Podium Bash - feistycrabstudios
Hey everyone, Corrie here, Creative Director at Feisty Crab Studios.

You're probably wondering where we've been for the past few months, I thought now was a good time to give you all an update to let you know we're still working on the game.

For those that don't know, we're currently a 2 man team. Due to financial trouble, we've both had to take full time jobs so we can continue to exist and work on the game. This has put development on the back burner a bit; but we still are working on ways to improve gameplay.

This is our first release on Steam, and our first game that isn't a POC or micro game. We've encountered teething problems as can be expected, but we're constantly learning from this experience. We're thankful for those that have bought the game and supported us. We hope we can deliver a game you constantly return to.

If you have any suggestions on how to make the game more enjoyable, please do let us know. Sometimes its hard for us as developers to see the game as an end user so we'd love any and all feedback.

Thanks again for all the support, we'll have a new update for you soon. Follow us on twitter to see more casual updates

- Corrie :) xoxo
Podium Bash - feistycrabstudios
Hi all,

We hope you all had a good holiday and great New Years!

This is another exciting content update for Podium Bash that adds a new gamemode that mixes up the way you play!

The new gamemode is called Standard Reverse, and much like its name suggest it is similar to the Standard gamemode but with the players roles reversed. The VR player is stood on top of a podium with a mounted turret and has 90 seconds to destroy all of the carts targets. There can be between 1 and 4 carts controlled with by either human player or AI; The carts have to move around and avoid having there targets destroyed by the VR player. If they can last 90 seconds without all there targets being destroy they win, if not the VR player wins!

Aside from the new gamemode this update also updates the control screen to have controls for all gamemodes.

- Sam xoxo
Podium Bash - feistycrabstudios
Hi all,

This is another exciting update to Podium Bash as it not only improves physics, but also adds a new gamemode.

The update to the physics makes the bats in the game behave more like real bats allowing for players to hit the cannon balls back towards the cannons. This change means that in the standard mode, cannon balls can be hit back into the cannons; if a cannon ball is hit back into a cannon, the cannon that was hit is stunned for a short amount of time.

The improved physics also makes the new gamemode possible. The new gamemode is called Bat Practice and much like its name suggests is a mode designed to help the VR player hone their abilities with a bat. In this mode, the VR player has cannon balls automatically fired at them by a cannon; the VR player uses their bat to hit the cannon balls into targets to get points, with the aim of getting as many points as they can in 90 seconds.

This update also adds a few other changes:
- New menu option for Bat Practice mode
- Pause menus for non VR players in Standard and Cannon Practice mode
- A timer for the VR player in Standard mode

We hope you enjoy this update, please let us know if you encounter any errors or have any suggestions,

Sam xoxo
Podium Bash - feistycrabstudios
Hi all,

This update adds a few bits a fixes a couple of bugs so here is the break down of what has changed:
- New UI for non VR power bars
- Added a death animation for the VR player in the standard gamemode
- Added a new camera view to the end of the standard gamemode so that non VR players have a good view of the death animation

Bug fixes:
- Fixed issues with the lobby's start game countdown
- Fixed bug which cause wrong controllers to vibrate
- Fixed bug stopping players from being able to start a game if players weren't using consecutive slots starting from the first players slot

- Sam xoxo
Podium Bash - feistycrabstudios
Hi all,

This is quite an exciting update as it adds the new Cannon Practice gamemode to Podium Bash. This gamemode is intended for use without a player in VR to hone your cannon skills. It is one of the more simple gamemodes we intend on adding so don't worry we have some more exciting ones coming up!

In Cannon Practice you can have between 1 - 4 human players; Your task is to get as many points as you can in 90 seconds. You gain points by shooting targets with targets further away being worth more than targets closer to you.

You can watch the trailer for this gamemode here.

This update also adds a few other changes:
- Time between cannon shots reduced
- Small UI update
- Gamemode select now shows players needed for gamemode
- Added ability for non VR to return to main menu from the lobby of either mode by press back when unjoined

- Sam xoxo
Podium Bash - feistycrabstudios
Hi all,

This is just another small update, mostly to fix a few bugs.

Here's the break down of what's changed:
- New menu to select gamemode
- VR players pointer now visible to non VR players on main menu
- Made Xbox controls more consistent on main menu

Bug fixes:
- Fixed bug stopping Steam achievements from unlocking
- Fixed UI bug with back button when viewing controls
- Fixed bug causing VR player to float instead of falling off podium

- Sam xoxo
Podium Bash - feistycrabstudios
Hi all,

This update contains a few different pieces so let me break it down.

We are happy to announce that Podium Bash is now completely playable from within a VR

It adds visual feedback for both the VR player and non VR players when the VR player
gets hit with ball. It also adds a target indicator above the VR player so that non
VR players have a clear indication of where they should be shooting.

This update also fixes a variety of bugs:
- Xbox controllers not working fully with the controls display
- Resizing game window stopping UI buttons from working
- Player names in the lobby scene rendering on top of everything
- Fixed keyboard movement in demo

The demo has also been brought up to date with these changes; It is also now playable with
an extra AI.

- Sam xoxo
Podium Bash - feistycrabstudios
Hi all,

Sam here, Technical Director of Feisty Crab Studios and Lead Developer of Podium Bash.

This update is only a small one, simply adding displays for the game controls; these can be found in the Settings menu, which is accessible from the main menu.

We hope you enjoy playing Podium Bash, we appreciate your continued support. If you encounter any issues with this update, please email the issue to feedback@feistycrabstudios.com

- Sam xoxo
Nov 2, 2017
Podium Bash - feistycrabstudios
Hi all,

We're happy to announce our initial version of Podium Bash is live on Early Access! It currently has the standard game mode playable with 1 - 4 human or AI players, 9 unique bats and shields, and 5 unique cannon skins.

We aim to release small regular bug fixing and balancing updates with larger content updates happening every few weeks.

In terms of content we are planning on adding:
  • Pause menu
  • Controls screen
  • Between 1 - 3 extra gamemodes
  • More bats and shields
  • More cannon skins

The games controls can be found here.

We really hope you all enjoy it and we thrilled for all the support we have received!

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