Nov 17, 2017
Castaway VR - castawayvr

Hi everybody,

We have great news for you! You can play Castaway VR on your Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality now!

Patch Changes (v1.04)

New: Creative Game Mode added.
Create impossible structures with unlimited construction materials.

* Oculus Rift support
* WMR Support
* The angle of the hands changed
* Tools/Weapons are no longer breakable
* More resources from trees&veins
* You can find resources on barbarian camps
* Bears&Wolves are more dangerous now
* New destroying system for buildings
* Swinging Arms move is faster now
* Tutorial informations changed
* Minor bugs fixed
* Minor textures changes

We thank you all for helping us in developing a better game.
Thank you folks!
Castaway VR - castawayvr
Hi everybody ! ːsteamhappyː

Firstly, We are going to release oculus support soon(in 10-12days)!!!

We released Castaway VR a few days ago and we appreciate your feedbacks especially on fixing minor bugs and mechanics. Thank you all!

You do not imagine what you will encounter in the game if you haven’t played the game yet. Find first impressions from here.

Nov 7, 2017
Castaway VR - castawayvr
Thanks to all the testers who helped us to develop our game before the launch.

Castaway VR launches TOMORROW!

Note: We are working on Online Mutliplayer System and OculusRift Support now.


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