Lonely Mountains: Downhill

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Sometimes, playing Lonely Mountains: Downhill, I can't help but think the aim of the game is to stop playing it. On the surface this is a game about going downhill fast, about beating the clock, cutting corners, sprinting. The race to the finish often ends in a rush of relief, above all, that you've made it there intact. And then at the same time it's the absolute opposite: tranquility, calm, an invitation to stay a while and just listen. At once you're baited into crashing through it and challenged into slowing down for a ponder.

I could, honestly, leave it there. Lonely Mountains' tug-of-war between styles of play is enough in itself, the game a clever little buried lede of one kinetic, mechanical thing on the surface (timers, challenges, sprint buttons, checkpoints) and another, more contemplative, just beneath (crunching leaves, branching paths, hidden oases with fallen trunks to sit on and views to be quietly taken in). But there is so, so much more going on here. Lonely Mountains is, above all, a game about experience - about the act of experiencing, in fact - and played through that lens it's not just clever, it's divine.

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Lonely Mountains: Downhill

Brilliant indie biking game Lonely Mountains: Downhill has announced a festive event for the holiday season - and if you haven't played it yet, now's a good time to quickly tell you why.

Imagine a semi-open world Trials Evolution game on a constant downhill slope festooned with boulders, jumps, split paths and whole other routes to find. The only sounds while you play are your wheels on the loose stones, the wind and passing birdsong. It's wonderfully relaxing - with that Trials instant-retry mechanic should you mess up.

Well, now it has Christmas trees and presents to open in exchange for festive outfits:

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Dec 18, 2019
Lonely Mountains: Downhill - Megagon Industries
Hello Riders!

Welcome to our very first ingame event! Put on your explorer hat and go on a hunt for the missing presents which we have hidden all over the mountains! As a special reward you can unlock a unique Christmas Outfit and customization options!

16 presents are already waiting for you and another 16 will arrive over the holidays! If you have troubles finding a present join our Discord for help!

Good luck on your ride and happy holidays from everyone at Megagon Industries!

Lonely Mountains: Downhill - Megagon Industries
Hello Riders,
We just released version 1.0.3 for windows PCs! Among some other bug-fixes and changes this version fixes the broken Steam achievements, improves the keyboard controls and challenges are now automatically selected.

1) Improved keyboard controls
2) Fixed bug that metric based achievements were not triggered
3) Challenges are now automatically selected when opening a category
4) Added facial hair and facial hair colors to customization options
5) Added new languages: Turkish and Polish
6) Added backup loading system in case main save file gets corrupted
7) Fixed broken animation for some pages of the statistic screen
8) Fixed a bug that the spray sound was not affected by the volume settings
9) Fixed a showstopper bug in the pause menu
10) Various smaller bug fixes

We wish a great ride on the Lonely Mountains!
Lonely Mountains: Downhill - Megagon Industries
Hello Riders,

we just released version 1.0.1. This update focuses mainly on leaderboard optimizations, convenient features, UI-improvements and bug-fixes.

Thanks for all your positive feedback, input and bug-reports during the last week. Please keep it coming.

If you encounter an issue during the game we would highly appreciate it if you can send us the output_log.txt to support@lonelymountains.com.

You can normally find it at: "C: ->Users ->YOURUSERNAME ->AppData ->LocalLow ->Megagon Industries ->LonelyMountains_Downhill"

Thank you all for your support!

