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It s been a pretty stinking great year for indie games. We ve seen the release of several long-hyped darlings (finally) as well as a few surprise hits that went on to dominate newsfeeds. You easily could have missed them, though, what with all the big budget map fest games making huge waves this year. I know there are about a million games demanding your attention right now, but if you have some time over the holidays, each of these titles experiments with or otherwise builds on their genres in a way that stands out amidst all the noise.


Donut County - Valve
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Usually when I finish a game, I like to sit and let its credits run their length. It s a ritual that allows me some time to reflect on the game itself and the hard work of all the people who made it, and generally it s a very nice experience. Except for the time when I spent a full hour watching names scroll by at the end of Far Cry 5 because, wow, a lot of people work at and adjacent to Ubisoft, huh. But there are more interesting ways to showcase developers than a list on the screen, as some recent games demonstrate.


Donut County

Donut County has a colourful cast of characters - and it doesn't let you play as any of them.

Ostensibly you're BK, a trash-loving raccoon who's found himself in a little hot water with his neighbours. But beyond a handful of vignettes in which you hit a button to send text messages and vigorously defend yourself from the angry retorts of the townsfolk, you'll spend most of the playing as a hole.

I suspect that may be the first - and last - time I'll ever write that sentence.

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Donut County is a physics puzzle game in which you are a hole and you make things fall into you. It s a sort of reverse Katamari Damacy, in which you grow larger as you make things disappear rather than gather them up, and it was inspired by a 2012 Peter Molydeux joke.

The idea was originally that you d just play as a hole and I thought there s probably some interesting problems there, creator Ben Esposito tells me. I also thought it d be pretty easy. But I was kind of wrong. As he found out, making a game about being a hole gives rise to all kinds of trouble, including game physics hijinks, human nature, and the surprisingly complex philosophy of what holes are>. (more…)

Donut County - jeffl
The day has come to embark on your journey as a hole in the ground. Donut County is now available for PC and Mac, along with a 10% launch discount that runs through next week. You can also pick up the Official Soundtrack as part of a bundle, or separately if that's your thing.

Enjoy, and thanks for supporting Ben and Donut County!

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After more than five years in development, gorgeous-looking hole-based puzzler Donut County is out today. It’s definitely not everything I had hoped for. Here’s wot I think:


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Sometimes, you just want to throw everything into a hole. Sometimes, someone makes a game where you can do that. As a raccoon.

Ben Esposito (of Arcane Kids fame) has spent the past five years tuning up Donut County, transforming it from a puzzler about reflecting Native American Hopi culture to a puzzler about reflecting a raccoon’s desire to mess with stuff. Both the game and John’s review will come out later today, but here’s a trailer to tide you over. (more…)

Donut County

Annapurna Interactive, the publisher behind the stellar likes of What Remains of Edith Finch, Florence, and Gorogoa, has announced that gloriously off-beat physics puzzler Donut County will be coming to PS4, PC, and iOS on August 28th.

Developed by Ben Esposito, Donut Country is openly inspired by Keita Takahashi's classic video game oddity Katamari Damacy, evident in its vibrant low-poly art style and quirky ambience. Instead of attempting to engulf the world by rolling it into a ball however, Donut County casts you as a hole and tasks you with swallowing up everything you can.

Starting out as a tiny opening, barely big enough to consume a pebble, objects you swallow increase your size until you're able to engulf the likes of towering skyscrapers, and more.

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Donut County - jeffl
We're happy to announce that Donut County will be available on Steam for PC and Mac in just a few weeks - August 28th, to be exact! The game will be available for $12.99. We'll share more news and updates as they come in!


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