Been waiting for a great deal on FROG X BIRD before diving in? Now's your chance!

FROG X BIRD is a hopping 50% OFF through the Steam Winter Sale! Given that you'll get every expansion for free once you own the game, there's never been a better time to grab it!

Looking for a great gift for your friends, your kids, or just someone you know that loves a good local multiplayer game that they can sit around with their pals and play for hours on end? FROG X BIRD makes a killer gift for all ages!

Happy flapping!

Version 1.02 is LIVE!

  • Uncle Bucks is now a playable character! The owner of 'Uncle Bucks Amphibifans' figures if everyone's gonna be flying around and battling in his warehouse all of the time, he might as well join in on the fun!

  • The player UI BG bar has been made more uniform and was given a subtle texture.

  • Fixed a bug where the 'To Win' UI used in Leaf Away, Fruit Blast, and Ribbasketball was improperly aligned on certain arenas.

  • Fixed a minor bug where the 'Stock Amount' UI would not disappear during Countdown if the player is using the keyboard.

  • All players can now select player amount on the Mode/Player select screen. (Previously only player one had this control.)

  • A few minor art tweaks were made to Bogshire.

  • Impact effects have been added to all characters.
May your holidays soar high as a Rufflebeak! See you in 2018.

Do you use Steamlink to play FROG X BIRD on your TV? It requires a teeny bit of setup to get your XBOX gamepad working. Follow this handy guide to find out how!

First, set your default controller configuration to "Gamepad":

Select 'Controller Options'.

Use the following settings:

Use Steam Configuration for Non-Steam Controllers: Forced On
(Experimental) Rumble Emulation: On
Rumble Emulation Frequency Setting: On

Do these things, and you'll be good to go! Happy flappin'!

Hello to all of our pals out there! Hope your week is going great!

As we mentioned in last week's FROG X BIRD primer, we've dropped a small update for the game this morning that improves menu navigation for keyboard users.
  • The ENTER/RETURN Key now advances through Main and Mode select menus properly. (Previously only the 'OK' button for each player functioned in this way.)
  • Left and right arrow keys now work for selecting amount of players in Player Count Select on the Mode Select screen. (Previously only player one's left and right worked).
  • Changed ENTER/RETURN Key for accepting player count on Mode Select to SPACE BAR.
XBOX 360 controllers are still the premier way to play FROG X BIRD, and are strongly recommended!

That's all for today! Thanks for reading, and HAPPY FLAPPIN'!


HOP HOP HOORAY, IT'S FROG X BIRD LAUNCH DAY - and we're off to a smooth start! We've been getting messages from allll over the wide world of the internet since early this morning, and want to thank you all for your support. We're a small team with no major capital to speak of; sheer love and passion for making fun video games for people to play is what fuels us. So when you buy one of our games, know you're supporting a small boots-to-the-ground dev team that is always in your corner.

This announcement will have a bunch of neat and good stuff to know: answers to a few frequently asked questions, information on controls, and the basic gameplay behind FROG X BIRD for those that might be eyeing the game but haven't bought it yet. Let's dive right in!

Let's get controls outta the way first.

You can play FROG X BIRD with an XBOX 360 controller, your keyboard, or most Windows-supported gamepads. We strongly recommend playing with an XBOX 360 Controller: Not only is FROG X BIRD optimized for 360 controllers, the game also automatically detects them, which makes it super easy to just plug one in and get to flappin'!

If you're using a non-360 gamepad, head over to the OPTIONS menu using your keyboard. Here you'll find the JOYSTICK option. Turning this on will enable any non-360 gamepads connected to your PC. If any players are using a 360 controller, this option will automatically be set to ON, and any player that doesn't have a controller or non 360-gamepad plugged in will default to keyboard.

Speaking of Keyboard...

We want to provide an update on a minor keyboard issue a few keen players have already contacted us about. Version 1.01 will release in a few days, and provides a small but important usability tweak for keyboard-only users - the ability to use ENTER to make your selections on the menus, instead of player's individual 'OK' buttons. Until then, if you're a keyboard user, please use the key for 'OK' listed above for any player to navigate menus.

