Schatte ~The Witch and the Fake Shadow~ / 魔女と偽りの影 - diceycraft
I will release the Windows game "Schatte ~ The Witch and the Fake Shadow ~" on Steam from November 8, 2017 . 15% discount for one week from launch !

■ Description
This is a 3D "Step-on-Shadow" action game of which character you control is "Schatte, The shadow witch" and her fairy servant "Ranta".
You can’t miss the unique system of this game with every action using shadows, which we all once have dreamed of. You will capture the stages by binding shadow to stop the motion, moving in the shadows, even controlling the enemy diving into the shadows, and by using other variety of actions. We believe that our original gimmicks prepared on each stage will offer you a new experience you have never known.

This product is Steam version of "Schatte ~ The Witch and the Fake Shadow ~" distributed by ComicMarket 92.
Currently we are selling on, MelonbooksDL, Melonbooks, Toranoana etc.

■ Features
・"Various action using light and shadow" and "Unique gimmick"
・Graphic and sound that produces a little eerie and pretty fantasy
・Switchable between Japanese and English
・This product was made by one person

■ Genre: Action
■ Platform : Windows 10

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