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Added a new Game Mode - Score Mode!
• Community levels can now have two different game modes, timed and scored!
• Timed community levels works just like normal, just play through the level as fast as possible to get the best time!
• Scored community levels feature a score to determine how well you have performed, the person with the most score becomes the leader of the high score! We’re anxious to see what our community will manage to break with this new cool component.

Editor Updates
• New Object: Text Object, write texts in the game! Don’t write anything offensive • though, because that’s rude.
• New Component: Score Component, use this to set the score for the score game mode! If you think it’s confusing don’t worry we do to.

Added Two new vehicles: Badkar and Plane!
• Badkar is a vehicle with no wheels but instead hovers over the ground! Use the boost to jump and get past dangerous traps!
• Plane is a... Plane, you can fly with it! But beware if the propeller breaks you just end up with a below average vehicle.

Updated old vehicles to work a bit better.
• All vehicles have in general updated wheel settings and mesh settings to function better and to be more stable.
• Pogostick now have a updated controls, except for leaning with it you can now also use the boost to retract the pogostick in order to give you a less than satisfying jump!
• A.S.S.R now boosts on throttle and generally works a bit better, it's still pretty bad though.

Level Changes
• Removed a mine from the level: Kristaller which caused issues on certain platforms.
• Added more shipped community levels for those who don’t have access to online.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed a bug where achievement progress would not save on Steam. If you have already played through the game, you might have to replay certain parts in order to get all the achievements. Or just play the level “For The Achievements (:” in the community levels like the rest of our playerbase.
Jul 3, 2018
Animal Super Squad - DoubleMoose Games

Patch 1.02 comes with a heap of awesome new stuff. Breakdown below!

  • Added global leaderboards.
  • Leaderboards now automatically pop-up in victory screen.
  • Improved discoverability in the community level browser.
  • Added “Hot”, “Top”, and “New” sorting options.
  • Added paging to featured levels - players can now browse the previous featured levels backlog.
  • Added GDPR compliance.
  • Project has been restructured to allow for smaller patch sizes in the future.
  • Added Chinese Localisation (PC, Mobile)
  • Max allowed density has been raised by 50%
  • Max level size has been raised by 25%
  • Added two new editor components: Value Condition component & Bounce component
  • Added the option for map creators to lock what vehicles can be used on their level.
  • Upload level errors now more accurately describes the reason for the failed upload.
  • The editor now displays the total amount of objects in a level.
New Editor Props
  • Generic vehicle box: Switch to any vehicle.
  • lluminati triangle
  • Hamburger
  • Frog Soup
  • Frog Popsicle
  • Frog Sushi
  • Diving Goggles
  • Clock
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Chicken Club
  • Chicken bucket
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where custom level music would not start playing.
  • Fixed inaccurate collision on “Concrete cluster 3, 4” and “Cucumber”.
  • Fixed minor issue in Moon Key base where a lighting-box would not enable properly.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when placing objects in a high density area. (Editor)
  • Fixed bug where menu navigation would stop working when removing components in the editor. (Editor)
Including changes for 1.0.1 here as well for good measure :)

  • General optimizations. So much faster so many more frames per second.
  • New upload level menu that simplifies saving and uploading levels with a controller.
  • Community level browser now remembers your filter settings during the same session (still resets if game is exited).
  • Fixed an issue where some objects had incorrect scaling values on PC and PS4.
  • Added death meshes for slippy.
  • Overworld now displays progress for each individual level.
  • Added visually distinguishing features for levels from different platforms -
    New icon in the level list in Community browser.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug in level Backlash where the camera could lock-up.
  • Fixed a text-string in the options that could be confusing for users. It mentioned graphical settings even though only audio was changed.
  • Fixed a rare load-asset bug that could cause some assets to not be loaded in properly.
  • Fixed a bug where hide/unhide stopped working in the editor. (Editor)

Have fun <3.
Animal Super Squad - DoubleMoose Games
We have had a lot of requests to localize Animal Super Squad to Chinese the last few days. We just wanted to tell you that we are super glad you like our game and that localization is on its way!

