Sep 13, 2018
Broken Ground - JDBV
To all Broken Ground players,

This is a difficult announcement for us to make. As many of you are no doubt aware Broken Ground has struggled to find its feet since we launched the game in April. From the start we found it hard to reach an audience and retain the player base we needed to sustain the game. Sadly, while we have made every effort to keep the game running for as long as possible, we have reached the stage where it is no longer possible to cover our costs.

Broken Ground represents more than 2 years of hard work and we are incredibly proud of what we have achieved. Unfortunately, hard work does not always translate to success.

It is with great sadness we have made the difficult decision to close down the servers. This means as of 1st November 2018 it will no longer be possible to play the game.

We will no longer be accepting payments. You can continue to spend any unused Credits that you may have or may earn in the remaining time the servers are still online.

On a personal note, we want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has played and supported the game. Thanks to all of you who have kept the game alive simply by playing, sharing the game with your friends and making purchases. All your contributions went straight back into the game and helped to keep it running for its short life.

Rob & John
@ Bad Viking
Broken Ground - Bad Viking

- New map: Silo - free for everyone!
- New weapon: Bow-Zerker - unlock by earning 10 kills with the Bow
- New Outfit: Pilot - available in the shop
- New Credits giveaway - 5 free Credits every Monday!
Broken Ground - Bad Viking

- New map with portals - free for everyone!
- Two new weapons added to the standard set - free for everyone!
- Two Credits giveaways over the weekend, play and win a single game on Friday and Sunday to win 20 Credits in total.
May 25, 2018
Broken Ground - Bad Viking

We've added four new maps to the game.

Eruption is an open volcanic map that is available free for all players

Particle Accelerator, Stronghold and Pyramid are all part of Map Pack 1 available in the shop. Two of these maps make use of a new feature - portals!

There's also a fix in this update for AFK players not being kicked properly.
May 17, 2018
Broken Ground - JDBV

NEW in version 1.0.8
  • Added Weapon Pack 5
  • Added Skeleton outfit
  • Added a Viking helmet available to all players – a free gift from Bad Viking :)
  • Added a new throwable chainsaw weapon – unlocked when you reach 20 headshots
  • Added 3 new head choices
  • Added toggle to disable screenshake if you want to
  • Several small bugfixes including a recent problem where friends lists weren't loading properly

Broken Ground - JDBV

v 1.0.6 is out now:

- Added a new map! Area 51 is available free for everyone but you will need to unlock it first. (Here's a hint: you need to use chat to summon an alien near the entrance to Area 51)

- New Alien outfit available in the shop!
- Fire Breath has a slightly shorter reach now.
- Health potions are limited to max one per game.
- Hopefully fixed a Mac payment issue.
- Lots of other bug fixes.
Broken Ground - Bad Viking
Hi everyone,

We've just launched a new update! Here are the main changes:

- Added a daily spin to win one free weapon that will be available every game until you use it. If you do not use it however, your next spin will replace it. The weapons available include all weapon pack weapons and unlockable weapons.
- Added 'Find Game' option in place of Quick Join. It should make getting into games much easier.
- Fixed an issue where players could get baseball batted into a wall.
- Made some small changes to quality settings.
- Nerfed the Rain Bow slightly.
- Buffed the Jericho Strike slightly.
- Several other minor fixes and improvements.
Apr 19, 2018
Broken Ground - JDBV

Hi everyone, it has been a week since launch now and we've come a long way already!

There are various bug fixes and also some new features in this latest update (V.1.0.0):
  • Referrals! We wanted to give you a way to earn some free Credits whilst also helping us spread the word about the game
  • Resizeable chat window
  • Tooltips for the Pro options
  • Made private games more obvious
  • Moved player name/health under the player when they are covered up the UI at the top of the screen
  • A whole bunch of other small improvements here and there
Apr 16, 2018
Broken Ground - JDBV

As you know, we've been working hard to fix a lot of the issues that players have come across in the game. Your feedback and bug reports have been really helpful so thank you. As a thanks for your patience we are giving out some free credits that you can spend in our shop. Simply win a game on Wednesday this week (18th Apr) and you will earn 20 credits.

Bad Viking
Broken Ground - Bad Viking
Hi everyone. Thanks for coming to check out Broken Ground. We have
received a few reports from people who have experienced some bugs in
the game. Please accept our sincere apologies if you have had a
problem - we appreciate it can be frustrating and we care about your
enjoyment and experience.

This is not the way we wanted to launch the game but we’re only human
and bugs do happen. Unfortunately, a lot of these problems didn't show
up without the volume of players who turned up for the launch. This
leaves us in a bit of a bind because we need player volume to try and
understand the problem but we know that people won't play if they
can't have a great gaming experience. You can imagine we're doing all
we can in between head-butting the wall.

We really appreciate your patience and understanding while we work
through these issues; please be assured that we are doing our best to
resolve them as soon as we can. Sorry everyone and thanks for your

Many thanks,
Bad Viking

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