Deep Sky Derelicts - 1C_Dan

Hello everyone,

we just released a brand new update 1.2.4! No need for a long introduction, here is the changelog:

  • Fixed a persistent combat bug that could cause all kinds of trouble when certain interactions happened at the start of a turn. Most visible with card-picking abilities such as Adaptive Tactics, Scrounger or Manufacture
  • Fixed potential issues after loading a saved game in the middle of combat
  • Fixed Technician/Tool Expertise not handling canceled cards correctly
  • Fixed issues with Cobra Matriarch / Shield Wall
  • Fixed issues with Myrmex Priest / Stormbending
Deep Sky Derelicts - 1C_George

Hello everyone!

We've just published a new update [1.2.3] that includes few changes and bug fixes. Thank you all for providing your feedback and reporting any issues!

Update 1.2.3 changelog:

  • If the crew gets ambushed, retreating is not possible for two combat rounds.

  • Fixed a map freeze caused by newly spawned enemies not being initialized correctly.
  • Fixed a combat bug that could occur in some situations when either side had only one unit left.
  • Fixed combat issues with Scrapper/Adaptive Tactics.
  • Fixed combat bug with Miner/Overcharging Boost when refreshing the existing buff.
  • Fixed The Power of Blood quest not continuing after retreating from spawned enemies.
  • Fixed Predict Behaviour card text showing 2500% Evasion instead of 25%.
  • Fixed habitation name not being displayed correctly in friendly habitation dialogue.
  • Fixed a combat bug that could happen when playing a card manually after the crew member had already played a card while under confusion/fear on the same turn.
  • Other small fixes and safety checks to various card and combat scripts.
Deep Sky Derelicts - 1C_Dan

Hi everyone,

we just pushed out new update that mainly adresses the crashes that started happening after the DLC release (that affected even base game users that don't own DLC) but also fixes and changes some other aspects based on your feedback.

Here is the changelog:

  • Adjusted a lot of equipment base stats' and modifiers' min and max values (including the gain per level) to be closer to each other so that higher level items are more consistently better than their lower level counterparts.
  • Ancient Eye/Lout Drone: Increased Headbutt damage from 50% to 70%.
  • Lout Drone: Both melee and ranged damage increased by 1 on all ranks.
  • Adjusted shield damage values on Blaster and removed the possibility to spawn a random extra shield damage modifier on Blaster cores.
  • Added skill (weaponry, tech, medical, scavenging, mental) bonuses as possible modifiers to spawn on weapon cores.
  • Further increased the chance of spawning Janitors and Wurmlings in level 1-3 derelicts.
  • Blasting Charges: Made damage scaling from 6/8/8 to 6/7/8 and now only targets 2 enemies at all ranks.
  • Slightly reduced credits bonus from Mental skill.
  • Reduced a lot of DAMAGE RESISTANCE, ARMOR and EVASION stats on a bunch of enemies.
  • Adjusted INITIATIVE values on a lot of enemies. Affects especially enemies at high levels not having as high values except on some specific "speedy" ones.

  • Fixed issue that could make some of the NPCs inaccessible in the Administration Of Pirates quest.
  • Fixed a bug that could break combat when Psyker/Mental Shield was active.
  • Fixed issue with retreating on a freshly loaded save.
  • Fixed Ice Cover not being targetable.
  • Fixed issue where NPCs kept stopping the player after already having met them.
  • Fixed tile condition icons not showing up on the map display.
  • Added missing status icons to Augment cards.
  • Fixed inventory showing h- eavy ranged weapons as available for ranged weapon - slots, even though they can't be equipped.
  • Fixed missing environmental combat action sprites.
  • Some key shortcut fixes.

Fixes for a crash on startup that was affecting some players. If you still experience crashes, please email the following to [/list]
* The output_log.txt file (located in \Users\<username>\AppData\Local Low\Snowhound\Deep Sky Derelicts)
* The crash.dmp file, if one is generated. This should be in \Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\Snowhound\Deep Sky Derelicts; the exact location should also be visible near the end of the log file.
Deep Sky Derelicts - 1C_Dan

Hi everyone,

first of all we would like to apologize for not communicating clearly enough which features announced as part of "New Prospects" DLC are also available to the owners of the base game as a free update not requiring DLC purchase. From your comments on DSD discussion forums and your recent reviews we have concluded that there must be a lot of misconceptions about this subject. Therefore we would now like to clarify it once and for all.

