the changes are:
- Fixed several bugs;
- Added more magnetic rings, that you would not move too fast;
- Optimized textures;
- Blocked access to the old demo levels (they will be used as a basis for future);
- Based on Unreal Engine 4.19.0.
- 64bit-version
Mar 18
Technosphere - AdaptiveGame
We are pleased to present an update to 0.3.0.
Starting with this version, we add a story mode.
We are still thinking about what to do with the levels that were in the old build.
We consider several options:

a) add a system of achievements and run the competition.
b) use as the basis for future levels of play.
c) leave as is, in memory of how it all began.
e) close access to the level and open only to those who will pass the final version of the game.
e) delete the old levels.

Tell us your opinion. It is very important.

Also, we are pleased to announce that we have added some improvements to the game:
- 16K textures (4096x4096).
- Dynamic HQ-Shadows.
- Ambient Occlusion.
- Bokeh DOF.
- Based on Unreal Engine 4.18.2.

The next stage of the development will focus on adding new mechanics, score system and improve gaming experience.
Mar 3
Technosphere - AdaptiveGame
We are proud to announce that we are publishers on Steam.
This means that we can be closer to the fans and make the game better.
We updated the game to version 0.2.5 and prepare version 0.3.0 in the coming days.
Version 0.2.5 changes.
- New textures.
- Optimized program code.
- Improved optimization.
- levels Correction.

Version 0.3.0 will include the Story mode and will appear soon.
Thank you for your support and participation in the creation of the game.
Tell your friends about our game. Together we can do more ːsteamhappyː

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