Dec 29, 2017
Winter Warland - bittentoastgames

We just released a new update 1.0.3! This update introduces mutators, a fun way of adding some variation to your matches.

The mutators are:
  • Carrot only. If you want to battle like real snow-knights!
  • No Decoys. If you are brave and have nothing to hide!
  • One Health. One hit and you're dead!
  • One Ball. One shot and you gotta reload!
  • Slow Snowman. If you think those snowmen are way too fast!
  • Big Snowballs If you want to have an easier time hitting stuff!
  • Explosive Snowballs If you want things to go BOOM!
  • Infinite Snowballs If you want to keep throwing snowballs all day long!
  • Faster Snowballs If the snowballs aren't fast enough for you!

Hope you guys enjoy it!
Winter Warland - bittentoastgames

With the servers slowly filling up we wanted to focus on the AI.
When you're solo in a lobby you'll have 3 bots to battle until other players show up. We'd love to hear what you think of them. Should they be harder or easier to battle? Would you like to see more than 3 in a lobby at a time?

Other patch notes:
- Minor updates to animations.
- Camera has been adjusted for better gameplay in third person.

We're currently working on a PVE game mode as well as various PVP modes.
Winter Warland - bittentoastgames

We'd like to give a big thank you to everyone that has supported Winter Warland so far. As well as to everyone who has reviewed the game on steam/ youtube/ twitch we appreciate it! : )

We've got quite a few updates planned, and will be sharing these as often as we can.

Our first content update is tomorrow, we will be releasing a new map December 25th 12pm PST.

We're also working on a PVE mode and smarter bots so people can better enjoy the game if no one is currently online.

We hope you enjoy the game! Happy Holidays!

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