Play With Me - Airem

Hello :D!

Finally, I updated the game. The update was bigger than I thought.
If you have a problem with the game, please report it on forum/email! Thanks

BIG THANKS for Arabic translate:

+ New language: Arabic (thanks for
+ You can skip closing credits (end credits) by pressing the ESC key
+ Fixed problem with loading the game (some low-end devices)
+ Faster loading of the game
+ Spoiler (new helper :D, the game is now easy)
+ Survivor mode*
+ C.U.B.E mode*
+ New secrets ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)
+ Mini-game: 24 hours in 1 room* (survive 24 hours in the room)
+ Mini-game: Airhack* (hack into the Dorset police server and delete the "Illusion" data)
+ New hidden ending "The car"
+ Fixed a small problem with flashlight
+ Demo version update (Linux / Windows 32 / 64bit)
+ End credits update :P
+ Other fixes

*To unlock (modes/mini games): you need to finish the game (once)

Play With Me - Airem

I'm working on big update for Play with Me. Thanks for your patience. :D

- Mini games (menu)
- SURVIVOR and CUBE modes
- New ending + riddles
- Bugs & performance
- Probably new language (Arabic)

And other stuff...
Play With Me - Airem

The new version (1.35.47) is available on Steam. If you have any problems please tell me:
Play With Me - Airem

Hello!!! I'm still working on the Arabic language, I'm working on the game alone, I have some work. Thanks for your patience :D!!!

More info:

Play With Me - Airem

The next update will be available soon and I'll try add Arabic language. As you know, I work alone on the game, but I'll try to make it as fast as I can :O.

Play with Me was translated by GamesInArabic: - BIG THANKS!!!
Play With Me - Airem

I rewrote the brightness function :D, so change the brightness value in the menu if it is too bright .

More info:
Play With Me - Airem

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