Shark Simulator - Asphelion
Hey there!

From april 1st, Shark Simulator will be free to play. The reason behind this change is the closing of the studio. Rather than removing the game from Steam, we decided to make it free, so new people can still discover and enjoy it!

Thanks to the community, gamers & streamers, and thanks for all the fish!
Shark Simulator - taliajin

Patch Notes v0.6.4.0

  • Fixed costume shop exit button does nothing
  • Modified cops behaviour so they can get back in their car
  • Added a new equipment : Tornado Machine
  • Added a new weapon : Piranha Launcher
  • Added a camera mode to help taking screenshots
Nov 9, 2017
Shark Simulator - taliajin

Patch Notes v0.6.3.0

  • Leaving bowling area exits mission
  • Optimized respawn loading time
  • Improved global framerate stability
  • Added costumes!
  • Added a new weapon : Laser Sword
Nov 2, 2017
Shark Simulator - taliajin

Patch Notes v0.6.2.0

  • Fixed Ed becomes distorded when dealing with a lot of physics forces
  • Fixed map tutorial displays wrong keys
  • Fixed last shop item cannot be bought
  • Added a new Area : Funfair
  • Added a mission : Bowling
  • Added a mission : Human Cannonball
  • Added a new music track
  • Added a move and zoom feature to the map

Shark Simulator - taliajin

Patch Notes v0.6.1.0

  • Fixed Boat Floatation and Collision
  • Added a dynamic music system
  • Added 5 new music tracks
  • Added a mission : Water-Ski Racing
  • Added a new weapon : Laser Cannon
Shark Simulator - Asphelion

Patch Notes v0.6.0.0

  • Added a cooldown to unstuck function
  • Added a two step entry system to shop zones
  • Fixed car and gas station explosions with melee weapons
  • Fixed bitten objects don't collide with world
  • Added Military Forces : Helicopters with snipers
  • Added Mission : Package Delivery
Shark Simulator - Asphelion

Patch Notes v0.5.1.0

  • Made basic cops less resistant
  • Increased Big Sword and Flail damage
  • Modified Harpoon behaviour so it pulls the shark
  • Fixed crazy collision bugs with cars
  • Fixed cops can shoot through walls
  • Modified unstuck feature so the shark doesn’t respawn at the starting location
  • Added Swat forces
  • Added Quests
  • Added Map with points of interest
  • Added new glasses : Monocle
  • Added new weapon : Shotgun

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