Mar 10, 2018
Where Are My Friends? -
The price of the game is reduced! We decided to make "Where Are My Friends?" cheaper so that more people could play it. Have a good play!

Also, we recently fixed the following errors:
- Bug with lasers in a room with a closing hatch. Now if you get into the last room, when the lasers are active and the hatch is closed, then Wheye does not disappear, but goes to the respawn point (as from ordinary death)

- A bug with "a trolley" that blocks the lasers. Now everything works correctly and you can pass the level without one death.

- Other small fixes
Feb 16, 2018
Where Are My Friends? -
Lunar New Year Sale begin)
"Where Are My Friends?" with 80% discount!
Hurry Up!!!
Where Are My Friends? -
Now «Where Are My Friends?» is available in 7 languages:

  • english
  • russian
  • french
  • italian
  • spanish
  • german
  • simplified chinese


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