StrikeForce Kitty - DeqafStudio
StrikeForce Kitty gets the Hungarian language!
StrikeForce Kitty - DeqafStudio
We decided put more parody elements to make clothes really funny!

Also fixed bugs with leaderboard. Check global ratings in main menu!

StrikeForce Kitty - DeqafStudio
StrikeForce Kitty gets the Korean language!
Jul 10, 2018
StrikeForce Kitty - DeqafStudio
Collect soccer balls instead of fish in honor of the World Cup! We have added a new mode called "World Cup", which you can enable in the settings in the main menu.

Mar 11, 2018
StrikeForce Kitty - DeqafStudio
Hello everybody!
We continue working on the game! Added Turkish language and fixed some bugs that you found!

Feb 28, 2018
StrikeForce Kitty - DeqafStudio
Thanks for help with translations!
First pack new languages already done!


Hope with your help we can added all languages ;)
StrikeForce Kitty - DeqafStudio
Friends, many of you bought Kittens!

We are very interested in your opinion - what you liked and what does not! Maybe you have ideas for improving the game or you met a bug?

Share your impressions of the game by writing a review so that we can develop the game further, and new players had a better idea of the game!
StrikeForce Kitty - DeqafStudio
Hi there,

It is a lot of texts in our game. (about 700 words). So if you can translate them into language you know and that language is not yet in game you can get some free copy of a game for you!

We can give english and russian text as final for translate.

Also you will be listed in game credits section!

The game already supports the following languages:

Contact -

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