Tank Wars: Anniversary Edition - Flinsch
Every now and then we come to a few improvements:

Feature updates
  • A first draft of the in-game chat has been added.
  • Networked multiplayer mode (LAN) has been improved (but still beta).
May 18, 2018
Tank Wars: Anniversary Edition - Flinsch
We just deployed a first beta version of the LAN mode.

Feature updates
  • Networked multiplayer mode (LAN) is in beta now: It could still be a bit jerky. And the in-game chat is not implemented yet.
Jan 3, 2018
Tank Wars: Anniversary Edition - Flinsch
Happy New Year everybody!

We are still working on the networked multiplayer mode. In the meantime, we deployed some minor changes and fixes:

Feature updates
  • The Plasma Melter is slightly bigger now.
  • The Sequence Bomb doesn't come with overlapping sounds and lights anymore.
  • For real-time matches, an optional "action cooldown" has been introduced that can be used alternatively to or together with round/turn timers.
  • For classic (turn-based) matches, the turn order of the players has been improved.
  • The "intelligence" of AI players has been worsened.
  • The lights of the tanks changed from point lights to spot lights.
  • The calculation for the total ambient illumination intensity has been updated.
  • Water reflections have been updated.
  • A bug where the match wouldn't proceed to the next round has been fixed.

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