Jan 8, 2018
Valknut - DyrnwynGames
Dear players,

Valknut has been updated once again and here is what has been added:

- You can now see which materials are needed for productions.
- New tutorials have been added to make the game easier to play.

This is all for now but there will still be an update later this month!

Valknut - DyrnwynGames
Dear players.
We have now worked out some bugs in the game plus adding some extra features.


- Fixed the bug that makes fishing boats sail on land.
- Fixed the bug that makes the transport ship sail out of the map
- Fixed the bug that makes the transport ship sail when not selected

- Tooltips have been added to the game
- Game speed extended to feature a slower option
- There is now an option for build mode that lets you choose between
building one building at a time or several before ending the build menu.
- There is now an options to rebind the keys
- a gameplay option has been added.

As you can see, we did not finish all the promised features in time and instead of giving you a half-finished tutorial, a new plan has been made.

During the next week the following items will be in an update:
- Tutorials
- The ability to see which materials are needed in a production

During the first month of January, the following items will come out:
- Pausing/resuming button for production buildings.
- Overview of what is produced and what is consumed over time
- Daily challenges
- Statistics in the game
- Achievements

Happy New Year guys! We look forward to the next one.
Valknut - DyrnwynGames
This game has been delayed a few times but the game is finally done and we appreciate all the support you have given us through these 3 months that the game has been under development.

The following items will not be available right away but will be featured in an update which will come out between Christmas and new years eve:
  • An extended tutorial
  • Keybinding options
  • Gameplay options

Furthermore, we plan to translate the game to other languages such as Korean and Chinese in the beginning of the new year.

As we are a small team of 2 people we may not have fully tested the game for bugs. We would therefore really appreciate it if you contact us if you encounter any during your adventures in the game.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year and hope that you enjoy this game :)

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