Dead Frontier 2 - APwn
I've written a blog post about DF2:

Sorry everyone :(
Dead Frontier 2 - APwn
Server-side Update [11/12/2018]
- Level cap raised to 30
- Prestige cap raise to 10
- Higher level areas added into area rotations
- Higher level variations of bosses added
Dead Frontier 2 - APwn
- A large, dedicated outdoor PvP zone has been added to the map (the "Scrubland")

- Menu opening has been optimized and should be approximately 3x faster on most PCs

- A door sound bug was fixed

Coming Soon:
- More content, including several new locations, weapons, enemies and a higher level cap

- More bug fixes and optmizations

NOTE: You may need to exit out of Steam and log back in to get this update.
Dead Frontier 2 - APwn
- Equipment loots have been changed so that you'll get approximately double the number of high level items

- Worms have been nerfed so they are now a middle ground between old & new versions. Spawn rate remains low.

- Mission items now tell you the rough location of the giver to bring it to

- Mission items & keys no longer count towards stash slots

- Fixed visual bugs some UI layouts

- Fixed bug causing street bosses to spawn too frequently

- Fixed weapon equip ordering bug

NOTE: You may need to exit out of the game and go back in to see some of these changes.
Dead Frontier 2 - APwn
- Market search has been redesigned so that everything happens in the same screen and can easily be refreshed

- You can now search for items with specific stats

- You can now buy multiple account stash upgrades

- Worms have been made even more rare, but are now slightly faster & more deadly
Dead Frontier 2 - APwn
- Ammo now stacks correctly in account stash

- You can now refuel/fit your vehicle without needing to move items across first

- Weapon noise stats are now correctly calculated

- Mission building markers now disappear as soon as you have completed the objectives

- Mission log disappearing bug fixed

- You are no longer forced to hand in missions as soon as you return to the mission giver
Sep 28, 2018
Dead Frontier 2 - APwn
Update Version 0.129
- Door loading has been heavily optimized, resulting in 2-3 times faster loading on most PCs
- Damage to mutated, infected and humans now works correctly on headshots and surprise attacks
- Headshot damage is now calculated correctly in PvP
- Fixed a bug that would cause yes/no boxes to stop responding
- Fixed a bug that would make already purchased items reappear in the market results list

NOTE: You may need to exit out of Steam and log back in to get this update.
Dead Frontier 2 - APwn
- Loot screen now allows you to use a healing or food item instantly rather than picking it up first

- Loot screen now shows a tooltip showing the stats of the item you have found

- Loot screen now displays health/food/water of your character when picking up a healing/food/water item

- Worms now spawn 50% less often

- A bug with sale price suggestions was fixed

- A bug affecting street loot spots was fixed
Dead Frontier 2 - APwn
- Selling window now gives you a suggested price based on the average of the 5 cheapest items of that type, meaning you don't need to check prices before listing your items for sale

- A bug with the level of loots was fixed

- A bug affecting the quantities of certain loot types was fixed
Sep 23, 2018
Dead Frontier 2 - APwn
- Bosses and small hordes will now spawn in the streets at various times through the day
- Market windows will now go back instead of fully closing on exit
- Market improved so you can search in all categories at once
- Market search improved so you can type any part of the name (IE type 'shells' to find 12 Gauge Shells)
- Fixed a bug that stopped you trading when market selling list full
- Reduced level of bosses on streets
- Removed street bosses from Dallbow
- SMG damage increased 25%
- Looting grades changed so that boosting lower grade find chances will not negatively impact higher grade looting chances
- Roid Hulk boss made a little easier
- Fixed a mission log text bug
- Level requirement generation changed, so that they more accurately reflect the power of the item
- Stats on weapons tweaked so they make more logical sense (no melee buffs on guns etc)
- You can now stun worms with melee, making killing groups of them easier

NOTE: You may need to quit out of the game and go back in to see some of these improvements.

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