Mobile Empire - raikal
1. Changed UI Color tone and improved UI visual effect
2. Replaced a portion of the background icons
3. Remade the phone design drafts

Mobile Empire - 122439241
1. Add the infinite resurrection function to the leisure pattern
2. Lower the listing condition, innovative enterprises can get listed (formerly the unicorn, one level lowered);
3. Lower the difficulty of super outsourcing task and improve the award of the general outsourcing task;
4. Fix the number of stars generated by employees responsible for the ecosystem and reduce many BUGs.
Mobile Empire - 122439241
Mobile Empire - 122439241
1.Fixed some bugs.
Mobile Empire - 122439241
1、Fixed BUG on OSX.
Mobile Empire - 122439241
1. Adjusted the calculation of business costs under insane mode.
2. Decreased the difficulty of "Super Outsource Quest".
3. Optimized code to increase game efficiency.
Mobile Empire - raikal
Hey guys, I’m producer of Mobile Empire.

As a game of making mobile phone, Mobile Empire has launched on Steam for around 4 months, since September 18th, 2017. I still can remember how I was anxious when I designed this game; and how I was excited after it was released online. During these 4 months, my team have got a lot of support. But we have also received many criticisms and suggestions. Whatever you leaved admiration or criticism, I appreciate all of you players.

Mobile Empire is the first work of my team. Honestly, all of my team members are new to game designing and developing, thus it made the numerical system of Mobile Empire’s early version was out of balance. Therefore, since it released, we have added many updates and corrected some issues.

About the custom price feature proposed by some players, we actually tested this feature during our prototype stage. However, we gave it up because we had to balance phones’ revenues in different price ranges. If this feature are used, it will make some types making money too easy; and then others will lose their meaning of gameplay. At current stage, we’re sorry we have not been able to create a satisfactory numerical system based on our current numerical control capability. But we always keep trying to build a more stable numerical system to ensure that you’ll enjoy this game better.

Overall, after one by one updates, Mobile Empire has basically stabilized and completed. We know there are many gamers who want to buy this game but they didn't buy it, because of its high price. To let more players to experience Mobile Empire, we decided to start the biggest discount since it was released! It will be 30% off starting from April 5th, 2018. Hoping you have fun with Mobile Empire!
Mobile Empire - raikal
1. Added the software ecosystem function. Players can recommend games of their own will. Games are divided into 4 tiers: platinum, gold, silver and bronze. Recommending as many good games as possible to generate more earnings
2. Added the hardware ecosystem function. Players can research and develop AI products, such as drones, robots, AI TV etc. Random product characteristics are obtained during R&D, and products can be continuously upgraded and iterated
3. Added the experience store function. Players can open their own experience stores worldwide. Different cities will have different shopping preferences and trending products will change all the time. A strategic planning and the upgrade of experience stores will bring you more sale earnings
4. Rewards for acquiring competitors are changed from the original technology refinement to the new unlockable hardware ecosystem products
5. Revised the text error in news reports
Mobile Empire - 122439241
1.Fixed the bug of first-release science news. It’s now triggered only within specific time if players release with hi-tech cell phones.
2.Fixed the bug of unable to complete the achievement of Make Enemies.
3.Corrected the typo in interview about listed companies.
4.Fixed the issue of negative figure in sales rank.
5.Fixed the bug of non-screen technical support which might happen in later period.
6.Added an icon of Delete Old Files in the menu of New Game.
Mobile Empire - 122439241
1. Added the function of “Technology Licensing”. Players can sell their self-developed CPU and operating systems to their friend merchants through the “rivals” function and gain extra profits;
2. Added the function of “Rankings”. A list of the most popular mobile phones will be shown after the sales have been reviewed and ranked;
3. Added the function of “Global Mobile Phone Rankings”. Players can review the detailed ratings of all mobile phones produced by global manufacturers within a year in “Product History;”
4. Added the function of “Launch Strategy”. Deleted the previous “Media” option. There will be more fun in the new strategies;
5. Reinforced the function of “Keep an employee”. There are more options to keep an employee other than offering more money;
6. Reinforced the function of “Strike”. There are now more means available to strike a rival. The amount of funds is adjustable. Different strategies will have different effects;
7. Reinforced the function of “Loans”. If a company is not performing well, it needs to negotiate with business managers of banks to obtain more loans;
8. Made it even easier to get to “Relaxing Mode”;
9. Further improved the new player’s guide;
10. The original “High” and “Extreme” in the task conditions in the “Outsourcing Mode” have been replaced by “Blue” and “Purple”. It will be easier to remember;
11. Random Tips will be shown on the bottom of the “Market Information” page to guide players;
12. “Star” icons have been added before a technology term that can trigger “Player News.”

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