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as expected, a lot of unexpected bugs surfaced since the 1.1 update. I've been trying to fix them one by one, and this is the third minor update since 1.1.

some people were experiencing crashes when the game tried to re-set vsync on, so I removed the vsync confirmation step. this game is designed to run with vsync always on, it will match your monitor's refresh rate and keep the physics consistent no matter what framerate it's running.

I tested it on all my systems and the game stayed at 60fps, as it should. if you notice your GPU is making too much noise and/or the framerate looks choppy after the update, please send me an email (me [at] ansdor dot com).
Slipstream - ansdor
Slipstream 1.1 is finally here, and it's a huge update.

The biggest change of all, Slipstream now supports local multiplayer up to 4 players. There are four game modes available for the multiplayer, the already established single race and grand prix, and...

A brand new game mode for both single player and multiplayer. It works like a mix of all the other modes: You can choose a fixed sequence of up to 15 tracks, and race on them back to back, with or without traffic, rivals and/or other racers. Everything is customizable in this mode. From racing all alone through 15 tracks to a chaotic race with rivals and traffic at the same time. But that's not all...

Every video game in 2018 needs a battle royale mode and I couldn't miss the opportunity. It's a simple mode: 16 racers, 15 random tracks. At each track, the last racer is eliminated, only one can reach the end. Available on both single player and multiplayer.

The last new game mode is a classic time trial with zero randomness and replay ghosts for the best times. This is a single player exclusive mode.

The game physics were getting buggier and weirder with each version, each time I tried to fix something it just ended up breaking something else. This time I started from a clean slate and I believe I got all the most common problems fixed, but, as always, this part might receive minor updates in the near future in case new bugs show up.

Now you can choose your own songs to play in the game, along with the OST. Just drop your legally acquired MP3s in the appropriate folder* and they'll appear automatically in the game. OGG and WAV are also supported.

The folders are:
  • On Windows: [user home]/AppData/Roaming/ansdorGames/Slipstream/music
  • On MacOS: [user home]/Library/Application Support/ansdorGames/Slipstream/music
  • On Linux: [user home]/.config/ansdorGames/Slipstream/music

The game will look for music files in all foldes and sub-folders inside that one. Also, symbolic links work on linux, but I haven't tested in other systems. The only limitation is that only the first 256 custom tracks are loaded, the game will ignore any others beyond that number.

Some people have trouble with the drifting mechanics, so I decided to include an optional, multiplayer-exclusive simplified control scheme, in which the drifting happens automatically and you just have to guide the car around the track. This feature is intended for novice players and "party game" scenarios, in which some people may not have the time (or will be too drunk) to learn how to drift properly. I did not include it in the single player because I feel it would displace one of the game's most important mechanics and challenges.

Now Slipstream has "true" 4K support (well, as true as it can be for a pixel art game). The resolution/window settings in previous versions were a little confusing, so I tried to simplify everything. Now you can choose a window size and an internal resolution, and both go all the way up to 3840x2160. Lower resolutions provide a slight improvement in performance, but not much. The "auto" setting is recommended in all cases, as it will set the resolution to match the window/screen size.

- controller vibration now supported
- the infamous audio glitch, where all sound stops playing after a while, is hopefully corrected
- mirrored tracks are now available on single race mode
- post-race screens completely remade
- too many small graphical changes and bug fixes to list

Sadly, this will be the last major content update for this game. I'm a solo developer, and I don't have the time and resources to keep adding content and providing active support for this game anymore. I've been working exclusively on Slipstream for the past 3 years or so, I'm VERY tired of it, and there are many other games I want to make, so it's time to move on to new projects.

I consider this to be the "gold" version of Slipstream, it has all the planned features and some more, and it's complete now. It will, however, continue receiving minor back-end updates and bugfixes as time goes on, but that will be all.

I hope you enjoy the game, and thanks for the support, you are awesome!

Slipstream - ansdor
Some users have reported trouble running Slipstream, the game crashes at startup and never runs properly. It affects especially people on laptops with core i3 processors, and seems to be related to a bug in the JVM being used by the game.

Slipstream requires a java runtime environment to run, and it includes its own customized (reduced) JVM for this purpose. The version I was using previously was pretty old (JRE 8), and the problem seemed to be related to that particular version, so I updated the underlying system to the latest version, JRE 10.

