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True revolutions are never over! Please find info about new WTR update below!

- Added game over after losing main district

- Fixed a few text issues
- Fixed a few issues with intrigue progress bar
- Fixed an issue with dead mentor talking in some cases when he was already dead
- Fixed an issue with map control bar
- Updated a few animations
- Fixed a few issues with tutorial overlays
- Updated a few intrigues
- Updated enemies on map
We. The Revolution - lukasz.mach

Hi All,

Next batch of improvements, hope you will enjoy it! As you can see we won't stop until we satisfy all your needs, people:)

- Added tactics modificator icons in Battles
- Added tactics detail view window in Battles

- Fixed a few text issues
- Fixed background in the physician’s tutorial
- Fixed description of the Bruno’s character
- Added missing home scenes to sequence
- Added additional information about units specifics on the map
- Updated a few cutscenes
- Updated a few animations
- Added animation of the swords on the map
- Fixed issue with "The last one will be the first" achievement
- Fixed a few issues with tutorials in battles
- Added map combat animations
- Added the physician tutorial on the map
- Fixed a few issues with music
- Improved visuals of the credits scene

We. The Revolution - lukasz.mach

Hi all,

Huge update just before the weekend!

- Added a possibility to win the dice game with Bruno and save your son’s hands. Alternative cutscene, dialogues and family action included.
- Changed how intrigues score is displayed
- Improved and rebalanced achievements
- Added two new achievements

- Removed old dialogue from courthouse about the map
- Fixed a lot of text issues
- Changed jury sentence icons to reflect proper sentence (guillotine into prison)
- Fixed issues with blocked intrigues
- Updated visual effects on the map
- Fixed issue with blocker in notebook after player is signing protocol and get back to menu
- Added new background to the battles
- Improved minor details in gambling den
- Improved visuals of the main character in a few scenes
- Added a few alternative dialogues
- Added an alternative version of one of fabular cutscenes
- Improved a few details in battles
- Improved a few details in the map
- Improved a few animations
- Balanced intrigues

We. The Revolution - lukasz.mach

Nice and fresh update! Wonder what's inside?:)

- Added the new notification with summary of player’s influence points at the start of a day
- Improved dice randomization system
- Added influence points view to Speeches system
- Added refresh rate info into the resolution settings

- Fixed minor issues with audio in events
- Fixed issue with trial summary focus
- Fixed a few issues with updated court characters
- Fixed issue with tutorial about passing to the next scene
- Fixed issue with persistent tutorials in the courthouse
- Fixed issues with tutorials texts
- Fixed issue with stacking characters at the courthouse
- Fixed a few missing events miniatures
- Fixed issue with missing guillotine scenes
- Fixed issue with double loading scene after force-clicking on next scene button
- Fixed issue with disappearing music between the king cases
- Added the missing seal sound effects in the quick cases and statue selection signature
- Fixed wrong relations in verdict view with locked verdict
- Fixed issue with visible refugees counter with value “0” after a battle
- Improved family characters at home scene
- Improved family actions scene UI
- Fixed issue with double scale of attack icon on the map
- Fixed a few issues with the map under war time
- Fixed issue with too long names in the French localization
- Fixed a few issues with notifications
- Updated a few UI elements in Intrigues
- Fixed a few typos
- Updated visuals of the desk items at courthouse
- Improved a few characters at the courthouse
We. The Revolution - lukasz.mach

Hi guys,

So, we are already more than a week after the release and it is about time to sum things up when it comes to WTR reviews/scores:) Especially that we know that some of you were waiting for the first scores to see if the game is worth buying (which is ok, we understand that!). Sooooo, let's start!

First of all - look at the METACRITIC! It's nice and green there:) {LINK REMOVED}

Secondly, please check the graphic above - the most important French🇫🇷 media already reviewed WTR with absolutely great scores! Not to mention that we have been announced one of the best games released in March by French gaming no1 Jeuxvideo. French media giant Konbini named We. The Revolution one of the best games of last week and featured it on main site. Excited!

But our game is appreciated not only in France. Here's few worldwide reviews with quotes and great scores for you:

RAGEQUIT (Greece, Metacritic) - 95/10
"A profoundly atmospheric and virtuosically written exploration of the embattled male psyche. Uncompromising and fearless in its vision, We. The Revolution immerses and transports in a way that very few games ever achieve. An unforgettable, must-play experience."

THE INDIE GAMES WEBSITE (USA, Metacritic) - 90/100
"We. The Revolution confidently handles a wide range of complex gameplay mechanics, setting them against a powerful backdrop. Thematically and gameplay wise, everything works. Some systems are more enjoyable than others but they all have their place, taking you on a bloody, morally bankrupt journey that asks difficult questions and makes you live with your answers."

EUROGAMER (UK) - "Recommended" (Eurogamer doesn't score games anymore, so recommendation means they really liked the game:)
"We. The Revolution is a fascinating and provoking descent into a judge's buckled shoes during the French Revolution."