The following newly added game features and elements are available to all owners of the base game free of charge:

Exploration updates:
  • Focused Scan to reveal all objects and activity in a remote location
  • Enemy groups respawn on derelicts, including previously visited ships

Numerous UI updates and improvements:
  • Left-side consumables menu on the scanner screen
  • New buttons for Normal and Focused Scans on the scanner screen
  • Easy-to-spot room condition indicator on the scanner screen

and as a sign of our appreciation for staying loyal and supportive, a special gift - a combat mechanic that was not initially planned to be on the free update list:

  • New environmental combat actions that are usable in exchange for energy during fights, as an alternative to playing regular cards, and can significantly increase your tactical options in combat.

We hope that you'll enjoy it!
Deep Sky Derelicts - 1C_Dan

Hello everyone,

we hear your feedback after the DLC update so here is a little update that should fix the reported problems. Your feedback is immensely valuable so please let us know if the problems persist.

Changelog 1.2.1:

  • Fixed game not starting on some computers because of a Steam initialization problem.
  • Fixed an issue that could block habitation quests that require a specific amount of items.
  • Fixed the Breacher illustrious effect applying to attacks outside its own equipment.
  • Fixed missing Shield Generator Drone graphics.
  • Fixed Miner's starting shields (should be 24, was 48).

NOTE: If the game crashes before getting to the main menu, please try running the game as administrator: Find the Deep Sky Derelicts.exe file by browsing local game files in Steam, right-click -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Run this program as an administrator.
Deep Sky Derelicts - 1C_Dan

Hello everyone,

our brand-new DLC New Prospects is now officially OUT!

Universe of Deep Sky Derelicts gets even wider, more alive, rich and much more dangerous!

Here is a very brief list of what you can look forward to:
  • New exploration mechanics
  • A wide range of new environmental conditions
  • Wider universe to be discovered
  • Additional class - the Miner and new enemies
  • New equipment and missions
  • Numerous UI updates and improvements
and much more...

Deep Sky Derelicts - 1C_Dan

Hi everyone,

Deep Sky Derelicts is expanding its horizons with a brand new DLC, New Prospects!

Venture beyond the stars with brand new trailer:
Making planetfalls, getting lost in blizzards and sandstorms, engaging with scavenger colonies and clearing out monster lairs – not only does the New Prospects expansion give a hefty boost to the variety of scenery and diversity of encounters out there, it also makes exploration even more exciting, tense and suspenseful than ever before. Encounter new enemies, embark on new missions, suit up with new equipment, play as brand-new character class - the Miner and much more!

It is coming out tomorrow!
Deep Sky Derelicts - 1C_Dan

Hi everybody,

we know that probably everyone here already owns DSD but maybe you know someone who doesn't and wants to get it! Now is a great chance!

We are doing giveaway on our social media right now so don't miss out on this chance to win DSD for free!

Head over there and enter the giveaway:



Deep Sky Derelicts - 1C_Dan

Hey Scavengers,

we bring you a small hotfix fixing some of the leftovers after the latest update.

Thank you for your reports and support! It means a lot to us!


  • Fixed issue where abilities could stop working in combat in certain situations.
  • Fixed Reaction Stance errors.
  • Fixed enemies being able to trigger the "Deal over 100 damage in a single attack" achievement. That's adding insult to injury.
Deep Sky Derelicts - 1C_Dan

Hey Scavengers,

we just want you to know that will keep supporting Deep Sky Derelicts with updates and more content! Lunar New Year Sale is here and with it brand new update + you can grab DSD for 25% OFF!

Here is just a short list of the changes:

  • Did you know that conversations can be scrolled with the mouse if you missed something? Now you do, and we've added some UI hints to show that.
  • All big and "special" enemies that had 100% STUN RESISTANCE now have 80% instead.
  • Mortifier: Reduced base MELEE EVASION from 30% to 20%.
  • Rockmorph: Reduced initiative gain per level on levels 8-10 from 1 to 0.5.
  • Crystalmorph: Adjusted its STUN RESISTANCE so that it peaks at 80% at level 10 instead of going ridiculously over 100%.
  • Soulmorph: Completely removed STUN RESISTANCE on it, increased its base EVASION from 0% to 7% and reduced its base DAMAGE RESISTANCE from 20% to 15%.
  • FEAR: Reduced the chance of affected units skipping their turn from 50% to 33%.
  • FEAR: Increased miss chance on the affected units from 25% to 33%.
  • FEAR: Increased critical failure chance on affected units from 15% to 20%.
  • CONFUSE: Increased the chance of affected units skipping their turn from 10% to 20%.
  • Critical failure (=Misfire and Fumble): Increased the self damage dealt on critical failure from 50% to 66% weapon damage.
  • Show "STAGGER" text on its own line to avoid confusion with damage numbers.
  • Made the Sub-Governor's office slightly faster to enter and exit (improved security procedures).

For full changelog click here:

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