Hostil - Luis - Eteru Studio

Our second game is now live! We hope you like it.
Feb 18
Hostil - Luis - Eteru Studio

Many thanks to everyone who bought our little Hostil, because that has helped us a lot to make our second project.

We hope you like this new game:
Jun 14, 2018
Hostil - Luis - Eteru Studio
- Steam achievements!
- Graphics improvements.
- German, Russian and French translation.

Some players asked us for achievements for Steam, so we created 12 achievements synchronized with the secrets within the game. You have a hidden achievement on every screen.

We have improved the color and resolution of the images to make them look more vibrant and contrasted.

Thanks to the entire translation team for their good work. We look forward to working with them further.

- German translation by Marcel Weyers.
- Russian translation by Tolma4 Team.
- French translation by Simon Larguier.

If you want to have early access to the beta of our games, you can join our development channel at Discord.
Mar 17, 2018
Hostil - Luis - Eteru Studio
Hostil is now also available for Android. The game was designed primarily for the PC, where the experience is more immersive, but we believe that tablets can offer a very enjoyable gaming experience.

PC enhancements:

- We improve the quality of the images.
- We improve the texts.

Features for tablets:

- We enlarge the touch zones, items and buttons.
- We include a hint that tells you where you can click to avoid pixel hunting.
- We compressed the images for less memory load.

You can search Hostil on Google Play and within a few days on the App Store for iPad. You can play on any Android device, but we recommend a large screen.

Many thanks to all our Steam players who have helped us make Hostil, our first game, a better game.

Feb 19, 2018
Hostil - Luis - Eteru Studio
Since we launched Hostil, we've changed a lot of things thanks to our players' comments. We now release version 1.04, which brings together all these changes since version 1.0.

- Elimination of deaths for a more narrative and less "trial and error" experience.
- Elimination of excessive conditions for a more fluid interaction.
- Added clues in the most complicated puzzles.
- Added secrets for greater rejugability.
- Improvements of texts in English and Spanish.
- Fixing of bugs.

We're not finished yet. We continue to work to improve Hostil and make this little adventure a better game and experience. Thank you very much.
Feb 9, 2018
Hostil - Luis - Eteru Studio
· Secrets.

We've added different secrets throughout the game that reward exploration. In total there are 12 narrative secrets, one on each stage.

· Text improvement.

We continue to improve the quality of texts and interactions. If you see something that could be improved, please let us know on the community forum.

Thank you for all your comments. We hope you continue to enjoy this little space adventure.
Jan 23, 2018
Hostil - Luis - Eteru Studio
· Improved interactions.

We have removed a lot of required conditions in order to achieve a freer and smoother playing experience. For example, you no longer need the protagonist to see broken glass to be able to take a tube and break them, now you can take the tube directly.

· Removal of deaths.

We have also decided to completely removed the deaths, as they could be too frustrating for not being common in this type of genre and not being clear on what conditions they occurred.
Jan 11, 2018
Hostil - Luis - Eteru Studio
· Added a "Story Mode" without deaths.
· Original game renamed to "Survival Mode".
· Added hints at the first musical puzzle.
· Volume control.
· Linux support.

About the mechanics of death:

This idea was intended to add some danger to the exploration and to be consistent with the hostile theme. It was also to add tragic endings that would make the true end more satisfying. To reduce frustration, we add a small penalty for each death, just restart the screen. We also marked each death experienced with an indicator to avoid falling into the same trap twice.

Due to the type of game, it is difficult to clearly alert the player to each death, so many times this mechanics becomes trial and error, which can end up being frustrating. So we've added a deathless mode for players who prefer to experience the story in a more relaxed way.

Thank you for your comments, we will continue to improve the game as much as we can.

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