Alchemist's Castle - GameOver
- Instant death bug fixed
Alchemist's Castle - GameOver
About the Linux version:

For some reason Unity refuses to make a decent build for Linux. I'm working on it and as soon as got a working version I will post the update.

- Camera system change (the game feels much more smoother)
- Performance fixes
Alchemist's Castle - GameOver
- Door visuals updated
- Torch visuals updated
- Option to turn off camera shake added
- XBox button prompts not showing up is fixed
- Added trail to the explosives
- Alchemist going into "pacifist mode" bug is fixed
- Menu background changed to video instead of animation (was not showing up correctly on some resolutions)
- Basic movement tutorial improved
- Added object pooling for better performance
- Bypass of a puzzle with a double jump fixed
Alchemist's Castle - GameOver
Alchemist's Castle got THE BEST GAME on The Big Indie Fest @ReVersed in Vienna!

May 4
Alchemist's Castle - GameOver
Player sliding on a moving platform bug fixed
Apr 28
Alchemist's Castle - GameOver
  • Boss fight bugs fixed.
  • Hazards not remainind disabled after manually restarting from the last checkpoint.
Dec 8, 2017
Alchemist's Castle - GameOver
We got our very first award! It is a Kristal Piksel award for the game design.

Kristal Piksel is an annual video games award given by the Turkish Game Developers Association.
Nov 24, 2017
Alchemist's Castle - GameOver
- Achievemets added
- Minor bug fixes
Nov 3, 2017
Alchemist's Castle - GameOver
- Explanations about map modes added
- Font changed
- Unbreakable box visuals changed
- Main menu visual changed
- Volume of "hit sound" for the player increased

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