MewnBase - cairn4

New Items
  • Torches that can be placed on ground
  • Chemistry Lab module
  • Blueshrooms, Chemicals, and Battery Cells
  • Improved Shovel
  • Stone Walkway and Wall tiles
  • Light Sensor switch

  • Updates to tech tree
  • Longer Mission lengths
  • New animation for base construction
  • New animation for Construction Yard when crafting
  • Added turbine safe-zone indicator when placing
  • Added extra info to the Wind Turbine's popup
  • Limited Artifacts and Portable Oxygen to 1 per inventory slot
  • Portable Oxygen is now made in Chemistry Lab
  • New particles on Smelter when it's crafting
  • Added plant-specific Greenhouse sprites
  • More resource sprite variations
  • Added virtual joystick option for player movement
  • Added low-hunger warning
  • Inventory tooltip tweaks
  • Swapped behavior of Click vs Shift-Click for moving and dropping item stacks
  • Re-ordered items in crafting menus
  • New buttons on main menu.
  • Localization updates

  • Removed sun icon from map
  • Fixed URL for Steam version of the game
  • Fixed potential crash with Repair Drones on game load
  • Fixed crash on main menu related to saved games timestamps
  • Fixed heading font issue with Russian characters (Pause Menu)

As always, if you encounter any new bugs or issues, or just want to say hi - hop on over to the
MewnBase Discord Server!
MewnBase - cairn4

New Modules
  • Wind turbine - new means of power generation.
  • Lightning rod / collector - protects you and your base from lightning strikes.
  • Large battery - stores almost 3x power what normal battery modules store.
  • Powered rain collectors - automatically transfers rain water into your base's Water Supply modules.
  • RTG now generates 8 power instead of 5.
  • Moved batteries and solar panels to be crafted in the Construction Yard.
  • Engines now have their own tech-tree level.
  • Lowered the amount of hunger fruit provides.
  • Updated map view, including pan and zoom.
  • HUD updates for low-oxygen and losing health warnings.
  • Updated design to the base power popup.
  • Added item tooltips to the tech tree popup.
  • Added item tooltips to crafting recipe requirements.
  • Shift+click storage UI hint.
  • Localization updates.
  • Fixed issue where you could build one floor on top of another.
  • Fixed close X button on Storage popup.
  • Fixed issue where airleak particle fx would keep happening even after picking up the base module.
  • Fixed initial player flashlight glow.
  • Fixed issue where item piles wouldn't save their quantities.

As always, if you encounter any new bugs or issues, or just want to say hi - hop on over to the MewnBase Discord server!
MewnBase - cairn4
Small hotfix update with updated localization files, and fixes to some recently found issues:
  • Localization updates, and updated list of top contributors in the More Menu.
  • Player's health now saves properly.
  • Player's stats should no longer always reload at 100% when you have the Mk2 Suit.
  • Potential fix for ambient wind sounds that was only coming out of the right channel for some players.
  • Fixes to Language popup.
  • Player can no longer toggle their flashlight via HUD button while driving the buggie.
  • Fixed an issue where the science lab wouldn't animate properly when researching.
  • Game will no longer flat-out crash on the main menu if it encounters an error with a save file.
  • Fix for picking up Repair Drone base modules.

Thanks to everyone that has helped report bugs, either by sending me crashlogs or posting them on the Discord server!

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