All of you other english-speaking chickens are welcome to join our Discord. It's a great place to talk about tips & tricks when creating levels, and to get feedback on the levels you've made. Also we have some pretty great chicken memes.
May 15, 2018
Animal Super Squad - DoubleMoose Games
Hi there cluck-fam!

The game is officially released! All the content is unlocked - enjoy <3.

Get in there and share levels with everyone on all the platforms ever.

Lots of love,

Animal Super Squad - Valve
Animal Super Squad is Now Available on Steam!

Animal Super Squad is a physics-based adventure game that lets you play as your favorite animal. Speed through a world full of dangers and bananas. Create your own levels, share them with the community, or forget all that nonsense and just play other people’s stuff.
Animal Super Squad - DoubleMoose Games
Hi everyone!

We have been working away on Animal Super Squad and we're getting close to releasing the full game. This will mean a big optimization update and extra content of all kinds, including the long sought-after World 3.

In the mean time, we have also been recording footage of small tips, tricks, and other fun stuff you can do in the level editor. We'll be uploading them regularly on our youtube channel. Here's a taste:
Animal Super Squad - DoubleMoose Games
Hello Pilots!

This is our biggest update yet. We have focused a lot on the User Interface, which we knew we wanted to change since many months ago. When you start Animal Super Squad now, there will be a totally new user interface where community-created levels will be much more visible than they used to be. It still might have some bugs though, so please try it out and let us know how it works for you. We also made Bonus levels much easier to find, added a bunch of hats, and also added some new vehicles that were previously cut from the game due to time constraints. Let us know what you think of the new vehicles, as we will be removing them for launch while we rework them!

Here is a rundown of all the new stuff:

  • UI - > completely overhauled main menu User Interface
  • New community features -> You can now edit and remove your own levels. You can also locally download other people’s levels.
  • Pilot jump -> we have played around a bit with the pilot jump and made some small changes to make it feel a bit better. Please feedback and let us know what you think!
  • Featured levels -> we are making some changes to our back-end code, so that’s why we haven’t featured any new levels. We’re working on it and you’re going to see new featured levels soon.
  • Bonus levels -> We really liked the bonus levels, but we noticed a lot of people never found them. So now bonus levels are much easier to find (but still really hard to beat!).
  • Hats -> Many new hats added, and a lot of them are in the hiding places that bonus levels used to be. Go find them!
  • Level Editor tutorial -> We have added a tutorial level to the level editor. The first time you start the level editor you will be asked if you want to start the tutorial. The tutorial level can also be found in your local levels list.
  • Editor limits -> We have had a lot of issues with performance in the editor, and we really want to make the editor as accessible as possible for everyone. We are testing out a performance limit in the editor, where only a certain amount of components and physics objects are allowed. This is probably going to feel very limiting in the beginning, but we would love to see what kind of levels people make with this limitation in place, and we would like to hear your feedback after you’ve tried it out for a while and gotten a bit used to it.

    P.S. Pink color - Objects too closely clustered together. Red color - too many physics objects simulating.

  • NEW VEHICLES -> these are vehicles that we worked on during development a while ago, but never finished. We unlocked them for everyone (but only for the community-made levels). Please try them out, let us know what you think, because we will probably remove them later for launch while we rework them. But remember, these are half-done, really strange vehicles

Love to hear your thoughts!


Doublemoose <3
Animal Super Squad - DoubleMoose Games
New Stuff
Winter Theme: Santa Claus came early and gave us a new background theme and a bunch of cheerful winter props to play around with. Oh boy!

New Props
  • 6 Ice Platforms
  • Ice Platform Bump
  • Ice Platform Cube
  • Ice Platform Cylinder
  • 4 Presents
  • Anvil - just a regular anvil, not a christmas anvil
  • 3 Poles
  • 3 Icicles
  • 2 Winter Beech Trees
  • 2 Winter Pine Trees
  • 2 Winter Beech Foliage
  • 2 Winter Pine Foliages
  • 1 Winter Spruce Tree
  • Festive Candle Stick
  • Festive Holiday Tree
  • 7 Holiday lights
  • Julbock - This one is an old Swedish tradition. Google it!
  • Snowman
  • 4 Snowpiles
  • Snowing FX

