Star Shelter - Tarzan
The gunmods were broken so we just uploaded a fix for that.

More updates coming soon.
Star Shelter - Tarzan
Check out the previous announcement to see what’s changed, and try out the creative mode!

Have fun!
Star Shelter - Tarzan
Due to a unexpected bug with the placement of crafted objects we had to revert back to the previous build while we try to resolve this issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.

All the best - Jon & sam
Star Shelter - Tarzan
Hey, here comes the new patch.
we're really getting close to ironing out most of the reported bugs so we feel like we soon can go full release.
We're aiming to go ful release and leave early access next week sep 20th.

We also promised a Creative mode so here it is ;)

  • Added a craftable FoodTube that will help you to get food in the early stages.
  • Added a CREATIVE mode where you have unlimited resources to build and death is deactivated.
  • Added a selection outline in craft menu.

  • We now prevent salvaging when to close to a broken hull.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not place multiple Walls without having to select object again.
  • Fixed an issue with Objectives not triggering properly.
  • Fixed an issue where new rooms could not get damaged and instead transferring it to another room.
  • Fixed an issue where endgame scene would not be loaded.
  • Fixed an issue with Shuttle Levers sometimes acting reversed.

  • Improved the Difficulty curve to make it a bit more dynamic.
  • Adjusted some objective text.
  • Adjusted the start menu for the added creative mode.

If you encounter any bugs or issues please let us know so we can fix those ASAP.

Thanks for playing
Star Shelter - Tarzan
here's some quick fixes for some oxygen leaks

  • Drones would one-shot plasma shields.
  • Hologates would not recognize if a room was removed/added causing some leak issues.
  • Removing a gate could cause an opening to stay closed.
  • Fixed a bug where crafting components would stop the queue
  • Fixed a bug where the gun mod UI could get locked blocking the ammo.
  • fixed an issue where components would not get queued properly
  • fixed an issue where rooms or gates would not be placed when pressing trigger.
  • fixed an oxygen leak bug where it would see an opening as opened even if it was closed.

  • Increased the spawn-rate of beacon signals
  • Adjusted some audio levels on the gun

thanks for playing
Star Shelter - Tarzan
Hey, here comes another update with a bunch of fixes and improvements.

But most importantly, a SHUTTLE can now be built in the hangar!

We have been focusing on streamlining and improving what we already have in the game to make what is, a good experience.

Heres the changes:

  • Added a Shuttle that can be built in the hangar.
  • Better Leak indication, rooms now display their individual leak rate.
  • Map now has a handle to be moved up or down.
  • Added a particle when shooting missile.
  • Added upgrade for Suit nano inventory Capacity
  • Added upgrade for Nano Container Capacity
  • Added Snapping to corridors
  • Plants can now be salvaged.
  • Added A highlight on the Hand crafting menu to show which category is selected.
  • Added a Notification on the hand crafting menu to see what objects was newly Crafted.
  • Added Pie voice line when station is out of Power
  • Added Pie voice line when station is out of Oxygen
  • Added Pie voice line when a plant dies.
  • Added Pie Hint about Gun modifiers.
  • Added an icon when turrets and shields are powered off to better indicate their state.
  • Added a representation of the cost when repairing.
  • Added some text to the Archive.
  • Added a Visual Wind effect if a Room wall was missing.
  • Walls now break if shot by gun.
  • Now, Holo-gates will only transfer oxygen if the room is not Leaking. (before, it was always considered closed)
  • Added a UI to all rooms an corridors to easily show the amount of oxygen it contains.
  • Added a warning and Effect when a turret, Pusher, solar panel or shield get broken.

