Genesis Alpha One - brett_team17
Hi all,

For those of you looking for some in-depth gameplay, Grillmastah has continued to create some great Genesis Alpha One content over on his YouTube channel.
Grillmastah also includes some hints and tips as well as purposefully letting things get a bit hectic. He’s captured some great moments during his twenty one videos and is on his third playthrough, so be sure to check out him out!

Genesis Alpha One - brett_team17
Hey everyone,

A quick post to address a couple of questions around reloading in Genesis Alpha One. In essence, no reload mechanic is present. However, ammo is finite and like other resources on your ship, it will have to be created through the recovery of the appropriate materials. These can be obtained either through mining on alien planets or through materials harvested by your tractor beam. If you’re lucky, downed hostiles may drop some or a cache might be found at crash sites.

As soon as you have the resources, ammo can be created in the workshop and grabbed from the nearest weapon rack, either on your ship or on the Harvester while planet-side. Just make sure you check you have enough ammo before embarking on any exploratory journey, you don’t know what you will find out there!

Genesis Alpha One - brett_team17
Hey all,

I'm the latest captain to join the crew and just wanted to share another quick tip with you and that’s in regard to the flashlight, which can be turned on and off with R3 or with the F button on a keyboard. While your trusty ray of light will be key when navigating the maintenance tunnels to snuff out an infestation or when exploring hostile alien planets at night time, it can also be a hindrance.

Some of the planets you will be visiting are shrouded in a dense fog that will refract your light and impair visibility. As such, there will be an increased element of risk the further your stray away from the safety and illumination of your ship, so make sure what you’re looking to mine or locate in the outer reaches of the area is worth it!

Genesis Alpha One - Jonno
Greetings Captains

Should you be lucky enough to uncover schematics for the Decontamination module, you’ll want to install one or more of these as quickly as possible. These modules spray acid on any hostile lifeforms that travel through them, which makes this module particularly handy if placed around your hangars and tractor beams, where aliens are most likely to attack from!

Don’t worry, our tests indicate that the acid is completely safe for your crew…

If you’d like to see a bit more of what you might find in the maintenance tunnels, take a look at our Facebook page, where we’ve prepared a short video. If Twitter is more your thing, we’ve got a gif over there too.

Genesis Alpha One - Jonno
Hey everyone

One of your most important jobs as captains in the Genesis program is to keep your ship and its crew safe. There are many steps involved in securing your ship and a key factor is your ability to get around your ship quickly to be able to swiftly deal with any potential alien infestations. If you don’t get to these quickly, they might spread out of control, at which point it could cost you both parts of your ship and the lives of your crew!

This is why it’s important to build Access modules throughout your ship allowing you to quickly and easily enter the maintenance tunnels of the floor you might be on. The maintenance tunnels are where most infestations will begin and where the aliens can travel around the ship undetected. Your crew are unable to traverse the maintenance tunnels, so it’ll be up to you – and some well-placed turrets and energy barriers – to keep things tidy and secure. Your crew is counting on you!

If you’d like to see a bit more of what you might find in the maintenance tunnels, take a look at our Facebook page, where we’ve prepared a short video. If Twitter is more your thing, we’ve got a gif over there too.

Genesis Alpha One - Jonno
Hello Captains,

As many of you know, we recently began distributing codes to select content creators of an early preview build for Genesis Alpha One.

Seeing as the weekend is here, we'd like to share with you the initial adventures of three different content creators as they begin their voyage into space to find humanity's salvation.

Prepare for ship building, unwanted guests in the tractor beam and the heart wrenching tale of the turret that got left behind...


Razors Edge

Savage Gaming

Genesis Alpha One - Jonno
Hi everyone,

Today we’re looking at the security gate, which is one of the many tools you have at your disposal for keeping everyone safe aboard the U.S.S Genesis. The security gate can be used in two ways; Either you leave it on automatic, where it will automatically close when aliens get close and re-open when the coast is clear. While this is obviously safer in general, it does mean that you might get locked in with the aliens if you’re caught on the wrong side of the door!

The alternative is for you to manually toggle when you want the door to be open or closed. If you want to make certain that no aliens ever get to a certain part of your ship (unless they teleport there), you might want to close the security gate and just leave it closed. The choice is yours!

Genesis Alpha One - Jonno
Greetings Captains!

You want to make sure those pesky aliens never take you by surprise and this is where the threat indicator on your left wrist comes in handy. As soon as a threat is nearby, the indicator will show the direction you should be aiming your weapons – or the direction you should be running from. If the indicator is glowing red without indicating a specific direction, it could mean that the threat is above or below you, in which case you’ll need to investigate further!

Because we know you might sometimes be too busy to look at your wrist, we’ve also included a warning “beep” – you can hear that in action over on Facebook, if you want to be fully prepared.

We hope this helps in keeping you – and your crew – safe in the Alpha One quadrant!

Genesis Alpha One - DKShadow_Team17
Greetings Captains!

After a long day of taking down alien scum, your crew can retreat to the zen pool to relax. As a bonus, modules like this will slowly recover any missing crew health. We'll talk about more of these types of modules as we get closer to launch, but for now you can enjoy easily the most beautiful module aboard our ship!

As always you can get a look at the zen pool in video form over on Facebook and in gif form over on Twitter.

Now please be honest; how many of you will just spend your days at the zen pool while your crew do all the hard work?

Genesis Alpha One - DKShadow_Team17
Greetings Captains!

Last week we started putting an early version of Genesis Alpha One into the hands of select content creators which means you're now able to find a number of videos and streams in places like YouTube and Twitch. Codes will keep going out in waves between now and launch to allow all of you a look at what exactly Genesis Alpha One is and what you can expect yourself when the game launches in January 2019 - and of course when a preview version launches later this year.

If you'd like to check out some gameplay from Genesis Alpha One you've got a few options already, and Grillmastah in particular already has multiple great episodes out showing off quite a few aspects of the game. Watching these will of course spoil some of the discovery you'd have on your own, so please keep that in mind. I've embedded Grillmastah's first video below.
You can find YouTube content here and Twitch content here.

If you watch any of the videos or streams, do let us know what you think. Your feedback is very important to us and helps us make decisions for the future.

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