Nov 14, 2017
Cargo Breach - sanryoga
Hello fellow employees of S Car Go!

We've been seeing some good purging on board the Selene!
To increase overall employee commitment, HR has decided to introduce Performance Reviews!
After you die you will be presented with a score based on your performance and get ranked amongst fallen colleagues!!

There will be a surprise for the employee of the year, so I hope to see you at the top of the board!

Kind Regards,

S Car Go

Patch Notes:

- Leaderboards are added to the game! You can see your score after the end of every run or use the special card to access it from the break room!

- Some small fixes to the game

Hope you enjoy the new update!
Oct 20, 2017
Cargo Breach - sanryoga
Hi employees of S Car Go,

it's been an amazing week seeing all the reactions and reviews come in.
We've listened to your tips and concerns and reworked and added things to create a better game for you all to enjoy!

- Added a halloween them until Nov 3 with a new objective to achieve and a new enemy to surely spook you.

- A Healthpack will occasionaly drop to help you continue your cleanup

- Added new enemy, a faster more dangerous crawler. He is quite the hot head though.

- Revamped the rendering, adding real time reflections

- A new room layout, sure to make you feel claustrophobic

- Steam stats fixed

- Small fixes to make some things clear, easier morphs, ...

Happy Halloween! And let's S Car go the extra mile!
Oct 13, 2017
Cargo Breach - sanryoga
We've heard and seen your initial response and we've tweaked some parameters and added some things.

- You can now quit a run by pressing the application Menu Button on Vive
or B or Y on Oculus and then holding both grip buttons to confirm.

- We underestimated how good you all played so we've ramped up the diffficulty to provide a bit more challenge and more hectic gameplay.

-The Damage boost of some weapons has been increased to compensate and the reload interval of the Shocker Bolt and Photon has been decreased.

- Sound balance and extra sound effects added to creatures

Known Issue:

The stats of the achievements aren't working as expected yet, No worries, in game all your stats are being stored correctly so the achievements should unlock at the right moment (after a run, not to distract you). But we hope we can get this fixed quickly so you have a better idea how much more you need to kill.

We're uploading the patch as we speak.

Next week we've got our first jupdate to the gamae planned to welcome Halloween to the Selene. S car go has some festive ideas planned.

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