Jan 10, 2018
Orbital Racer - Pdyvv
Just to let you guys know I've added a small update that should fix some problems with the career mode.
Dec 22, 2017
Orbital Racer - Pdyvv
Just a quick hotfix to fix a recently discovered bug in the Career mode.
Other changes include:
  • you can control the ship directly with a mouse. To do this, DISABLE "mouse control" and select mouse axes in "pitch", "yaw", or "roll" windows. (click add, select mouse and then select desired axis and direction from drop-down menu)

  • added option to invert mouse Y axis for a standard "mouse control" mode
Dec 20, 2017
Orbital Racer - Pdyvv
The first patch for Orbital Racer has just been released.
First of all, I've made a few performance tweaks, so the game should run faster on every setup.
Secondly, from now on you can enable or disable available powerups for a single race event. So if there's one particular powerup that you don't like or if you fancy racing without any powerups now you can do it.
Also, you can now play the game in Italian.

Along with the update, I've also uploaded a video of a simulation race in Champion class - just to give you guys an idea how fast some of those ships can fly.

Tip. You can toggle FPS counter by pressing Shift-F8


A complete list of changes below:

  • "Scott Manley bug" has been fixed. Now, when you stray too far from the track the autopilot will engage and bring you back, even if you're disqualified.
  • in control options, drop-down lists will now properly disappear when at the same time a button/axis has been assigned
  • a scroll-down list will no longer extend beyond the screen boundaries with resolutions greater than 1080p
  • ixed instructor subtitles in Lesson 1 of Simulation tutorial
  • fixed bug in Career mode that allowed you to join a competition after the first race has finished. From now you can only join championships before the first race takes place
  • fixed the default race start time for the amateur track on Saturn
  • fixed message popup window in Career mode
New features:
  • added options to switch individual powerups in Single Race
  • added the Italian language
  • general performance tweaks
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Nov 19, 2017
Orbital Racer - Pdyvv
Check out two new raw, unedited gameplay videos.

Both feature the same track and ship but one is in Action mode and another in Simulation.

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