Dec 31, 2018
Once again, we welcome all our players. On the eve of the new year, we have prepared a new thematic update in game. As befits the holidays, this update include a small present for each of our players. The details of the update are available below:

1. Added two new game modes - "Freeze Tag" and pistol mode respectively.

2. Added two new themed costumes for the character, one of them is available for free to any player as a gift, you can pick it up in the game store.

3. Added "New Year" and "Winter" cases. One New Year's case and key we give to all players as a gift too. You can pick up your present in the tasks section of the game.

4. We have carried out a significant reworking of the anticheat system and will try not to rest on our laurels. By the current moment, the anticheat has blocked more than 1500 accounts of violators.

5. We have tried to fix technical problems in the game related to the freezes and incorrect work of the posteffects.

Work on the project continues. Thanks to our users for their feedback and support. Good luck to all and Happy New Year!
Hello there. Since the release of our project in Steam Early Access we managed to make dozens of large and small edits in the game. And we would like to collect all the information in one news and tell to our players about it. Details in below:

1. Added 3 new regions for game servers, also we are considering options with remaining regions of the world.

2. Added support for external translation files and already integrated 2 user translation of the game from our players.

3. Fixed bug with accounting of kills from a spade, to complete the specialized tasks.

4. Fixed translation of user servers control menu.

5. In the craft section added display identifier (uid) of items that you would like to exchange.

6. Fixed bug with players respawn destruction and player's hanging in the air during next respawn.

7. Implemented voted system to kick unscrupulous users from the game server. The current implementation is not final, work in progress. We are open to suggestions.

8. In honor of Halloween, added the task for a thematic case. One key and a case everyone can get for free, hurry to pick up your gift in the tasks section of the game.

9. Added two new Halloween themed skins, one of which is also available for free to everyone, you can pick it up in the game store.

Thank you all for your feedback and support. Good Luck! ːsteamhappyː

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