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Good day, fighters!

We have yet another news for you today!

Let us introduce I-HR – Impulse Health Regenerator developed by WSC Company and based on NDP-technologies. This is a new tool for engineers, which thankful directed rays of concentrated NDP energy allow to heal your teammates on close distance!

Will To Live Online - WTL Online
Hello, fighters!

Today we have a few news for you!

The first one – is the announcement of a new high-level gun for the “Mercenary” class. MSR-10 – is originally semi-automatic carbine but thanks to modification, now it supports automatic fire mode. It uses .308 Win caliber and based on AR-10. It obtains a magazine with capability for 20 rounds, good accuracy, efficiency and available from 35th levels.

Second news. We are going to unlink weapons to the classes. This is due to the fact that there is already some unlinked weapon in the game, and upcoming changes in the skill trees will be targeted to underline class roles stronger.

As you know, each class obtains its “inborn” bonuses for weapon usage of its own class, which additional increases thanks to skill-tree. And we are working on the reworking of skill-trees for each class now, which additionally increases the efficiency of using class weapons.

In other words, yes, each character class now can use any weapon, but will it also be effective? Also, in the weapon's description will be pointed, is it fit your class or not.

In situations, when you use the weapon of other classes, will be applied a negative effect to the damage, accuracy, the chance of critical hit will be reduced, and the development progress of this weapon skill will be fined two times. More specifically, let’s suppose that you reached full weapon skills for assault riffles when you were a mercenary (100%). After, you decided to change your class to the hunter. In this case, when you become a hunter, assault rifles weapon skills will be fined by 50%. When you change your class back to the mercenary, the fine will be removed and your assault rifle weapon skill will be equal 100% again. In other words, going this way, we exclude universal “terminators” from the game, which will obtain full weapon skills for all weapon types.

It should be noticed, that if you use the weapon of your class, you obtain extra damage, full possibility to develop the class weapon, and skills that work for your weapon. Thus, the efficiency of the usage of your class weapon increases high.

That's all for today! Stay tuned ;-)
Will To Live Online - WTL Online
Good day, fighters!

Today we’ve prepared you an additional portion of information about the upcoming weapon which will appear in the game. This time, we would like to tell you about the new rifle for the “Hunter” class – L96A1.

This sniper rifle uses .338 Lapua Magnum rounds, box magazine with capacity for 5 rounds, and obtains muzzle brake from the box. Moreover, we have prepared a special optical sight for this rifle with 16x zoom – PO-3, but you can use and other sights, depending on your choice.

Will To Live Online - WTL Online
Hello, fighters!

Today we would like to tell you about an upcoming weapon for Engineers!

WSC PDW – is a modified version of KAC PDW, which uses 5.56x45 rounds instead of 6x35, unlike the original version. This automatic weapon very close by its dimensions to submachine guns, but at the same time, it has a very good stopping effect as automatic rifles. In addition, thanks to modifications by WSC, now in storehouses there is no need to store another type of ammunition.

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Will To Live Online - WTL Online

Hello, fighters!

New Year events are completed, and New Year Trees and bundles have been removed from the game. Everything, that you’ve managed to get for these days, stays with you.

Also, we've made the next changes:
  • New Year Trees, smuggler, and gift cards have been removed from the game;
  • .357 Magnum, .38 Special, .500 Magnum and .44 Magnum have got increased PvE damage;
  • FOV Adjustment from 90 to 120 degrees has been added to the Game Settings;
  • Now, each equipment, such as MTE and MRP, cannot be destroyed by players in PvE mode (excluding situations, when faction player in PvE mode destroys equipment of other faction)
Will To Live Online - WTL Online
Hello, fighters!

As you may know, in parallel with the release of patches for the branch 0.53, we work on more major update – version 0.54. In version 0.54, we are going to introduce a huge number of new features, including new weapons. Today we will show you one of them.

Vepr 12 is a new weapon for the “Miner” class, which will be available from the 35th level. Vepr 12 will obtain drum magazine with capacity for 20 cartridges, and support of automatic fire mode allows to provide dense firepower in battles at close range.

That's all for today, stay tuned!

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Will To Live Online - WTL Online
Good day, everyone! Update 0.53.15 is ready to download! Well, while the servers are on maintenance, read the list of changes!

DLC package update

Owners of “Supporter’s Pack” have got updated content. Now you have access to a greater number of variations of heads and faces to customize your character.
A few men’s heads from the DLC package have been replaced with the new one, three women’s heads and one new men’s head have been added.

General changes

• In this version, a new weather phenomenon has appeared in the «Canyon» location - a sandstorm. At the same time, there will no longer rain in the «Canyon».