  • Radiation shower has UI improvements to make it more clear what it does.
  • Medbay could stop mid-heal and freeze.
  • Salvage would get cancelled if object was grabbed with other hand.
  • Fixed an issue where the game could freeze after a few minutes.
  • Crafted Turrets now attacks the Titan.
  • running out of power caused the crafting queue to be reset, will now automatically start crafting again once power is available.
  • If damaged enough the rooms could disappear.
  • Reworked how the radiation was handled with upgrades.
  • Fixed an issue where Gates would be seen as Closed even if they were open on start.
  • Fixed an issue where the oxygen would not traverse properly between rooms.
  • Fixed a bug where gates could not be placed after an exit/Return
  • Fixed a bug where multiple beacons could not be placed during the same game.
  • Nano Inventory limit would not update after death.
  • Fixed a bug where you could breathe in a room even if it did not contain any oxygen.
  • Some plants would collide with Gunshots, preventing shots to hit turrets instead.
  • Fixed a bug where Rooms could be crafted if trigger was pressed efter exiting construction mode.
  • Fixed an issue where Broken holes would show leakage effect even if the room had no oxygen.
  • Fixed a bug where thing you've built could disappear on reload.
  • Fixed an issue where salvage could stop working on one hand.
  • Fixed a bug where repair could stop the hand from salvaging.
  • Fixed a bug where the hand could get in the wrong pose when salvaging.
  • Fixed and issue where the Toggle defenses button would not sync with what actually happened.

  • Plant dammage amount is reduced by 500%
  • Map table has been visually changed to fit beter with use.
  • Broken turret didn't have textures, now leaves the base part if salvaged
  • Now, UI wont show until object it fully crafted.
  • Adjusted some voice line audio levels.
  • Decreased turrets shooting delay by 50%
  • Defenses will no longer re-toggle automatically when there's enough power, to prevent constant toggling.

Check out this SPREAD SHEET of bugs that are being worked on and add to it if you feel that something is need.

We're also still active on the STAR SHELTER DISCORD if you wanna have a chat

Thanks for playing,
Star Shelter - Tarzan

Hey, we're now back on track after the summer as we had some other projects and time off.

What comes next
We're going to try to wrap things up pretty soon, star shelter alone is not enough to keep us afloat but we really don't want it to get the abandon ware "Stamp".

we're gonna add a few important features, wrap up the end and fix the bugs before we release it out of early access.

anyway here's the changes of this patch:

  • Grenades and spray flask would not stay in inventory
  • There was no oxygen in corridors
  • Controller vibration only worked with one thruster
  • The death timed show the wrong time
  • Storage box did not properly save items on reload or death.
  • Could not properly add seeds to a new floor plant pot.
  • could not shoot into a room with radiation
  • Hacking rings would not get highlighted.
  • Would display the wrong UI cost when repairing.
  • was not able to salvage plants.

  • Updated the look of research table to help with alignment
  • Added a visual representation of P.I.E's voice
  • Added a "Holo-wall" to the Hangar, and some visual improvements.
  • Added portable speaker that connects with music player.

Check out this SPREAD SHEET of bugs that are being worked on and add to it if you feel that something is need.

We're also still active on the STAR SHELTER DISCORD if you wanna have a chat


A little tease for some coming updates to the hangar

Stay tuned for what's to come!
Thanks for playing and remember to
Star Shelter - Tarzan
Hey here's some improvements of today's patch, mainly focusing to make it a bit easier for new players.

Fixes / Changes
  • Added a nano storage in starting room
  • Added a storage container in starting room
  • Increased the spawn rate of food
  • Fixed an issue with the turrets
  • Fixed an issue with the plasma shields
  • Fixed an issue with the spawning of debris
  • tweaked the spawn rate of resources to fit better with early needs.

We have been having a lot on our plate so this pach was not as big as usual, stay tuned because there's more coming soon.

Thanks for the patience with the bugs.
we're hoping to fix the issue with the research for next patch this week or the next.

Thanks for playing and
Star Shelter - Tarzan
Hey, heres the lates fixes!

We hope to have fixed most oxygen issues, let us know if you're still having issues!

  • Texture flickering on base
  • Hacking cirkles did not highlight
  • Could not salvage starting room
  • oxygen info was not displaying properly
  • Airlock was not airtight

Star Shelter - Tarzan
Hey, here comes the first bug fix after the big base building Update.

We have been focusing on the most game breaking bugs so there's not so much new stuff.

Here's what's fixed so far.

  • Storage box objects could randomly disappear.
  • Gates could not be placed or saved properly.
  • Salvage mode could get stuck resulting in unwanted salvage.
  • Nano storage could randomly loose stuff
  • Plants could randomly disappear.
  • Repairing could dismantle the wall/room behind it.
  • No salvage value was displayed for a enegycell object thingy
  • Air leak sounds was not fading on distance

Hope this makes the game a bit more enjoyable.

Keep reporting the bugs you find, we're active on our discord channel if you want to know more!

Thanks for playing


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