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Want to provide additional support to my game & free 3D engine (Xenko) development? Have money to spare? Probably not!

You are a busy person just making ends meet (hopefully)... not much different here.. I'm just one guy working on games and a free 3D engine which you can get @ -- if you'd be so kind to throw a couple dollars my way, now you can through Patreon:

Thank you for at least reading this far and hope you have a good day!

ROMBIE - phr00t to chat about existing & upcoming games with the developer. Over 100+ already joined & you are very welcome!
ROMBIE - phr00t
Adapt or Perish, the upcoming open world & fully customizable real time strategy game is planning to land NEXT WEEK, February 11th. Thank you for your support and hope you enjoy it :-)
ROMBIE - phr00t
Check out the latest upcoming open world & fully customizable real time strategy platform: Adapt or Perish!
ROMBIE - phr00t

Are you a Twitch streamer? Make "Let's Play" videos? Want some fresh content? Let me know via any of the following methods:

Joining Discord:
Posting on Reddit:

More information on the Steam page:
ROMBIE - phr00t

Huge updates are rolling in for this upcoming open world, fully customizable & procedural real-time strategy game! The latest v0.100b changelog can be seen, along with other updates, linked just below this Steam page for the game:

Join the Discord @

Aiming for an early 2019 release!
ROMBIE - phr00t

Join the Discord to follow development & inquire about being a tester:
ROMBIE - phr00t
v1.29 changes the fog model to improve consistency & performance. Object caching & pooling was improved, which should reduce early game framerate consistency. Finally, a custom physics interpolation system was put in place for character movement, which should hopefully reduce movement jitter.

v1.30 fixes positioning in VR & LightSword tracking.

These updates are now on the default branch.

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