Deadly Days - Pixelsplit

Hi survivors,

we have a new version for you - v0.51. It was mainly focused on content and polish. What changed:

Interaction highlight system
We saw that especially new players have problems identifying click-lootable stuff. We added a sparkle effect so you can easily identify these things.

We'd love to hear your thought about that.

New powers & items

We added 5 new powers and 11 new items. Go find out what they're all doing - here are some examples:

Item: Seismograph

Power: Lightning Storm

We took the brush and scrubbed the game a little bit.
  • Now characters, zombies and trees have ground shadows
  • The streets are partly a little dirty
  • We added some more detail objects to the sidewalk
  • Explosions shake the screen

Other changes
  • Added: Alarm system for the final day
  • Added: Visual feedback for events that give you inventory content
  • Improved: Regroup is more responsive now (Setting the regroup forces the survivors to go to the middle of that position first)
  • Balanced: Gas cloud of gas zombies less frequent and less harmfull
  • Balanced: Nerfed half zombies (hooking ones)
  • Balanced: Rest tier 1 event gives you additional max health boost
  • Fixed: Switching between looting survivors could break looting
  • Fixed: Gas zombie not spitting gas bullets
  • Fixed: Gas/fire interaction lead to many explosions
  • Fixed Zombies got pushed out of map
  • Fixed: Factory room dropped too many keys
  • Fixed: Sometrait descriptions were outdated
  • Fixed: Random cars which blocked some pathways
  • Fixed: Oktoberfest power drops were at wrong position
  • Fixed: Sometimes continue run button was still visible in main menu
  • Fixed: Burger building doesn't take damage from bottom
  • Fixed: Airdrop and lootable houses were not properly based on seed
  • Fixed: Some issues with 21:9

To all the highscore hunters
From now till release we'll also clear the highscore list every update, since there will be balance changes which can affect the highscores to much.

We hope you enjoy it! Feel free to leave feedback here or join our Discord Server ( ).

- Your “Deadly Days” team
May 20
Deadly Days - Pixelsplit
Hi survivors,

we just released a minor patch to fix some issues.

  • Fixed: Intro scene could hang on Linux
  • Fixed: Sometimes characters would get stuck when looting houses
  • Fixed: The automatic fighting could prioritize more distant zombies instead the near ones

- Your "Deadly Days" team
Deadly Days - Pixelsplit

Hi survivors,

after 2 months of intense evaluation, conception and implementation we are happy to announce the next massive Early Access Update - version 0.50. We have many major changes, so if you played a version before, better stay tuned!

New mission and meta game system
Before we basically had one mission type (scavenge) where you could find all loot types (items, powers, weapons, survivors). Now we changed the mission structure in a way that you have to strategically have to decide which type of loot you want. Do you need more manpower? Go on a rescue mission. Do you need more food to feed these men (and women)? Go to the supermarket. Do you need new weapons? Find an airdrop. And so on. It is up to you! But decide wisely, otherwise you’ll end up as a zombie snack.

But there is even more to find. Make sure to visit burger restaurants from time to time. There you will get hints where to locate the giant burger factory where all the evil originates from.

Wait… feed survivors?
Yep, we finally added the survival aspect to the game. You have to collect food, otherwise your survivors will starve terribly. So make sure you visit the supermarket frequently to always have enough food in stock.

Survivor traits
We always wanted it, you always wanted it - we never did it. Until now! Finally we have added character traits. Each of your characters has a unique skin and with it comes a unique trait. Some are good at healing, others are good at laying mines. But what they all have in common is that they can get better! During the game the survivors will get experience and improve their trait. You can even train them in the base now - it only costs a bit of your precious food.

Survivor control changes
Like announced in the last post we changed how you control characters. Click somewhere on the ground and they’ll defend that position. NEW is that you can hold the left mouse button and the characters will follow your mouse. Furthermore you can hold the CTRL key and the characters will stop moving and start shooting at that target. Melee Fighters will defend their current position and attack nearby enemies.

Another important change is that you don’t click to loot anymore. Your survivors pick up items, powers and weapons for you.

Power and ability changes
We changed how special powers work. Previously you had to collect energy orbs to charge them. This lead to the problem that you often couldn’t use your powers. NOW your powers charge up once at the beginning of the day. To counterbalance this a bit we added power slot unlocking like for the items.

Furthermore we changed how the basic abilities work. We simplified the system to a cooldown based system. So use your charges wisely. But no worries: There are items to help you out.

Hazard system
Before the danger level of a mission determined how many and how fast zombies appear. Now it also determines how many additional dangers will appear on the map. Stinking rotting mountains of meat or car barricades to be blown away. Be careful where to send your survivors.

