Sigma Theory: Global Cold War - (Sin Vega)

Respectably purple spy game Sigma Theory: Global Cold War was succesful last night in extracting a full release from the clutches of the early access hell slog. The futuristic cold war strategy game is out now.


Sigma Theory: Global Cold War - MikahSlash

Sigma Theory is finally out of Early Access!
The 1.0 update is available to download from Steam now!
The current game has nothing in common with the one we've released 7 months ago. We've worked hard fixing bugs, improving feedbacks, adding content, fine-tuning mechanics and balancing gameplay with your feedback and support to come up with the best version of the game you get today!

Making a game like this with so much novelty is not an easy task and we're grateful you've sticked up with us during the past months.
Some of you hated the game, some of you loved the game. But we've listened to everyone because, at the end of the day, we're making games for the players, not for ourselves.
The experience of developing the game with you along was enlightening for the whole team and it is something we'll do again for our next game *cough* Out There: Oceans of Time *cough*.

So, again, on behalf of the team: THANK YOU.

Development is not stopping as we're already working on the new playable country that will be available in the next update.

**Full patchnote**
----1.0 ----

  • New agent : Jahrein
  • New character : Spy drone operator
  • 9 new achievements

  • All countries now have their own buildings in exfiltration scenes
  • Added portal to show when the agent uses the trait GATE in exfiltrations
  • Other various UI improvements

  • Agents SCAR, MORRIGH4N, MAESTRO and TSUBA become elite
  • Player can now chose whose which agent(s) and scientist(s) gain a trait during events
  • AI now steals more scientists from countries which lost sigma race
  • Actions are now possible in a country at war, but agents only have to be spotted once to be forced to flee the country, and fleeing is slow instead of fast
  • Prisoners now only need to be located before exfiltration, preparation is no longer needed
  • Player now has 3 choices when recruiting an agent mid-game
  • Added a discretion score to exfiltrations
  • No more than 2 organizations will give tasks at any given time
  • Travel is now possible to a country at war, but only infiltration
  • Added doomsday clock bonus when refusing to work with organisation

  • Added events for warning player when losing sigma race
  • Added indication of diplomatic cost/benefit on request/offers button tooltips in diplomacy meetings
  • Added a popup to explain why the player gets an ending
  • Added new sounds
  • Added common keyboard shortcuts
  • Added resolution choice in options
  • Added arrows to navigate easily between agents
  • Available spouses are now limited to unlocked agents
  • Added button to cancel ongoing recruitment in recruitment screen
  • Added tooltip for weapon types

  • Don't show progress report for double agents that were just recruited
  • Fixed wrong reaction text when agents are ordered to capture or counter a spy
  • Fixed bug where a meeting could still take place with a country that was eliminated
  • Fixed bugs where wrong text or character was displayed in organisation missions
  • Fixed rare game freeze when spouse is kidnapped and country asks for ransom
  • Fixed bug where cancelling a mission and assigning it again could result in a different duration
  • Fixed bug where agent sometimes didn't explain when quitting because of injury
  • Fixed bug where expired contracts could stay in contracts window
  • Fixed bug where last Opus Mariae mission had the wrong summary
  • Fixed bug where refused or failed mission could still be accomplished afterwards
Sigma Theory: Global Cold War - MikahSlash

Dear agents,

We’ve got very exciting news here at the Bureau:
Sigma Theory will get out of Early Access this Thursday 21 November with the release of Version 1.0!
We very excited to share with you the best version of the game (yet) including all the new content we’ve added along the way (new agents, Story Mode, Workshop…). It’s been a tough path to get there, and we couldn’t do it without your support and feedback. So on behalf of the team: THANK YOU!

BUT... The development won’t stop there. We’ve got a lot more content in store we’ll deploy in the coming months.

Here’s a glimpse at what’s coming up with 1.0:
  • Shiny New UI Improvements! Even more fluid than before.
  • New keyboard shortcuts! Overrule your opponent with your lightning speed!!
  • New sound effects. So smooth, so clean.
  • New buildings for exfiltration. It’s like a whole new world opening before your eyes!
  • Even more bug fixes because bugs SUCK!!
Sigma Theory: Global Cold War - MikahSlash

Dear agents,
Sigma Theory will be playable at the EGX show in London.
Come to play the latest version and meet the developers.
Our booth will be located in the Tentacle Collective Zone.

EGX London
17 - 20 October 2019
ExCel, London

More informations:
Sigma Theory: Global Cold War - MikahSlash
Dear agents,
In this last update before the full release in November, we focused our efforts on balancing the gameplay and improving the feedback of your actions.
This will make the game more rewarding when making the right decisions.
We're quite confident those changes will make the overall experience less frustrating and more satisfying. Please let us know your impressions.

Full patchnote
--- 0.21.0 ---

New buildings for South Korea, Germany and China

  • Opponents now research the ultimate technology just like the player
  • Balanced some contracts that were too difficult to complete
  • Hacking is now working as intended in relation to the position of the hacker
  • Traits bonus have been increased
  • Contract requiring a drone are now completed after the drone has reached its target
  • Honest and Suggestible traits don't prevent agents to bribe or convince targets anymore but decrease chances of success
  • Rework of counter-espionage mechanics: the number of spy in your country is now related to the number of scientists in your Sigma lab
  • Drones now need 2 days to travel to an other country
  • Scientists exfiltrated from an eliminated country are not affected by the prisoner trait anymore
  • Diplomacy: compromising files don't decrease relationship anymore and make the negociation easier
  • Ranking is now based on the Sigma tokens collected and final tech progress rather than the total progress on each branches

  • Various UI improvements
  • Modified hacker detection mechanics
  • Prisonners' will is now reset each day
  • Clicks during dialogues now display instantly the speech bubbles
  • Various balancing tweaks
  • Scientists' identity is no longer hidden when displaced to an other country by an opponent
  • Ranking is now based on the avancement on the final project (or on sigma points if no one is searching the final project)

  • Fixed bug when conflict starts as an agent discovers the first scientist
  • Fixed bug where wrong diplomat could talk when a war starts
  • Fixed bug when agent quits at the same time that they are supposed to arrive to a country

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War - MikahSlash

Save the President... Or not?
The long-awaited Early Access update 0.20 for Sigma Theory is now available on Steam.

