Creepy Road - GrabTheGames Publishing
For a Limited Time, You Can Grab Our Game at 50% off!

Creepy Road - Grab The Games Publishing
Creepy Road is 40% off for a limited time, and The Soundtrack is now available too!

Creepy Road - Grab The Games Publishing

Creepy Road is 40% off for a limited time, and The Soundtrack is now available too!
Creepy Road - Groovy Milk

Our super tasty soundtrack is available now!
OST is written by Kirill Tikhomirov.
The track-list is as follows:
1. City hip City hop
2. Dirty strong man
3. Fly away from here
4. Grilled sky
5. Heavy farm
6. Hyper-Man
7. Koala_s strike
8. Little Tours of Hell
9. Light farm
10. Mr hell_s porridge
11. Ready or not
12. Red kitchen
13. Robot factory
14. Shopping party
15. Suburbians will never dead
16. Stinky ugly troll
17. Fair on fire
18. The cemetery
19. Underground
20. What happened
Сheck out favorite trucker's music!
Jul 20, 2018
Creepy Road - Groovy Milk

The summer is in full swing. And it's just the time to exterminate crowds of angry clowns, crazy animals and brutal selfie-chicks!

Today starts our special summer offer with 25% off! Hurry up and grab the Creepy Road until the sale is over!

In few days the soundtrack of Creepy Road will be available.
Also, the new update with full Russian voice overs is coming!
Stay tuned!
Jun 1, 2018
Creepy Road - Groovy Milk

Thanks, everyone for the amazing feedback, we keep listening to you and released a new patch!


- Improved the joystick sensitivity.
- Localized some missing elements in the game.
- Changed the behavior of some characters, including the guard and the gnome.
- Changed the balance of some sounds.
- Fixed some minor bugs
May 24, 2018
Creepy Road - Groovy Milk

Hey guys! The very first update is already here!

There are mostly some fixes and balance changes based on your feedback. We carefully read everything you share and will do our best to make the game even more enjoyable.


We are also aware about the problem with not detecting XBox360 controllers and already looking for a solution. Don't worry, we will publish a fix in a few days.

  • Fixed behavior for such enemies as farmers, bums, and fakirs
  • Removed some controversial mechanics for landmines
  • Added checkpoints on Market and Factory locations
  • Fixed some localization bugs
  • Fixed a bug with the final video when it doesn't start to play
  • Fixed volume for some sound effects
  • Many balance changes for fights with bosses
  • Added Steam controller support

We hope you having a great time with the game. Please, spread the word among your friends and post an honest review. Thank you
May 18, 2018
Creepy Road - Groovy Milk


Creepy Road is already on Steam. Get yourself comfortable, grab a controller and make this Friday night special.

And we just made A VERY SPECIAL 10% OFF DISCOUNT because it is the right time to kick some asses!

If you enjoyed Creepy Road, please, write a review about us and spread the word. Your support is very important. Thank you.

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