Tametsi - Tudwell
This update adds 9 new puzzles, bringing the total number of extra puzzles to 60. They unlock at the end of the game.

There are no more planned content updates, and the game is also feature-complete. Still, please report any bugs or issues you have, and I will address them as quickly as possible.

Also, thanks very much for all of the very positive feedback over the last year, both in the reviews and on the discussion board. It made creating all of these new puzzles and features more than worthwhile.
Tametsi - Tudwell
Version 1.64 (27 July 2018)

After the addition of drawing mode, some users were complaining that the position of the "erase all" button was leading them to accidentally click the "reset" button.

The reset button has been moved to the left, just below the puzzle's title. This should totally prevent anyone from accidentally clicking it, since there is nothing else active nearby.

There are also three new puzzles that unlock after finishing puzzle 65.
Tametsi - Tudwell
Version 1.63 (20 July 2018)

If you wait for a few seconds on the profile select screen, the current tip will change. There are a total of 20 tips (fewer if you disable drawing mode), and they will not repeat until all of them have been displayed.

Version 1.62 (18 July 2018)

When switching between windowed and fullscreen modes involved a change in aspect ratio, the drawing canvas was becoming misaligned with the tiles. This is fixed now.

You will notice a significant loss in image quality on the drawing canvas if you repeatedly press Alt+Enter. This is not really a bug; it's just an unfortunate consequence of resizing an image multiple times.

Version 1.61 (18 July 2018)

This update fixes a minor problem with windowed mode after leaving fullscreen: there was previously a narrow strip of unused space below the canvas and above the bottom window border, and it should be gone now.

Version 1.6 (17 July 2018)

There is only one major change in version 1.6: you can now press Alt+Enter to toggle fullscreen mode.
  • The "toggle fullscreen" feature respects multiple monitors, and should never move Tametsi to a new monitor when Alt+Enter is pressed.
  • There is a lot of logic involved in choosing an appropriate window size upon leaving fullscreen. Assuming the current monitor is at least 1024x768, the window that results should be reasonable.
  • This feature is documented in the tips that appear upon launching the game, and the keybinding is fixed.

There are also three new puzzles that unlock approximately 2/3 of the way through the main game.
Tametsi - Tudwell
Version 1.51

There are two significant changes in 1.51:
  • Clicking the back button, pressing the "back" key, or closing the game while the "undo" banner is up will automatically trigger an undo; previously, they caused the puzzle to be reset in some circumstances.
  • There are tips that show up when you start the game. They reinforce important points from the tutorial, and also give some useful information that should have been made explicit before, but wasn't.

Version 1.5

This update adds two new features:
  • There is a new keyboard shortcut (Control, by default) to highlight neighbors of a tile.
  • The game will suspend drawing when not in focus.

If you have already bound Control to another function, then you will have to go bind something else to "show neighbors"; it will be unbound when you load up the game.

The behavior of the "show neighbors" key deserves a little explanation here. If you are currently hovering over a tile (either active or revealed), it will highlight all of the neighbors of the tile you are hovering over. If you are on the border of a tile, but your cursor is not inside of any tile, then the tile closest to your cursor will have its neighbors highlighted. This is to keep highlights from flickering on and off if you hold down the "show neighbors" key and drag the mouse around.

I hope this will not result in any confusion. Please let me know if you experience any issues with this update.
Tametsi - Tudwell
Three new puzzles are available; they unlock after completing level 82: Wires, and they have a similar theme.

This marks 45 bonus puzzles, out of a planned 60; if you have any feedback about what you'd like to see in the upcoming puzzles, please share your ideas on the discussion board!
Tametsi - Tudwell
Six new puzzles are out today, in two groups; both groups unlock very late in the game.

The rhombille tiling in the RHO puzzles is something that's been lying around since early in development, but it just doesn't work without corner neighbors. It's a little tricky to get used to with corner neighbors, but hopefully some of the other new tilings from the extra puzzles have been good practice.
Tametsi - Tudwell
New puzzles (17 June 2018)

Three new levels unlock after level 90 in this update. There is also an internal change to the extra level format; it's really minor, but it will cause Steam to download them all again.

Oh, and "Not A Knot" is now "Not a Knot", because it was bothering me.
Tametsi - Tudwell
New levels (2 June 2018)

Three new puzzles are available; they unlock after finishing level 80, and feature a new tileset.

As always, your feedback is appreciated -- if you've been waiting for more puzzles like your favorites, and none of the bonus puzzles fit that description, let me know on the discussion board!

Version 1.43 (23 May 2018)

In the launcher, there is a new tab labeled "Manage profiles". All you can do from within this tab is erase one or all of your profiles. You are required to type a message to erase your data, so if your cat manages to delete your data by walking on your keyboard, then you should regard that as a deliberate act.

This update also adds three new hex puzzles that unlock around 3/4 of the way through the main game.
Tametsi - Tudwell
Version 1.42 (5 May 2018)

This update is late, but to compensate there are 6 new puzzles this time. These unlock very late in the game, and they bend the rules a little bit. Corner neighbors are turned on for all of these puzzles, and some tiles have extra neighbors to be wary of -- be careful near the center.

In addition, all of the column hints are bent.
Tametsi - Tudwell
Version 1.411 (10 April 2018)

This update adds three new puzzles, with different variations of a new tiling. They're unlocked by finishing a specific level in the second half of the game.

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