The first Story Mode campaign is now playable and adds a whole new storyline to the base game with interactive dialogues involving new characters. Depending on your decisions, you will discover different endings, each unlocking a new recruitable agent.

In this campaign, several sources indicate that someone wants the President of the United States out of the equation. It's up to you to find which organization is behind this and decide if you want to stop it or take advantage of the situation.

We'll continue to create new Story Mode campaigns in the future. We need your feedback on this one to know if we are on the right track.

A new batch of influencers has joined Domingo into the Sigma Division. Please welcome Alex the Rambler, At0mium, Morrigh4n and Aiekillu. Find out how to unlock them in-game to play with your favorite Streamers!

Our 3D artists are progressively creating new unique buildings to populate the exfiltration cities and make it more immersive and exciting. In this update, Japan, India and UK got some architectural love.

Full Patchnote
----Version 0.20.0 ----

  • Story Mode USA with 2 new unlockable agents 
  • 4 new influencer agents : Morrigh4n, At0mium, Aiekillu and Rambler
  • New buildings for Japan, India, and UK
  • Contract mechanics rework with new task tracking UI

  • Various UI improvements
  • Added feedback when an ennemy spying our country has fled
  • Automatic success when using agent's trait during exfiltration events
  • It now possible to fail a contract
  • Added a space in the tech tree to store unassigned/unavailable scientists
  • Changed Armed Groups support tier effects
  • Added UI to track the progress of the contracts

  • Fixed bug where scientists were not revealed when a country is eliminated
  • Fixed bug where organisations didn't help in exfiltrations when they should
  • Fixed bug where businessman agents could be stuck midflight
  • Fixed bug where wrong events could launch from LAZARUS technology
Sigma Theory: Global Cold War - Goblinz Studio

Goblinz Studio is proud to announce you that we’re getting bigger and specialize in turn-based strategy games. It’s not anymore a pattern but a brand :)

Don’t forget to follow our developer steam page if you wanna be the first to know about our news.

Here is our awesome upcoming games! Only Strategy & simulation games

And there’s more:

-Sigma Theory full release arrives on Steam for November, with a Story mode!

-Legend of Keepers will have a one-hour-prologue, available on Steam exactly the 26th of September. If you don’t want to miss it, you can wishlist it ;) (isn’t it our best slogan?)

We are super grateful for your hype, feedbacks and advise. If our game becomes a hit it’ll be thanks to you!

Goblinz team
Sigma Theory: Global Cold War - MikahSlash

We're proud to announce the sequel of our award-winning, half-million selling space exploration game Out There: Ω Edition.

OT: Oceans of Time is more than a sequel though. While it keeps the core mechanics of the original game (roguelike, resource management and interactive fiction), it delivers them in a much more ambitious manner and will offer completely new features.

As you can see in the teaser trailer, the game is going full 3D with a hand-painted art style. It is the studio's most ambitious project yet and we're pretty excited! Thanks to our publisher Modern Wolf for supporting us in this crazy adventure.

Out There: Oceans of Time is planned to release on PC, mobile and consoles.

Join our Discord to follow the development and discuss with the developers!
You can already wishlist Out There: Oceans of Time on Steam.

We're also happy to announce that Out There: Ω Edition will get 'The Alliance' content update later this year.
Sigma Theory: Global Cold War - MikahSlash

Watch this space...
Sigma Theory: Global Cold War - MikahSlash

Dear agents, please welcome update 0.19 !
This is a minor update meant to fix remnant bugs and prepare the field for the next ones. The infamous ‘drug’ event has been fixed and we’ve added a neat ‘Team Snapshot’ when the game ends.

What’s up next
In parallel to this update, we’ve made tremendous progress on the bigger things. In September, we’ll deploy the biggest update ever including the first Story Mode, a bunch of new characters and a whole lot more improvements.

Full Patchnote
---- Version 0.19.0 ----

  • Added a visual recap of your team in the game over screen
  • Changed effect of GATE tech when obtained by enemy
  • Added exfiltration icon on menu rows for scientists ready to be abducted
  • Various UI improvements

Bug fix
  • Fixed bug where countries assigned impossible counter-terrorism missions
  • Ends relations between an agent and a scientist when the agent is captured
  • Fixed bug where alert wasn’t decreasing when successfully interrogating a prisoner
  • Fixed slots assignation bug when a scientist is exfiltrated and the Sigma project is active
  • Fixed bug when the Anticapitalist Army gives player an attacking agent
  • Fixed bug when losing last bits of relation with a country during an exfiltration could lead to your own agent in prison in your country
  • Fixed bug where businessman trait could trigger when coming back from exfiltration
  • Fixed bug where unlocking "Subservient" achievement was impossible
  • Fixed bug with the first choice during the ‘drug’ event
  • Fixed bug where drones were still available even after being taken away by your boss
  • Fixed UI glitch when spamming buttons in the game mode selection screen
  • Fixed bug where spies were wrongfully displayed when returning from exfiltration
  • Other bug fix

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