Vending machine with delicious content
You can now find vending machines on your missions. Hopefully it will contain something useful to you.

The burger factory
Finally we implemented the new final mission. It takes place in the burger factory. We won’t spoil anything more.

Other changes
  • Added: Basic attack animation for zombies

  • Added: Special zombies get unlocked when threat level increases (in steps of 5)
  • Added: Rare purple missions (improved loot, extremely hard)
  • Added: New Pixelsplit intro
  • Added (back): Back button in mission selection
  • Added: 4 new items
  • Added: more interactions between items
  • Added: Healing numbers
  • Reworked: A Lot of items and powers to be compatible with changed mechanics
  • Balance: Gas cloud of gas zombies just make area of damage instead of poisoning until healed
  • Balance: Hook zombies should be more dangerous now
  • Balanced: Loot level (affects amount and rarity) vs danger
  • Improved: Ramped up gore level a bit
  • Improved: Overworked UI for threat level system
  • Improved: Simplified world space health bar design of characters
  • Improved: Base progresses visually with more items and powers
  • Improved: The further you get in the game the more zombies surround the base now
  • Improved: Enemies don’t overlap anymore. More mass. GIF
  • Improved: UI of threat level and current day
  • Redesign: Crate -> Airdrop
  • Cleared leaderboard because off all the changes

Thanks for all the input and sorry for the long cycle this time, but it took quite some time to push the game into the desired direction. We hope you enjoy it! Feel free to leave feedback here or join our Discord Server ( ).

We also want to use this opportunity to announce that we partnered with Assemble Entertainment who will do the further publishing of the game. We are looking forward to a vivid partnership!

Your “Deadly Days” team
Deadly Days - Pixelsplit
Hi survivors,

we know the last update was a while ago. But we are constantly working on Deadly Days. We are making some “last” big changes, these take quite some time (development and testing). Today we want to teaser the stuff we are working on.

Improved survivor controls
A frequently mentioned feedback is the possibility to control the survivors. During the development of "Deadly Days" we already had several changes in the control options, but most players often find the survivors' autonomy annoying.

A first change to fix this was that you can't remove the regroup anymore, so the player always actively determines where the survivors should go. Another iteration led us to the current solution. You can keep the mouse pressed and the survivors can follow it. Meanwhile the survivors also fight. But if you want to actively fight a big mob, we've added a CTRL modifier where your survivors stop and shoot where you point them.

All this makes the game much more active and increases your chances of surviving by skill, we hope you like it.

Improved ability and powers controls
Another problem that we've confirmed is that many players have never been able to use the Special Powers. The problem was balancing the energy needed. We have radically simplified the system. Equipped Special Powers can now be used from the beginning of the day, but only once (there are also smart combinations that make multiple activations possible).

For the basic abilities (heal and airstrike), the energy system has also been removed, and a cooldown system is now used instead. The mechanics should now be much more transparent and predictable for the players. In addition, every use of the abilities must now be carefully considered. We also removed one layer of indirection. When you press 1 (for airstrike), the airstrike is immediately shot at your mouse position. The same applies for healing. This allows much faster and more accurate usage of the abilities.

New mission layout, food ressource and the end
We started to change the structure of the different missions a bit. Now you have to actively decide which resources you want to collect. There are still scavenge missions where there are just a lot of lootable houses, but with low probabilities for the really good things (items, powers, rare / legendary weapons). Additionally you will get the choice between special buildings like the hospital (gives you special abilities) or the supermarket.

The supermarket guarantees you food. Food? Yes, we have introduced food. After each day, each survivor now needs one unit of food. If you don't have enough food, one survivor will die for each food you are missing. So make sure you always have enough food. The whole thing also plays along with the active decision to do rescue missions where you find new survivors - but remember that they also need more food. There are also missions for items and weapons. So choose wisely what you need next.

Another new mission type is the burger restaurant. After you destroy it you can loot a piece of a map. Where does this map lead, you ask? Of course this map leads to the burger factory which is the source of all the zombies. This is where you can end it all and finish your run.

Right now there is no ETA for the changes, but we’ll release them as soon as we are ready.

Feel free to discuss the upcoming changes, tell us your ideas or just have a chat with us in our Discord ( ).

- Your “Deadly Days” Team
Deadly Days - Pixelsplit
Hi survivors,

today we just have a minor update for you. But be assured that we are in the progress of making bigger changes.

Here are the changes for update 0.18:
  • Added: Option to activate the community loca sheet
  • Improved: Performance
  • Improved: Zombie ambience audio was reduced drastically
  • Fixed: Sometimes portrait healing didn't work
  • Fixed: Abilites and powers were activatable when returning to base

If you want to participate or just want to chat: you are always welcome to join our Discord Server ( ).

