Marshmallow Melee - Marshmallow Wizard
Winter Sale is ON!

We've just updated the game to add in Leaderboards and Mercs: Look for a follow-up post soon with all the Patch notes. Until then, here's a quick overview.

Speed Running Leaderboards:

You get a rad 80s fitness watch to track your time... just like in real life?!?
See how fast you can defeat Steve.


You can now buy Mercs from shops (They'll only show up if you have an open warrior slot on your deck) Super thanks to the forums here and our Discord for this suggestion. It should help you bounce back after you lose a warrior.
Marshmallow Melee - Marshmallow Wizard

Black Friday starts early this year!
Marshmallow Melee is 50% off until November 28th!

Grab it now!
Marshmallow Melee - Marshmallow Wizard
Change log: 0.5.2

  • Graveyard Zone: GloomLove Grove
  • Weapon: Reaper Scythe
  • Enemy Jumping Spider
  • Enemy Skeleton Summoner
  • Enemy Mummy

  • Forest Zone: Small Mushroom Damage Reduced
  • Tweaked “sticky-ness” of unit commands while in battle
  • Fast Orc attack rate slower
  • Big Mushroom: Attack Power Lower
  • Adjusted crowding pushback influence
  • Steve Summon Waves balanced

  • Enemy Health Bar Overshield display fixed
  • Pause Menu Button Delay fixed
Marshmallow Melee - Marshmallow Wizard

The First new zone, Gloomlove Grove is now in the beta branch!

Try it now and let us know what you think: Over the next week we'll be balancing the enemies and smoothing out the experience.

Marshmallow Melee - Marshmallow Wizard
Change log: 0.5.1

Hey Everyone!
Oculus Rift with Touch Controllers are now OFFICIALLY supported!
You can flick the Touch's analog stick to launch your super attacks.

We also finished up the Jack-O-Lantern Helmet (it shoots exploding pumpkins!)
This is the first update for October, there will be more content coming soon! (Things may get spoooooooky)

We've been watching the forums and did a lot of balance tweaks and bug fixes over this last week. See below for the complete change log.

  • Oculus Rift Touch Controller Support
  • Flick Joystick to trigger Super Attack
  • JackOLantern Helmet


  • Menu now includes 2 step confirmation
  • Increased Shop Floor Chance
  • Made CannonHead Helmet Waaaaaaay Cooler.
  • Nerfed Bubble wand (sorry, bubble fans)
  • Damage buff on all bows
  • Cake / Pizza now gives you twice as much health (20)
  • Removed Spin Helmet from “Free Helmet Shop” and replaced with “CannonHead Helmet”
  • Increased price of Spin Helmet
  • Reduced CannonHead Helmet Price

  • Fixed Level hole in Dungeon Zone
  • CannonHead Target Bug Fixed (now targets random units on the battlefield)
Marshmallow Melee - mitch
Thank you everyone!

We've gotten great feedback and have found a lot of ways we can improve the balance of Marshmallow Melee and remove a few annoyances in the game.

Our team has been listening to all the great discussions on this Steam Group and our Discord and we're preparing a balance / bug fix patch later this week.

Thanks again and stay tuned for teasers on our next content update soon!
Things may get a little spooooooooooky.

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