WELL PLAYED (Australia) - 8/10
"We. The Revolution is up there as one of the most unique experiences of the year."

HISTORIA GAMES (France, History & Games recommendations) - 9,5/10
"The game is even more interesting than expected: the player is immersed in the French Revolution and in the exercise of justice, with all the questions that this raises."

DESTRUCTOID (USA, Metacritic) - 75/100
"If you're in the mood for something that really transports you to the tumultuous time of the French Revolution then I don't think you will find a better way there."
We. The Revolution - lukasz.mach

We. The Revolution Update 1.0.4. has landed with the devs working day and night to fix all the bad stuff you may experience in the game:)

- Improved visually and optimized all cutscenes
- Optimized textures of all court characters
- Fixed critical blocker during exiting verdict view before animations ends
- Fixed all issues with audio in cutscenes

- Improved several case topics icons
- Fixed a lot of text issues
- Fixed issue with scenes sequence which allows the game to skip the guillotine scene
- Improved visually and optimized all ending cutscenes
- Removed signature sound effect from gambling den
- Fixed issues with flashing panels in cutscenes
- Fixed issue with dialogue background from one scene occurs in another
- Improved a few voice overs
- Fixed issue with selecting blocks in intrigues
- Improved positioning of Mentor character
- Fixed issue with audio settings in correlation to gambling den
- Fixed issue with pause menu which was blocking cutscenes

We. The Revolution

Standing before me is the caretaker of a cemetery. He's old, dirty and lecherous, and he is accused of murder - of decapitating a young lady and selling her bleached skull to science. Her body was found in his woodshed and, frankly, it doesn't look good for him. Everyone expects the guillotine, and for him to be decapitated in kind. But something's not right.

Standing before me is a young woman, visibly distraught at having discovered the man she loves dead in his bed. She was found at the crime scene and is the only real suspect, but society loves her and wants her to walk free. How could someone so delicate do something so barbaric? But something's not right.

Standing before me is Citizen Capet, better known as King Louis 16th, the last king of France. He is an enemy of the Revolution and the trial feels like a formality. The decision in the hearts and minds of the fevered French public has already been made. But something's not right.

Read more

We. The Revolution - lukasz.mach

Revolutionaries! As you may see, we will not cease from working on the game until the revolution is done! We. The Revolution Update 1.0.3. is already here!

Another batch of improvements! All of the changes are listed below, and the entire Team is continuing their hard work based on your feedback and suggestions.


- Fixed issue with enemy cannons appearing on the player’s shooters line
- Fixed issue with disappearing Mentor


- Improved icons in one fabular case
- Fixed some issues with cutscenes
- Changed text in credits
- Fixed issue with missing connection between the category and the topic in one of fabular cases
- Fixed some issues with characters visuals
- Fixed a lot of typos
- Fixed a few localization issues
- Fixed issue with special score at gambling den
- Fixed issue with the counter of the sabotage mission on the map
- Added a new additional texture layout for a case document
- Balanced Marat’s events outcome
- Fixed a few issues with animations in speeches
- Updated animation of Pache at gambling den

We. The Revolution - lukasz.mach

Vive la We. The Revolution! The We. The Revolution Update 1.0.2. is already here!

Another batch of improvements for you today! All of the changes are listed below, and the entire Team is continuing their hard work based on your feedback and suggestions. We truly appreciate how vocal and helpful the community around We. The Revolution is, and promise to continue supporting the game as we have been doing so far.

- Fixed issue with not working “Bribe the Jury” action at main section
- Fixed blocker with building action when combat on the map begins
- Fixed blocker with hierarchy after one de Steal case
- Fixed blocker with summoning the witness in the Bastien Baudet case
- Added the new section texture for the first enemy attack on the map during 3 act
- Fixed issues with randomizing dice games
- Added more visible marks for seizing the buildings in the main section

- Fixed issue with displaying unlocked dialogs / questions in Pache case
- Removed outcome in the Mathilde case
- Removed “Get his head off” comment from the guillotine scene
- Fixed a few language issues
- Balanced the battle with Gobel
- Fixed a few issues with characters at courthouse
- Fixed unblocked troops on map under attack
- Improved drunk animation at gambling den
- A few fixes with text in cutscenes
- A few fixes with audio in cutscenes

SPECIAL THANKS: John Doux, MalloDelic, Pythagorion, DarkTwiix, Luxmon Vencevio, PrettyMuchSwiss, Xamxam, Flyerton99, Thekillergreece, Chevaliermalfet, Derich23, le Jacquie, Ace490, Switzi the Eusko Gudariak, The Sandvich Guardian, Changeling_Will, Helenharris, Vorbeck, Pavlo Lisovyi, Airgamer, Secanho, Emilia-Chan, Theodore Roosevelt and all the people who give us the feedback! You are awesome!

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