Eastshade - Eastshade Studios
Eastshade will be available for PS4 and Xbox One on October 21! While we've been busy squashing bugs and delivering updates, we've also been toiling away on bringing the world of Eastshade to consoles. It has proven to be a behemoth task, but we're finally closing in on the finish line. In under a month you can play this open-world travel simulator paint-em-up on consoles! Accompanying this announcement we bring you a new extended trailer.
Eastshade - Valve
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Jul 30
Eastshade - Eastshade Studios
Version 1.25 is live!
-fixed regression in vegetation in the Restless Reach (its supposed to be white not green)
-firepits remove themselves once the player is far enough away
-fixed bug where Park Ranger Viktar doesn't give you a tent schematic (players who have already experienced this bug should now have a tent schematic as well)
Eastshade - Eastshade Studios
In honor of World Environment day, Eastshade will be 20% off until June 7th, and we will be donating 10% of our net proceeds to the protection of important and threatened habitats.

May 25
Eastshade - Eastshade Studios
Version 1.24 is live!
-I *think* I fixed the falling through the floor bug. Fingers crossed. If anyone runs into it again, please let me know!
-fixed regression where player could not go through the tunnel in Nava.
-fixed hot spring quest bug where Zahra can think you still haven't accepted the quest if you *didn't* choose to accept Melek's offer *and* you had once turned down the quest.
-fixed regression in Lyndow navigation mesh which caused Npcs to not walk to their tasks
May 5
Eastshade - Eastshade Studios
Version 1.22 is live!
-optimized/simplified glass shader, improving performance substantially, especially in cities.
-added ability to export paintings to jpg
-fixed teahouse tales last line repeating/stuttering
-fixed teahouse tales silent voice bug
-fixed bug where if you initially turn down Zahra and then get bribed by Melek Zahra thinks you haven't started the quest
-possibly fixed the rare bug where the player can fall through certain floors spontaneously
-fixed cursor lock after going back to main menu at the end of the game
Apr 23
Eastshade - Eastshade Studios
Version 1.18 is live!
-fixed foliage disappearing after returning from a dream
-fixed a regression in 1.17 which freezes physics, causing bugs with the boats, canvases, and many other places.
-fixed regression in 1.16 that locks fps at 1 when you press the 'L' key
Apr 13
Eastshade - Eastshade Studios
Version 1.15 is live! (has been for about two weeks actually!)
-fixed Vasu's song
-fixed floating crates off coast of Lyndow
-fixed flickering windows in Tarnished Teapot
-fixed Pipa (owl outside the Tarnish Teapot) not being interactive in rare instances, making it unable to finish the Toxic Tuber quest.
-tea effect puck no longer shows up in paintings
Mar 23
Eastshade - Eastshade Studios
1.13a is live!
  • the beta branch has been merged back to the main branch
  • made it possible to set graphics settings from a text file in the save dir (C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Eastshade Studios\Eastshade\GraphicsSettings.txt), with new settings such as SceneLoadingDistance and RenderResolutionScaler
  • fixed issues with Elixir of Life quest Zahra's testing never updating to the next stage
  • updated input system
  • fixed regression tent sleep point not enabling for "Dormant in the Ice" quest
Eastshade - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Malindy Hetfeld)

>The first I ever saw of Eastshade was a single screenshot. In it, the sun stands high in the sky over a glittering river. Off in the distance, past the forest and its imposing trees, you can see what looks to be a city. Eastshade is full of such carefully designed landscapes: forests that invite you to saunter through them; buildings you just want to take a closer look at. Eastshade is a first person exploration game where every landscape looks like a potential work of art because that s the game. Whenever you feel like it you can pop down your easel and start painting. How does everything look this nice? How to explain that almost everyone you talk to is equally impressed by what they see?

Instead of busily overthinking what makes me react so strongly to what I see on screen in Eastshade, I decide to enlist a professional and pose my questions to Eastshade s lead developer Danny Weinbaum. He explains Eastshade s strong sense of place is deliberate, and the result of the difference between traditional game design, and his own point of view as someone with a background in environment design.



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