SuperTrucks Offroad - Greg 'Meltdown' Quinn
Hello all,

Here's a quick update on the big 1.5 release coming soon and to highlight some of the new features, when the release is live a full list of features will be provided.

The bulk of the work has been done, the new tracks are done, and the new AI system has been implemented! Right now the final polish, bug fixes and most importantly the fine-tuning of upgrades and AI trucks is being finalised.

Improved environments
The race track artwork has been completely re-done from scratch, and uses the latest graphics enhancements such as PBR (Physically Based Rendering) to make the game look even more realistic.

Improved truck cosmetics
The truck body paint and tyres now used improved shaders and look much better in-game. The truck customise screen has also been greatly improved.

Auto-matching for Multiplayer
Many players complained that they had troubles matching people in multiplayer games.

We have implemented an 'auto-matchmaking' feature for multiplayer, which will automatically connect you to race against other players in your region if you have the 'auto-matchmake' setting turned on. So during single player mode, you will get a small notification to join a multiplayer race, when you click on the ok button, you will be moved into that race!

No more sitting on the multiplayer matching screen waiting for someone to join!

Multiplayer sync improvements
Multiplayer sync has received a complete overhaul, synchronisation of opponents trucks is now much smoother and more accurate than it was previously.

Longer content path
Previously players were completing the game too quickly, so the upgrade path is now more lengthy and costly, and players will need to race in multiplayer and daily challenge races to augment their income in order to beat the higher level AI opponents in career mode. Players will now need all 4 parts to upgrade a specific section of the truck , and will need to enter multiplayer or daily challenge races to get these parts.

Brand new AI system
The brand new AI system is complete and the new system has much more intelligent AI trucks than before.

Coming in the 1.5.1 update (roughly 2-3 weeks after the 1.5 Update)

An asynchronous challenge system with virtual cash betting.
Challenge another player to a race time on a specific track, and try set a race time they can't beat!

Place a bet in virtual cash, select an opponent, race your lap and they will receive the challenge and will race against your ghost car. The player who wins the challenge wins the virtual currency bet!

The update will be taking a few more days, thank you so much for your patience!

SuperTrucks Offroad - Greg 'Meltdown' Quinn
Hello all,

I've been busy on the big 1.5 update, which will be the games biggest yet.

This post on our website contains more info as well as a preview video of the new artwork and AI system in action...

SuperTrucks Offroad - Greg 'Meltdown' Quinn
This is a small bug fix release, as well as an adjustment to chase camera view.

  • Fixed an issue with the sound not starting in game
  • Removed the barrier sound that played before a race started
  • Changed 'Chase' camera view to act more like a chase camera and sit behind the vehicle.
  • Fixed a bug on pause menu when viewing How To Play menu
Jan 22, 2018
SuperTrucks Offroad - Greg 'Meltdown' Quinn
  • Fixed a bug when the race wouldn't start sometimes
  • Improved overall stability and racing ability of AI
  • Fixed bug where player could run off track in pit area
  • Fixed performance issues in long jump and obstacle course, and glitch when player's race position changed.
  • Fixed some corrupt font issues
Jan 22, 2018
SuperTrucks Offroad - Greg 'Meltdown' Quinn
  • Increased player base truck speed slightly
  • Increased AI truck speeds overall in career mode
  • Increased boss truck speeds
  • Fixed bugs with reset profile, if you reset your profile previously, please do this again
  • Fixed some other bugs
SuperTrucks Offroad - Greg 'Meltdown' Quinn
  • Go to your windows desktop, press the Windows key on your keyboard and type regedit.exe
  • Delete the highlighted folder shown in this image...
  • Start the game again.
SuperTrucks Offroad - Greg 'Meltdown' Quinn
  • Made several improvements to the AI and reduced rubber banding
  • Added reset profile button in profile menu - Profile menu is the 'head' icon on the top left of main menu.
  • Added change language button in profile menu.
  • Pit lane is now open, when player drives through green zone in pit lane their truck gets repaired.
  • Increased cost of upgrades.
  • Decreased XP requirement by 25% per level so players should level up slightly quicker.
  • Added restart race button to pause menu.
  • Fixed long jump graphic performance issue.
  • Improved look of water on tracks.

Note : If you reset your profile, you may need to restart the game. Please do so if the game hangs after restting profile or if it hangs when a race starts.
Jan 15, 2018
SuperTrucks Offroad - Greg 'Meltdown' Quinn
I've looked at feedback from everyone the last 2 days after launch and I've come up with a patch that I hope addresses the most major issues at this point. More patches to come!

  • Added race position indicator to top left of screen
  • AI rubber banding/aggressiveness heavily reduced
  • It is now easier to knock an AI truck off their path
  • Reduced AI truck speeds across all races
  • Reduced damage taken by 50%
  • Nitro is now a lot more 'punchy'
  • Camera rotation speed increased slightly in both chase and top down modes.
  • Added WASD NM keyboard mapping so players now have a choice of which side of the keyboard thay want to play
  • Start button now works on controller's that support it, it used used to show the pause menu in-game
  • If holding down nitro and the race ends, nitro is stopped
  • Added 'How to play' button on Pause menu so player's may look at the instructions at any time
SuperTrucks Offroad - Greg 'Meltdown' Quinn
As a developer this is a very emotional moment for me, bringing to life what I always dreamed of doing as a kid, which was making a modern version of Super Offroad with my own twist.

I have just hit the publish button, and the game is now on Steam!

For everyone who has shown an interest in the game, thank you so much, I really hope what I have put together over these last 8 years will be good enough to bring you many hours of joy.

Development is not done yet!

I will be adding Steam Achievements in the first update.

The first improvements will be adding more features around the realtime multiplayer, including tournaments and events, where you can win unique truck customisation items.

Of course I will be monitoring the discussions for feedback from the community and working on what the community wants most.

Please bear in mind I am a one-man indie team, who is working on this game in his spare time, so I have limited resources to get things done, but I will do my best to make this game one you'll want to play for a long time!

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