- Your “Deadly Days” Team
Deadly Days - Pixelsplit

Hi survivors,

today we release version 0.17 for you. We made the following changes.

We added a collection book to the main menu. It contains all items, powers, weapon and enemy types. As soon as you find the respective stuff ingame you can look it up there (including a description). In case of enemies it is killing them to unlock them in the collection book. If you unlock all entries, there is another achievement that you can unlock.

Bloated zombie adjustments
The bloated zombie now contains a surprise. Kill it and nasty, tiny rats will appear. Since you destroyed their home, they'll be very hostile to you.

Added localizations
We added mostly auto translated Chinese, Russian, Japanese and Korean loca to the game (and the store page). Please be aware that the loca is not finalized. It would be super cool if you would help us

Other changes
  • Improved: Escape in summary screen now closes the screen instead of showing pause
  • Balancing: Energy bubbles get auto looted after a short time
  • Fixed: Healing via portrait sometimes breaks
  • Fixed: Cancel in difficulty selection doesn't work
  • Fixed: Pause menu overlays loading screen

If you like the changes, please feel free to leave us a review. Otherwise you are always welcome to join our Discord Server ( ).

- Your “Deadly Days” Team
Deadly Days - Pixelsplit

Hi survivors,

we are all back from holiday now and we just released the new patch 0.16. What did change?

It’s getting foggy
With the last patch we introduced regrouping with primary mouse click, which should lead to more active player control. In order to intensify the discovery aspect we added a fog of war. There are several ways how it is revealed, the most basic one is letting your survivors walk through it. The rest you have to find out yourself ;) Furthermore we added a new item which interacts with the fog - the vacuum cleaner.

Special buildings: Starting with MKing
This patch contains the first “special building”. It is a MKing burger shop. Be careful when you spot them, since they continuously spawn basic zombies. You can destroy the building and then enter it. We are planning more special buildings in the future. Do you have any cool ideas?

Run summary
We added a summary to retrospectively have a look at your run (chosen cards, found survivors and items). You can open the summary in the base screen and in the game over screen.

Back to bus in UI
We added a shortcut to the UI so you can easily jump to the bus and even start the return process. This should make your lifes a bit easier, especially on big maps.

Other changes
  • Improved: Clip size mod for rocket launcher definitely gives you a boost now
  • Improved: Regroup is disabled when returning to bus
  • Fixed: Lasersword could be bought in vending machine
  • Fixed: Spacebar triggers regroup
  • Fixed: Weapon level not restored when continuing run
  • Fixed: Game not being saved properly after events
  • Fixed: Final base item slot couldn’t be unlocked

We hope you like the changes. Feel free to join us on Discord ( ).

- Your “Deadly Days” team
Deadly Days - Pixelsplit

Hi survivors,

this week we release version 0.15 to you. Before we start explaining the changes we’d like to point out that this game is now on Winter Sale. This is probably the cheapest price you can get in the near future. We would be happy to see a few new players :)

Now let's start with the changes.


We finally added over 30 achievements to the game. Lets see if you can unlock them all ;)

Control changes (Important!)
This one is really important for current players! Previously we had the movement command as a third basic ability which you had to select and then could use left-click to send the command. We now made this “movement ability” an integral part of the game by binding it to left-click! Always. So you can quickly send your survivors to some place and thus have more control over them.

Since left-click was used for the basic abilities before, we had to move triggering the abilities to right-click (camera movement is now possible with middle mouse, edge panning or WASD). We also added a hotkey mapping (keys 1 and 2) and glyphs to the basic abilities, so you can easily switch between them. To make your life easier we also added the possibility to heal through the portraits. So select the healing ability, right click on one of the portraits and the respective survivor will be healed (if you have sufficient energy ;) ).

Furthermore we added hotkeys to the special powers. So you can activate them with the keys 3-5 when they are charged up. We also show a glyph now when they are charged.

We’d love to hear your feedback on these changes!

Melee weapon rebalancing
In the previous versions melee weapons were strong, but quite dangerous to use. In order to encourage using melee weapons we changed the system a bit. First important change is that melee weapons now can have a block chance which reduces the danger of being attacked. Furthermore melee weapons can hit multiple enemies now. That should make them quite strong in crowded situations.

Other changes
  • Activated the christmas zombies :D
  • Improved: Cleaner representation of the move + defend command.
  • Improved: Added a proper weapon level text representation
  • Improved: Weapon names scale now for long names
  • Balance: Buffed gym item to make melee even more powerful
  • Balance: Reduced common weapon drops
  • Fixed: Description of emergency heal power

If you have any feedback drop us a comment here, in the discussion or join the Discord ( ).