FROG X BIRD is a super accessible game that anyone can play - just pick up a controller or sit down at your keyboard and you and your friends will be having fun in no time! If you already own the game, everything you need to know is located in the 'HOW TO PLAY' screen, reachable via the main menu. The 'HOW TO PLAY' screen will walk you through the basics and give you access to the controls listed above in case you need a refresher.

For those that don't have the game (what are you waiting for?!), the rules are simple:
  • Use left and right to move.
  • Tap the action button to flap, but don't tucker out your bird by flapping too much! They need to land every so often or they'll get too tired to keep you aloft, and you'll plummet like a stone.
  • Knock other players off their birds by hitting their weak spots - these are the riders themselves, and a small part of the center of the bird's chest. Keep your own weak spots protected and don't let anyone KO you!
Each mode has different rules - LEAF AWAY, for example, has the players battling over a leaf, which they get points for holding on to and can only be dropped when they're KO'd. RIBBASKETBALL - a popular mode at many of the conventions we showed the game at - removes KOs altogether and has you shooting hoops to score points! There are four modes in total, with more to come in the game's various expansion packs.

That's all you need to know! Lots of game modes and various arenas with different pros and cons await you, and the possibilities for bird-on-frog-on-bird combat are many!

If you've just got the game and you and your friends want to get a feel for the 'core' FROG X BIRD experience, here are some ideal settings that will get you right into the action:
  1. Go to 'MODE SELECT'
  2. Select the 'BATTLE' game mode.
  3. Set the desired amount of players with left/right. Hit either START on your controller or ENTER/SPACE BAR on your keyboard to accept.
  4. Choose 'BOGSHIRE' as your arena.
  5. Pick your favorite rider!
  6. STOCK is automatically set to 10 when you first choose BATTLE MODE. For your first match, this is probably fine. But if you want to modify this, use L/R on your controller, or A/D on your keyboard!
  7. Once everyone's picked their favorite riders, a countdown begins! You can cancel up to the last second, but after that ... IT'S TIME TO BATTLE!!!
That's all for now! Now get out there and start FROGGIN' & FLAPPIN' IT UP! Good luck, and if you need anything (or just wanna say 'what's up'), let us know! We're here to help.

Hello friends! We hope you’re all super excited to cram onto the couch with your buds and play FROG X BIRD when it launches on Steam tomorrow. We're coming out just in time for Thanksgiving, which means after you're done with the family dinner, you've got an awesome game to play that the entire family can get in on and enjoy!

We have a couple of announcements to make today about the future of the game:

The ‘vanilla’ FROG X BIRD experience, releasing tomorrow with 6 playable characters, 4 exciting game modes, and 4 wild arenas, will be priced at $12.99! That’s a lotta fun for not-a-lotta money!

And not only that: we’re happy to announce that anyone planning on buying FROG X BIRD when it releases tomorrow will enjoy a 10% launch discount! This discount will be available to all Steam users through the end of the upcoming Steam Autumn Sale.

FROG X BIRD will see 3 major content expansions over the next year, with each one adding new characters, exciting multiplayer arenas, and dynamic game modes! Ultimately, the game will cap out at 14 playable characters, 8 arenas, and 8 game modes, for endless FROG X BIRD fun.

There will also be several minor content expansions sprinkled in between these, which won’t be as robust but will add more to the experience in smaller doses.

You might be wondering what our plan is as far as DLC pricing goes – but we’re here to tell you to put your wallet away, because once you own FROG X BIRD, you get every single expansion and game update for free! There ain’t no nickel & diming going on here - here at ATTACK MOUNTAIN, we want you to ‘have fun without spendin’ a ton’!

You’ll still want to get in early, though; the price of the game will increase by a few bucks with every major expansion released, capping out at a still-reasonable price on the final expansion. This means early adopters will spend less to get flappin’ – so grab FROG X BIRD early and bask in the savings!

That's all for today's update - we'll see you in the world of FROG X BIRD tomorrow!

FROG X BIRD IS ALMOST HERE! Get ready to flap it up on November 21st, just in time for the long Thanksgiving weekend!

Having family over? FROG X BIRD is the ultimate party game and the best thing you can play with your family while you're digesting all of that turkey.

(Just don't tell the Rufflebeaks about that 'turkey' part.)

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