Jetstream - (Jay Castello)

Pilot puzzler Jetstream flew into stores this week, bringing with it a calming set of puzzles about getting a plane to its destination. That’s not so simple though, thanks to obstacles including tears in the space-time continuum and simple bad weather. It s designed to be a frictionless experience, which explains all those lovely rounded edges in the art style. Here s a tranquil trailer showing how it all works.


Jetstream - francoisvn
Without further ado, Jetstream has lifted off and is ready for everyone to play and enjoy right now! We hope you really enjoy the game, and don't forget to leave a review :)

We have added a sweet 10% launch week discount, and if you buy the game plus soundtrack together, you can score an even sweeter discount:
Jetstream - francoisvn
We're super excited to announce that Jetstream will be coming to Steam on 2 April 2019! The game will be $10 and the OST will be $5. We're looking forward to getting the game to everyone and we know you're gonna love it as much as we do :)

Official website:

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