The practical effects: if the game was running fine, hopefully it will continue running fine. If the game crashes at startup, hopefully it won't anymore.

However, there is a small compromise: JRE 10 doesn't seem to support 32-bit systems, so the game will only run on 64 bit systems from now on. I don't think this will be a big problem, most people are running 64-bit OSes by now, but IF there is significant demand for 32-bit compatibility, I will revert back to JRE 8. If not, I'll leave it as it is now.

If this goes well, it will fix THE #1 most reported problem with the game, and I'll be free to work on new features from now on.

If you find any problems, get in touch with me via email. Thanks.

It's a great shame that you can't buy Outrun on Steam, GOG or any of the digital distribution services—not since the mysterious disappearance of Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast. Outrun is such a pure, uncomplicated arcade masterpiece, letting you experience the joy of skidding past traffic as you race along winding roads, blasting out the absurdly (and thus perfectly) named Magical Sound Shower. But while we're severely lacking in Outrun, we do now have Slipstream, and it's almost as good.

You drive as fast as you can across roads, racing towards a checkpoint before your timer runs out. Hit one and your time is extended, and you choose whether to go left or right to a new area. And then you do it all again, and again, until you've visited five locations and win. Yes, it is the exact structure of Outrun. Slipstream is a brash, confident game, and that means wearing its inspirations on its sleeves, and on its chest, and basically as a full body suit—a second skin to be modified and adjusted to fit.

There are four buttons. Left and right keys handle steering, X is accelerate, C is brake. Except you should never brake, obviously. Braking is for cowards—for people who don't deserve joy. Instead, you tap the brake and immediately accelerate, launching into a drift that defies physics by making your go faster. The trick to being good at Slipstream is smoothly controlling the drift, and navigating around traffic as you skid. It's tricky to master, but feels good regardless. Even occasional success feels good enough to persist.

Also, and this is very important: look how damn GOOD it looks!

I found the standard arcade mode—ie, the classic Outrun experience—pretty difficult, even once I started to get the hang of drifting. But it's gratifying to see your improvement reflected in the distance you travel, and there are smaller progression markers throughout that hold your interest, such as rivals who challenge you in each zone. The Grand Prix mode feels more immediately manageable. It's a series of races around a single track with no traffic, letting you practice your technique without worrying about Sunday drivers interrupting your flow.

Arguably the weakest part of Slipstream is the system it's named after. Get behind another car and the word "SLIPSTREAM" is spelt out in the bottom corner of the screen. When it completes, you get a boost of speed. It's a fine idea, only seems useful when I'm trying to regain speed after a crash. In those situations it's handy, but not so revelatory that it feels worth naming the entire game after. Even so, Slipstream is well worth your time. After all, it's basically Outrun, and Outrun is great.

Slipstream - ansdor
The Slipstream 1.0.2 patch is now live.

- The #1 most requested feature is now implemented: fully customizable keybindings for both keyboard and gamepads. (NOTE: Slipstream only has *official* support for Xbox Controllers, both 360 and One. I can't guarantee that any other type of controller will work, but they may).

- The AI system has been pretty much completely rewritten, the AI should feel more "real" now. This is a lot of new code and it may get small updates/patches over the next weeks.

- The car collision physics have also been rewritten.

- Quick Race mode can now be customized. You can choose between 1 (racing alone) to 30 racers on the track, and also the number of laps.

- A cumulative timer has been added to Grand Prix mode.

- Various parts of the main menu have been changed. Most notably, now you can see a more detailed view of your save file's progress.

- Various bugfixes and small tweaks

That's all.
Slipstream - ansdor
The latest update to Slipstream has been published, and it brings the minimum requirements down to the lowest possible versions of OpenGL and related libraries. Hopefully this will fix compatibility issues some users have been reporting. There were also small changes to the gameplay, mainly reducing the amount of traffic on arcade mode, which has been an issue for some people.

Some users have raised the topic of key mapping, since Slipstream doesn't allow it yet. I have taken note and will try to add this feature on the next update. If the compatibility problems are fixed, I'm gonna start working on the 1.1 version ASAP, which will include a local multiplayer mode. That's all for now.

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