Daniel & Jan & Noah

Detailed Changes:
  1. Optimized various things in regards to the leaderboard connection
  2. Added an option that you can now change the in-game best-time display from global to personal
  3. Added a display that shows the difference of the current cp-time compared to the selected best-time when crossing a checkpoint.
  4. Added a warning to checkpoints in case you skipped a previous one
  5. Added a Discord button to the start menu
  6. Added a “controller recommended” message to the start menu
  7. Added a back-button to the pause menu
  8. Added an option to turn off screen shake in the game settings
  9. Added an option to the display settings to keep the game running in the background or when not in focus
  10. Fixed missing tree trunk mesh on Mnt Riley / Trail 2 / Waterfall Section
  11. Fixed a bug that Korean texts were not displayed in the world.
  12. Fixed a bug that backer message achievements were switched in Steam
  13. Changed the mountain number in the mountain selection from unlocked mountains to total mountains
  14. Added an additional lock icon to locked bikes in the bike selection
  15. Highscore-button won’t be displayed in the result screen anymore for the explorer mode
  16. Lots of screen-transitions can now be canceled earlier
  17. Fixed a bug that “New”-notifier in the mountain selection did not fade out correctly when going to the trail screen.
  18. Fixed several smaller localization bugs
  19. Fixed wrong value for “max drop height” statistic
  20. Moved “take a break” button to the center of the screen
  21. Leaving a resting place is now on ESC/B/Circle
  22. Switched “Left/Right” & “Screen-based” buttons in the steering selection pop up.
  23. Updated Game Launcher banner.
Known Patch Issues:
  1. Some translations are missing for the new features

Lonely Mountains: Downhill - Megagon Industries

Hello Riders!

Almost four years of development, lots of sweat, tears and laughter and the game finally went live yesterday and is now available on Steam, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

We are thrilled, excited and exhausted at the same time and still cannot even believe that we finally made it to that point!

We’re keeping a close eye on all the feedback in the Steam forum as well as in our Discord, so please let us know of any issue you have with the game.

We’re really happy that a lot of enjoy the game! We’re also aware that our leaderboards are not the most stable ones at the moment and we’re constantly working on improving them. Still, we’re very sorry that they are not working as good as we hoped for.

There are also a lot of smaller bugs being reported. We’re currently filling our bug database with everything we see and will start to work on the first patch!

We wish you all an awesome ride and hope that you enjoy our Lonely Mountains!

Ride on!
Daniel & Jan & Noah

PS: if you like the game we would really appreciate if you take a minute and leave a review! You would make three game devs very happy!
Lonely Mountains: Downhill - Megagon Industries
Hey Riders
We’re super happy to finally announce the date for the upcoming closed beta!

From the 8th until the 11th of August we will run a closed beta on Steam with a hand-picked selection of trails.

If you want to join in on the fun - join our Discord as we just started a new community challenge with a chance to win a key!

Event Rules
1) Create your own custom rider by coloring the template below
2) Post your design to our Discord or Twitter
3) The top three voted designs will get their very own personal wallpaper and a closed beta key!
You can read the detailed rules in the #BetaChallenge channel on Discord.

Additionally we will raffle closed beta keys between everyone who submitted their artwork and additional keys between everyone who voted on Discord to make sure that there is enough competition on the leaderboards (also we need to test the servers)

We’re looking forward to your designs and see you on the mountains soon!

Daniel & Jan & Noah
Lonely Mountains: Downhill - Megagon Industries
Hello Riders,
Our BikeyMcBikeface bike naming challenge is coming to end. Only 4 hours until the winners are crowned!

You can still hand in our vote and have a chance to win 1 of 6 closed beta invites: https://discord.gg/X8aAGER

Here are the prelimary results:

Thanks to everyone who helped us find some awesome names for our bikes!

Daniel & Jan & Noah
Lonely Mountains: Downhill - Megagon Industries
Hello Riders!

The last chance to name a bike and win a closed-beta key has just started! Head over to Twitter to suggest your favorite names for bike 5 and 6! Also the voting for the previous 4 bikes is still running on Discord and you'll also have a chance to win a closed-beta key by participating in the voting!

Thank you all for help! We already got over 300 suggestions for the first 4 bike names!

See you on Twitter or Discord!
Daniel & Jan & Noah
Lonely Mountains: Downhill - Megagon Industries
You are the best!
We got over 180(!) suggestions and we finally managed to pick 10 names we really like and that we feel will fit the game. Now it’s on you to decide! Join our Discord and vote for your favourite name:


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