• Improved display of “hunger” and “thirst”. Now, if “hunger” and “thirst” are at least 75%, then the character’s health is gradually restored (not more than 2% per minute);
• For owners of “Premium” status, a new animation “Laugh” is available;
• MTV, established by the players of the faction, now revives the players of only this fraction.
• Artifacts that are taken from various storages, boxes, corpses and so on, now automatically fall into the container, if there is a suitable container in the inventory;
• A specific problem for the Bunker location with incorrect operation of the No-PK mode on No-PK servers has been fixed;
• Quests for the entering “Exclusion Zone” now require level 15. All characters below level 15 were transferred from the Exclusion Zone and the “Maze”, and Tikhon’s quests were reset.
• Added new environment sounds in various places.

Please update your client of the game ;-)
Will To Live Online - WTL Online
Hello, fighters!

A small patch was rolled out today, in which:

- Some corrections in the behavior of monsters;
- New Year Hats now possible to repair;
- Problems with texture loading in the in-game shop have been fixed;
- Added third-person animation of death;
- Added six speсial animations for Premium subscribers;
- Some hotkeys were removed from the game. Please, pay attention on keyboard settings.

Dec 24, 2019
Will To Live Online - WTL Online
Hello, fighters!

We’ve launched a New Year update today! And, while the servers are on updating, welcome to read this patch note!

New Year Events

A new NPC has appeared in key locations - Smuggler! He got somehow some Christmas stuff and he is not interested in money. He is interested in gift cards, that can be exchanged to the next items:

Mandarins: very effectively quench thirst and even hunger;
Lollipops: An excellent New Year's stimulator and even medicine for all occasions in life.
Champagne: not a bad festive drink, which is more effective than cider and slightly intoxicating;
New Year hat: Despite the festive appearance, it protects your head quite well.

All items that you receive from Smuggler will stay with you even after the holiday event (excluding gift cards). You can do quests, kill monsters, explore some boxes to get gift cards. Cards will drop until 10/01/2020 00:00 UTC.

New Year Bundles

Exclusive New year bundles added to the in-game shop, which available only until the holiday event ends.

In total, four kits are presented:
  • A small New Year Kit;
  • Medium New Year Kit;
  • Silver New Year Kit;
  • Gold New Year Kit.

Depends on the kit, you can get not only festive items but some exclusive stuff like Christmass bandana with Santa’s bread and S&W 500 with unique skins.

After the end of the New Year holidays, these kits will disappear from sale.
Other changes
  • Drop from NPC now can be looted only by players, who hit NPC;
  • The maximum number of mines that one character can plant in a location is limited by 30.
  • 12Ga M1 Shot and Slug got increased PvE damage;
  • PvE damage and armor-piercing now displays in the weapon specifications;
  • PvE damage and armor-piercing now displays in the ammo specifications;
  • Fixed a rare bug with “Grandpa shotgun”, because of which it was impossible to get Grandfather’s TOZ.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Yours, WTL Team!

Dec 19, 2019
Will To Live Online - WTL Online
Hello, fighters!

Today we've launched a small update in which we made some important changes in basics of faction PvP in the game.

The mines

In this version, we revised mines and how they interact with faction players. Now mines no react on players from your faction: they don’t explode on players from your faction, and your allies can’t damage them or demine them. Also, the possibility of self-explosion has been disabled.

At the same time, mines that installed non-faction players will react on all players, can be demined and destroyed by other players.

We think, that enginers will appreciate these changes since they don’t need to care about their reputation because of mines now, and mines will be used more often.


Similarly to mines, the equipment has been reworked too for faction players. Now such devices like MHP-1, MRP-1 and forcefield jammer cannot be destroyed or stolen by players of your faction. It can be picked up only by the player, who plant it (the last one was implemented in one of the previous updates).

Thus, during the outpost capturing you don’t need to afraid that someone from your faction steals or destroys your equipment ruining the capturing.

Other changes
  • Fixed a problem with disabling “protection widget” when a player leaves the safe zone using “Radio” anomaly;
  • Fixed a problem when “Radio” anomalies disable safe zone effects (for example, during the teleportation from the storehouse to Gosha) ;
  • Added a “Shop” button to the in-game menu (ESC);
  • Added Steam Overlay verification, which is required for the correct work of the in-game shop.
  • In-game shop now supports 4:3 and 5:4 displays;
  • Amount of items in account inventory now shown on its icon;
  • Minimum lot price on the commission has been reduced from 1000 tokens to 80, the commission now is 5%, and payment per day for the lot now 5 tokens instead of 10;
  • Preparatory work has been carried out for the New Year events, which will be activated next week.

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