Pizza Game - plasterbrain
Hi hi, demo people! Really sorry about saves not working in the demo version for the last patch due to the way Chris RPG battles now handle saving. It's fixed with version 1.3.0 though so woohoo! Also the Chris route pacifist bug is fixed; enemies will fight you properly if you stall out the fight against Brain.

Patch Notes
  • New progress stats on the Scene Select page, featuring hot ANALYSIS by Inner Kiane of your gameplay!
  • New loading screen messages.

Quality of Life Changes
  • Achievements that didn't register on Steam due to the save data issue will sync up when you launch the game.
  • If you're using an outdated version of the game, the game will attempt to let you know on the main menu.
  • Game will show a message when any self-voicing mode is enabled.
  • Auto-forward mode values are now set to usable values.
  • Subtitles no longer spoiler character names that haven't been revealed yet.
  • There's a new bug where you can accidentally summon a karate kiane that doesn't go away for the rest of the Arim route. This is now canon.

Bug Fixes
  • Enemies will now attack properly in the Chris route if you stall the Brain fight.
  • Sav profile now updates properly if you first meet him in the school route.
  • Fixed a bug with a Brain photo trigger in the Chris route.
  • Saving in the demo version is fixed.
  • Launching the demo version with full game save data/unlocks for whatever reason should no longer crash the game.
  • Roobit post-route voice unlock notification should be working properly.

Next time I will be doing some fixes to the manual (e.g. updating images).

There may be some issues cropping up with deleting "seen text progress" when you commit honorable data seppuku. If this is the case I'll have to change it a bit in the next patch. Ah, the mysteries of Ren'Py!
Pizza Game - plasterbrain
Photos should be working again now. I am bad at video games!
Pizza Game - plasterbrain
I have a confession to make.

All of you have already played Pizza Game. It was so bad that once you finished it, you went in for experimental brain surgery to purge all memories of the horrific experience. I'm sorry for lying to all of you, and charging you another $9.99 to play it.

... Just kidding! PIzza Game accidentally shipped with some dev save data if you didn't already have pizza save data on your computer from an earlier version of the game, oops! If you are experiencing problems related to getting achievements, the Scrapbook screen crashing, or data being unlocked, go into Extras and commit Honorable Data Seppuku in order to start fresh. Alternatively, if you have save files you don't want to remove, you can try opening the folder your installation is in and removing the game -> saves directory.

Patch notes
  • Saving is now disabled during Chris route battles to avoid GENERAL FUCKERY. You'll get a prompt before every battle to save.
  • (Bugfix) Achievement sound should only play the first time you unlock the achievement.
  • (Bugfix) Chris route ending 1 choice was busted, oops!
  • (Bugfix) Check for completing all battles in the Chris route should work properly now.
  • (Bugfix) Dismiss key works to dismiss the end results screen now.
  • (Bugfix) Taking a photo of magical girl Kiane at certain points no longer crashes the game.
  • (Hotfix) Arim wad of bills damage nerfed.

Still looking into a bug with Chris route enemies not taking action under certain conditions... to be continued! Thanks for playing PIZZZA!
Pizza Game - plasterbrain
Hi! Sorry if you were confused by the non-functioning demo button on the store page. I have also been confused by the non-functioning demo button on the store page!

Pizza Demo 1.0.0 has been available on Itch, but I didn't get a chance verify that it worked on Steam during the convention this weekend since things were pretty hectic and the Hyatt's wi-fi was very, very bad so I didn't want to push the public release just yet.

However, you can now download the improved version 1.1.0 at your leisure! Enjoy! Tell all your friends except Jake about it!

Patch notes
(Notes apply to demo and full version of the game)
  • Game actually uses the intended save folder now, so Cloud Saves should now be working properly. In addition, if you have multiple pizzas on your system they will now share save data.
  • Full version post-credits results screen shows a proper letter grade now.
  • (Bugfix) Black void bug fixed which caused general fuckery after achieving an ending or gameover with a messed up call stack, most notably if you take the tutorial photo of Mr. Arimnaes.
  • (Bugfix) Arim Day 4 - Taking multiple pictures while Inner Me is alone in the classroom will trigger multiple dialogues as intended
  • (Bugfix) Arim Day 5 - Battle boat QTE is playable again.
  • (Bugfix) True Route now uses an icon on Discord RPC.
  • (Bugfix) Various game-crashing and file path-related typos fixed.
  • Added missing Lamp line subtitle and some missing translatable strings.
Pizza Game - plasterbrain

Pizza Game will have a live reading/Q&A panel this year at San Japan XII. If you're near San Antonio on Saturday, August 31st, come visit us!

The panel goes from 2:00-3:30pm in the Alamo Ballroom at the Marriott, and will be followed by autographs at 4pm at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center.

Who will be there?

Hosting the panel will be cutie pie developer Plasterbrain (me btw), artist and voice of Sensei, JelloApocalypse, voice of Siv Ilian, SpectralFusion, and Official Pizza Game Friend, Austin.

How much does it cost?
Current online/at-the-door pricing for a full weekend badge is $80, or $55 if you just want to come see us Saturday. It's a little expensive, but that's the price you have to pay if you want to see Pizza Game.

Why should I go to your dumb panel?
First of all, you will be overwhelmed by our charisma. This is also your opportunity to ask the creators of Pizza Game important questions such as, "why?" We'll be giving out 100 Pizza Game buttons too!

View the full schedule here!

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