Reigns, the medieval monarch simulator controlled like Tinder, is being turned into a tabletop game.

Rechristened as Reigns: The Council, this version will launch in the "imminent" future and transform the fast-paced ruling simulator into an asymmetric party game for three to six players.

Just as in the original Reigns, one player will act as monarch and decide which suggestions from their council they will support - and which ones they will turn down.

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Cities: Skylines - (Fraser Brown)

My body betrayed me last month, trapping me in my bed when it wasn t sending me rushing to my poor, overworked loo. I couldn t sleep, I couldn t work and so I turned to management games to take my mind off the virus squatting inside me. Juggling budgets, disasters and production chains might not sound particularly relaxing, but there s also a swathe of low-pressure sims that serve as a brilliant panacea for stress.


Reigns - (Dominic Tarason)

Monarchic decide ’em up Reigns was always close in spirit to Game Of Thrones. Thanks to a cross-promotion deal that I’m certain someone sold their soul for, they’re now one and the same, and out today. Reigns: Game Of Thrones combines the Tinder-inspired UI of Nerial’s series with the multiple perspectives and familiar world of HBO’s wildly successful TV novel adaptation. The game lets players control multiple characters and bodge their way through their own custom timeline in a way that would sound like fan-fiction if it weren’t an official game. Below, the launch trailer.


Reigns - (Alice O'Connor)

“Game Of Thrones + Tinder = You Died,” our Alec said in his Reigns review after swiping through cards to make binary decisions in the medieval monarch RPG. Well, that equation is about to get even simpler: “Reigns: Game Of Thrones = You Died.”

An official Game Of Thrones version of Reigns is coming soon, developers Nerial and publishers Devolver Digital announced today. Swipers will be able to play as a number of different Game players, then discover that all their “Right, so they could come out on top if…” theories will likely end in terrible death.


Reigns: Her Majesty - (Alice O'Connor)

Magic, vampires, and frogs are among the mysteries, dangers, and opportunities for pashing added to Reigns: Her Majesty in a free expansion yesterday. The ‘Transformation Update’ has brought 200 new cards to the reginal RPG, which draw in three new characters and potentially lead to five new deaths. The game’s on sale to celebrate the launch too. And if frenching a frog gets me killed, so it goes. (more…)

Reigns: Her Majesty - nerial
We've just added 200 new cards, 3 new characters and 5 new deaths. This version should also solve some issues (like the mirror death) and add steam achievements for Mac build.

If you encounter issues within the game, try to reset it (press "R" for 5 seconds).

Thanks for playing!
Reigns - Valve
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Reigns - (Dominic Tarason)

Reigns: Her Majesty

Nerial’s Reigns is a simple (if strange-sounding) concept stretched to its absolute limits. Take the UI of dating-for-impatient-people app Tinder, and use it to steer the life of a monarch one meeting at a time, juggling political threats and multiple story-threads all through the simple, binary act of swiping left or right.

Today, you can get a second helping of this strange but compelling formula. The queenly sequel Reigns: Her Majesty is out now, promising an all-new story built around the now-familiar mechanics, plus a few new twists to the tale. Read on for details and the positively charming> launch trailer.


Dec 8, 2017
Reigns: Her Majesty - nerial
Thanks for playing Reigns: Her Majesty, we're glad you enjoy it!

Some of you encountered a few problems, errors in the text, slightly unbalanced situations where a specific death was triggered every time and issues with the end game. Hopefully most of that should be corrected now.

For Linux users the game seem to have a few problems when it tries to open in full screen. I've added an argument to the launch script which should open the game in window mode, hope that helps. To force the resolution window, press "alt" while the game opens.

If you need to reset the game for one reason or another, press "R" for 5 seconds.


best regards,


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