  • Piston
  • Sliding Door
  • Spear
  • Switchblade
  • 2 Metal Cogs
  • Fixed a bug where gravity boxes gravity override was additive. They now replace any previous gravity override.
  • Fixed an issue where camera box settings would not properly update when updating settings with a trigger box.
  • Fixed an issue where unbound camera boxes would not work when spawning with a spawn animation.
  • Fixed an issue where water, lava and toxic water did not properly update the flow speed in the editor.
  • The Pinball Bumper now properly bounces on various objects when physics is enabled on the object.
  • Pinball Bumpers and Bounce Pillows now properly scale their bounce when their scale is updated with for example a transform component.
  • Aligned everything in the options menu.
  • Added restore defaults to all sub-menus in options menu.
  • Adjusted default values of audio sliders to something more sensible.
  • Adjusted the wheel throttle a bit so the physics don’t TOTALLY EXPLODE. They’re still janky so expect more changes in the future.
  • Increased spawn animation speed in editor by 4x
  • Properties are now sorted, first by type then by name
  • Rotation range is now 0* - 360* instead of -180* to 180*
  • All decimal numbers in the editor now properly display a decimal sign

It’s that time of year again. We’re going on christmas vacation here over at DoubleMoose but rest assured we’ll be back in a few weeks with more awesome stuff. Expect big announcements!

We love playing your levels (even though we break them sometimes) so keep 'em coming!

We at DoubleMoose wish you all happy holidays <3.
Dec 6, 2017
Animal Super Squad - DoubleMoose Games
Usually we patch the game every wednesday. Lately however, we have been focusing on a bigger feature push with a UI rework, more content, and much improved community features that’s coming in January. This means that you’ll see fewer updates in December month (especially over the holidays), but there will be something really cool for you come January.

New featured levels as usual though. We got lots of good laughs from this weeks picks.

As always, we love to hear your feedback, so please let us know your ideas and thoughts on our forums. Our devs read every post! (even the pottymouth ones).

If you want to be first to know about anything that has to do with DoubleMoose or Animal Super Squad, be sure to sign up for our newsletter. We promise we won’t spam you!
Animal Super Squad - DoubleMoose Games
New stuff
  • Follow Component - sounds simple but damn you can make some awesome stuff with it. Mans made an engine with working pistons. I wanted to make a gif of it but he deleted it :(
  • Rocket Prop - Everything is better with rockets. This somehow slipped in the previous patch so some of you already noticed this one.
  • Cut and Paste. You can now cut and paste in the editor. Thx Mans.
Go make stuff!
  • Buffed the bots. Monkey bots now spawn an explosive force when hitting something.
  • Added a new state to levels in the Overworld. They can now be locked, unlocked and completed. Earlier only locked and unlocked.
  • Pilot now inherits vehicle force when ejecting.
  • Lots of level bugs got squashed.
  • Characters animation states react more accurately to movement speed.
  • Removed a bugged copy link button from the save as / upload screen
  • Fixed a minor bug where changing the Start/End Delay in an Advanced
  • Movement Component wouldn't reset the current delay values.
  • Fixed a bug where Trigger Once on triggers would not properly apply when taking checkpoints.
  • Better title handling in spotlight menu.
  • Menu now shows proper version.
It is now possible to scale certain objects on the Z axis (depth).
The following objects can now trigger Trigger Components:
  • Teleporter
  • Speed Boost
  • Camera Box
  • Checkpoint
  • Kill Box
  • Lighting Box
  • Bounce Mine/Floating Bounce Mine
  • Death Mine/Floating Death Mine
  • All Fruit Objects (Triggers when the fruit explodes)
Trigger Boxes no longer auto-trigger its Trigger Components when activated by another trigger. Trigger components now have the property Activate Trigger that needs to be called when activating a trigger component extenaly.

As always: new featured levels! The double jump mod is super cool. We’ve kept a few of the levels from last week because everybody’s got to experience the glorious frustration Uint and Sdgart delivers.



And Sdgart we’ve seen your level ;) thx for the bugs.

We’re changing patchdays from fridays to wednesdays from now on. So next patch will come the week after next.


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