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Hi everyone,

We are thrilled to share some news about our favourite ride simulation game. After more than a year in development RideOp will leave its Early Access phase after the next update release on 18th of October. It's been an incredible journey for the team and myself and we are very proud of our final product. We hope everyone of you is enjoying RideOp as much as we enjoyed creating it.

The release update will feature:
  • A new expansion pack with 2 new rides (free for Deluxe Edition members).
  • Improved forest environment.
  • More peep models in your rides.
  • Steam achievements.
Here is the final trailer of the game, enjoy!

RideOp - Thrill Ride Simulator - GuraShop

We are happy to bring you "New Heights" the first DLC for RideOp. This expansion contains two of the most beloved and famous rides:

-Air Race lets you put your passengers through the forces and inversions of a stunt plane. Careful with the intensity!
-Insanity is a one of a kind ride that hangs on the edge of a 300m tower and spins its passengers facing the ground. Not afraid of heights, are you?

Additionally we have included other surprises that will be available for everyone like a new and improved forest environment, new guest models to be on your rides and Steam Achievements.

The expansion will be available from the 18th of October on Steam.

IMPORTANT: This DLC is free for everyone who has purchased RideOp´s Deluxe Edition.

Are you ready to take your experience to new heights?
RideOp - Thrill Ride Simulator - GuraShop
It is almost summer and to celebrate it RideOp's latest update is now out for everyone to download.

·New Ride - Sky Swat: Spin your guests 360° more than 30 metres into the sky.

·New Environment - City: Now you can operate the best thrill rides in the heart of the city.

Have a great time!

RideOp - Thrill Ride Simulator - GuraShop
It's spring time! And we want to bring you this awesome update that includes great game improvements like a brand new ride lighting system to make your attractions light up the sky, a fully enhanced ride customization editor and the possibility to listen to your own music tracks while operating your favourite rides! This update is free for all our Steam users. We hope you like it!


RideOp - Thrill Ride Simulator - GuraShop
The last update includes 10 desktop backgrounds with 4K resolution, exclusive for the Deluxe Edition owners.
Follow this path inside your Steam directory in order to access the files: ...Steam\steamapps\common\RideOp\RideOperator\Content\Paks\backgrounds
RideOp - Thrill Ride Simulator - GuraShop
The 20th of January RideOp will receive an update with two new fully operative rides: Giant Frisbee and Disk'o!
  • Giant Frisbee: A huge pendulum with spinning and swinging motions that can host up to 40 guests at the same time.
  • Disk'o (Exclusive for the Deluxe Edition): This Deluxe Edition exclusive ride features a wavy coaster track with a spinning platform on top and motorbike-like seats.
RideOp - Thrill Ride Simulator - GuraShop
An update has been released to fix the resolution related issues that affected some players.
  • Checking the "I agree" checkbox is no longer needed. Instead you just have to press Enter.
  • Fullscreen resolution will automatically adapt to you native monitor resolution.
  • Windowed resolution can be selected among those suitable for your monitor.
  • The E-Stop key has been changed from the "E key" to the "Enter key" for a more comfortable experience.
*If you still experience some issues it may be caused by your old save-game file, that can be deleted at C:\Users\(Your user name)\AppData\Local\RideOperator

We hope this fixes the issue to all of you and we would like to apologize for the delay with the update, due to scheduling conflicts on our studio.

RideOp - Thrill Ride Simulator - GuraShop
We know some players have experienced issues dealing with the "I agree" checkbox when opening the game. A version update to fix this will be released on Sunday. It will allow players to get into the game using the keyboard instead of checking the "I agree" checkbox with the mouse. It will also solve some glitches related to screen resolution and a few in-game keyboard shortcuts will be modified to make the experience more comfortable.
Thank you for your understanding and patience.
RideOp - Thrill Ride Simulator - GuraShop

After several months the Early Access release date for the thrill ride simulator "RideOp" is finally here! Today at 12:00 PST both game editions will be available for purchase on Steam and to celebrate the realease they will feature a 15% discount for a limited time.
During the following months new rides and features will be gradually added to the game in the form of free updates. The owners of the Deluxe Edition will also gradually get exclusive updates to their game.
Finally it's your turn to create thrilling experiences!

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