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Oh, the many things I cannot tell you, readers! They are many, and they are things. One thing I can tell you is that argh, howl, yes, I am indeed working on the enormous pile of hundreds upon hundreds of indie games that are surely aiming to destroy me. The second thing is that it’s time once more for the world famous round-up of the best indie games on Steam that, round here, we call Unknown Pleasures.

Maintaining a stoic silence this week: spikey frights, fighty tykes, and flighty sprites.


Dark Devotion - TAC| Suchi

First of all, we’d like to thank you for the feedback shared since Dark Devotion release.

The development team has been working hard on some issues reported by the players ever since. We’re now ready to deploy our first hotfix to correct them.

You will find the changelog detailed below :

- Fixed issue with steam controller management.

With steam controller support active, the title will work with controllers.
Please note that the layout displayed will be always Xbox, even with the PS4 controller plugged. Moreover, the stick sensitivity is no longer managed by the title settings but by Steam Settings (please check out user configuration).

- Fixed Keyboard inputs when using a controller on specific Chinese OS.

- Fixed title unable to close properly on Windows 7

- Fixed performance issues in the library

- Fixed map displaying tablet that was not present in a room in the sewers

- Some text and lore fixes.

- Other minor fixes
Dark Devotion - Arnaud - Dotemu

Thank you all for sharing your feedback with us! After carefully investigating this problem, we did a manipulation that should have fixed the issue. In order for it to be active, you must:

- disconnect your controller
- restart Steam
- plug your controller

This should allow you to play Dark Devotion without problem.

In the case the issue is still present after restarting Steam several times, there is an individual manipulation that can also fix the problem. Here are the steps to follow:

- On Steam, enable the big picture mode
- Bring up the Steam overlay ingame
(tab + alt)
- Select Controller Options
- Set "Steam Input Per-Game Setting" to "Forced Off"
- Restart the game if needed

This should fix the issue and allow you to use your controller as well.

Thank you all again very much for your patience and understanding.


Hello everybody,

First of, thank you all for being so active for the release of Dark Devotion. The whole team is really excited to see you all so supportive. Thank you!

We got several reports regarding controllers not working with the game. We are deeply sorry if you are encountering this issue and we will do our best to fix it as soon as possible.

It seams that this issue may be hardware related. If you are encountering this issue, please let us know in the comment section bellow what controller do you have so we can investigate further and work on a fix.

Could you also please let us know if you have an Antivirus software installed and if so, which one?

Finally, could you please let us know if the "xinput1_3.dll" file is present in the game's folder ("C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dark Devotion")?

All this info will help us greatly in understanding where the issue may come from.

Thank you for your help and support.
Dark Devotion

Developer Hibernian Workshop has announced that Dark Devotion, its intriguing (and gloomily attractive) side-scrolling action-RPG, will be making its way to PC, PlayStation 4, and Switch "early" this year.

Dark Devotion first came to light back in 2017, when it successfully raised 31,796 Euros (around 28,690) on Kickstarter. It casts players as a Templar, sent to explore the depths of a mysterious, "unforgiving" temple in search of answers "that will challenge your very existence."

In some respects - it's a moody, Dark-Souls-esque rogue-like, with a tight pixel art aesthetic - it's all awfully familiar. However, Dark Devotion has a few tricks up its sleeve that will hopefully set it apart from its peers. For starters, its four large worlds are entirely hand-crafted (no procedural generation here), and there's a strong emphasis on story and meaty, stamina-based combat - featuring various weapons, armour, and relics - with a particular focus on diverse boss fights.

Read more…

Dark Devotion

Jody told us about Dark Devotion back in 2017, saying that it was kind of like Castlevania but without the ability to revisit explored areas, and with a dash of Prince of Persia thrown in to keep players on their toes. Developer Hibernian Workshop was in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign that was ultimately successful, and not too long ago it made an appearance on our list of games coming in 2019. Today the studio delivered a new gameplay trailer and reaffirmed that the game will be out early this year. 

Dark Devotion is literally about devotion to a dark divinity, proven through combat against "peerless, horrifying warriors" in a grim, 2D side-scrolling temple. Fiendish traps will have to be dealt with, and of course weapon selection is an issue as well: "The right tool for the job" is a platitude that takes on new significance here because the wrong tool will probably get you killed. 

The Dark Devotion website seems to be having some issues right now, but there's a Discord server you can dive into and it's listed on Steam, so you can wishlist it if you like what you see.

Dark Devotion - Xsoul
Hi everyone, we hope you’re fine !

Now that the struggle of the KS is behind us we think that 1 main update per month sounds about right.

Unfortunately, there won't be a post-Kickstarter campaign, we recommend you to add us on your STEAM Wishlist then
to be up to date !


We progressed more than well since the KS is over, here are the results :

One of the new opponents

One enemy left to create on the world 2. Have a look at the last one we did, the dreadful Tamer.
Be careful, the more you go deep in the Temple, the more the fights will be demanding !

New ways to fight

We worked on new items such as consumables. As we said, each world will have specific ones,
they will help your to deal with the hostile environment you will face.

The next steps are to work on the bosses and their rooms. It’ll normally be finished
around mid / end december. (People with the EARLY BIRD pledge will receive a fresh version
around these times then - we think that would be a nice christmas gift from us, to be confirmed though!)

One path of world 2

New traps are also implemented, we’ll let you the pleasure to empale yourself in to
discover them. All the paths of the world 2 are ready.


We sent more than 500 keys to people who pledged for the HEAVY demo. The overall feedbacks are very positive.
Some of you took the time to report bugs and we are really thankful for that. Your help is precious.

Do not hesitate to send us your feedbacks through DISCORD or Facebook ! If we see a recurrent feedback we’ll consider it !

If there's anything do not hesitate to contact us,

Again, thank you so much for trusting us. <3

The Hibernian Workshop team
Dark Devotion - Xsoul
We are now live on Kickstarter !

Click Here to access to the Kickstarter page

As little indies we need your help, righteous traveler.

A lot of people tried the demo, and we had very positive feedbacks!

This is more than heartwarming! You felt the love and the attention we put in Dark Devotion and you are giving it back to us.
Thank you so much for that.

If you are a Templar prospect, you have to know that we don't like the idea of people blindly backing us. Thus, you can find the demo on STEAM or on our Kickstarter page to try it out yourself!

If you liked it, do not hesitate to have a look at our Kickstarter.

If you wish to interact with us, join our Discord server :
Everyone is welcomed!

Lots of love from the Hibernian Workshop team

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