We wish a you a good Christmas time!

- Your “Deadly Days” team
Deadly Days - Pixelsplit

Hi survivors,

at first: it has been one year now since we released “Deadly Days” on Steam! Thanks to all of you who play the game and make it better with us.

Today we have a major update for you. You can find the changes for version 0.13 below:

Zombie Threat Level
In our efforts to improve the gameflow and make the game interesting from start to finish we added a system for making zombies more deadly. In the top left corner you will now find the zombie threat level. At certain milestones in the game this threat level will increase and with that zombies get much tougher. But don't worry we won't leave you with just stronger zombies. We rebalanced most damaging items and special powers to keep up with stronger zombies in the beginning but we have even more cool stuff that should even the odds.

Weapon Changes
With stronger zombies you need more firepower. Now every weapon has a level in addition to its rarity. This level increases the overall strength of the weapon. The level of the weapon you can find depends on your current day and on the loot level of your selected mission. This will give you the chance to find much more powerful weapons later in the game. We also adjusted the drop rates of weapons to be slightly lower and increased their selling price. This should make weapons feel much more special and help make comparing them much quicker. But wait there's more.

Special Power Upgrades
Now you are also able to upgrade your special powers. Like upgrading your items this costs 30 scrap and can be done once per power. Like for items you can upgrade via right click while inspecting a power. This has various effects and can increase damage or duration or reduce the costs. For the future we are planning to give each special power a much cooler unique upgrade but this needs some further balance testing.

See what happens to an orbital laser :D

Other changes
  • Added: Instruction to return to bus when enough medicine collected
  • Added: More sounds
  • Added: Flavour and effect texts for legendary weapons
  • Adjusted: Loot crate has a more wooden color now
  • Adjusted: Weapon comparison also shows numbers in addition to bars
  • Adjusted: Short zombie is now invisible until he is near your survivors
  • Adjusted: More noticable highlighting for basic abilities
  • Adjusted: Description of tinkering event
  • Adjusted: The burning state is much more dangerous for zombies now
  • Adjusted: Survivors can no longer burn
  • Improvement: Minor performance optimizations
  • Rebalanced: More special energy drops
  • Fixed: Bullets not able to shoot over lake
  • Fixed: Survivor leveling sound not noticable
  • Fixed: Upgrade description is prefixed with “!”
  • Fixed: Bus animation and sound not played every time
  • Fixed: Rating modifier percentage always being 0
  • Fixed: Anti Matter Gun Effect not properly destroyed
  • Fixed: Several rare exceptions
  • (Potentially) Fixed: Orbital Laser not getting destroyed sometimes
  • (Potentially) Fixed: In rare cases survivor health getting below 0

Update 07. December
We just released a hotfix for a crash on Mac.

Do you have any feedback, suggestions, bug reports? Whatever it is just drop us a comment here, in the discussion or join the Discord ( ).

- Your “Deadly Days” team
Deadly Days - Pixelsplit

Hi survivors,

this week present to you version 0.12.0. You can find the changes below.

Weapon comparison
In the previous versions we had an average damage display which was mainly calculated by dmg x attacks / second. The problem with this is that the downsides of that weapon were not considered. E.g. the rocket launcher has really bad reload speed but high damage. When just looking at the avg damage you might get the wrong feeling about the weapon.

What we did now is getting rid of the whole avg damage display. Instead we prominently show the damage the weapon does plus several comparable bars which allow you to easily find the up- and downsides of a weapon. You will also see if two weapons of different type (e.g. Grenade launcher and Uzi) have different aspects like explosion radius.

Furthermore we made a rebalancing where each non-common weapon gets a slight damage mod at the beginning. So comparing really matters now.

Small secret
We added a small secret. Something new has appeared in the city. Keep your eyes open to find it.

Explodable pushback
The explosion of airstrikes, rockets, grenades, etc. will now have a pushback effect. This adds a bit more dynamicity and lets you actively move enemies.

Sounds, here and there
In the last patch notes we stated that we want to add more sounds. We did so. Can you identify which sounds are new? But we’ll further improve on this in the future, we are not done yet.

Other changes
  • Improved: Conquer building loot is thrown out of the building bit by bit
  • Improved: The red “none” sign on the special power slots looked like a locking. We replaced it with a “+” now.
  • Adjusted: The fourth challenge specialization is now always shown in the selection screen with a description how to unlock.
  • Fixed: The rain splashes are in correct size now.
  • Fixed: Some conquer building click areas were not placed correctly so you couldn’t throw airstrikes in front of the buildings.

Do you have any feedback, suggestions, bug reports? Whatever it is just drop us a comment here, in the discussion or join the Discord ( ).

- Your “Deadly Days” team

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