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Treadnauts Patch Notes v.1.00

UPDATE 8/17/18: "The Launch Update"

Tank it in! Tread on air! Rocket jump for joy!!

Treadnauts is OUT NOW on Steam, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch!

WIth the full launch comes update 1.0, a major patch that includes Blitz Mode, Freeze Tag, and a ton of other goodies.

Blitz Mode is here!

One of our main goal for version 1.0 was to create some faster-paced game modes for players to choose from. Treadnauts is a party game at heart, and parties don't take breaks or stop 'till everyone goes home!! ːclaughː

Our Discord community have been asking for a Smash Bros. style game mode for months, so we decided to start there. Melee has influenced the Topstitch Games team a lot; observant players might have noticed some familiar maps in the Wave District. During development on Blitz mode, our first step was to translate the Melee Stock system into an option for Treadnauts.

From there, we expanded the mode with a handful of other options to keep things fresh, including timer and team attack variants. We had a ton of fun putting our own spin on the recipe, and we hope that Smash and Treadnauts fans alike can bond over Blitz.

In addition to Blitz Mode, the Launch Update comes packed with a slew of other additions and improvements. Tank a look at the full patch notes below!

  • Blitz Mode! For the first time in Treadnauts history, you can respawn mid-round and jump right back into the action! Check out these new lightning-fast ways to play in the Modifier menu.
  • Freeze Tag, a modifier for Team Attack. This mod allows you to freeze your opponents and turn them into part of the terrain, as well as rescue your frigid friends. Stay frosty out there!
  • Tread Medley: This mega-playlist contains maps from every zone! Now you can mix and match levels to your heart's content.
  • A total of four shiny new maps (one in each zone)!
  • Steam trading cards are here, complete with emojis, badges, and profile backgrounds.

  • The destructible terrain in Salt Harbor now has a smoothing effect, making it much easier to drive across (and a lot prettier!)
  • Improved Windmill/Waterwheel physics, allowing players to stick to them more consistently at high speeds.
  • Crates now despawn if nobody collects them fast enough.
  • Ramming a tank at high speed will now only stun the slower-moving tank.
  • Sticky bombs no longer stick to each other in the air, and will clash instead.
  • Sticky bombs no longer clash once stuck to the ground, making them far more deadly.
  • Turbo Engine is now more turbo.
  • Players can now rotate their tank while hanging from a grappling hook.
  • Upgrades have been made to the bot players. These changes should make bots a bit more competent across the board.
  • The Jingus's brain has been upgraded, making it a force of nature on the battlefield. Dread it. Run from it. Jingus still arrives.
  • Camouflaged tanks no longer create particles or press down the grass while driving.
  • Bumping into a camouflaged tank will now reveal it.

  • We've given every map a name!
  • Added a frame cap setting to the options menu.
  • Added a new visual effect to recharging bullets.
  • All level-up related animations are now much faster.
  • Added a button to toggle all maps in a zone at once.
  • Added a "Random Zone" button.
  • You can now hold a directional button to scroll faster in the mod menu and the map options.
  • Driving on grass now creates particles.
  • Added new particles for shattered targets in Target Test mode.

  • Fixed an issue preventing users from reaching level 30.
  • Pressing the jump button to dismiss the scoreboard no longer also causes your tank to jump.
  • Fixed an issue where double-shot lobbers would collide with each other.
  • The resolution should no longer incorrectly change upon entering the options menu.
  • The endgame screen will now properly return to the lobby after a timer in online modes.
  • Lobby visuals no longer vanish prematurely while going to the map select screen.
  • Lowered the brightness on some Wave District neon signs.
  • Squashing a jetpacking tank now properly disables the jetpack particle.

There's never been a better time to fly into the matchmaking queue for an online game of Treadnauts--or gather some friends on the couch for a round on Xbox One, PS4, or Nintendo Switch!

We're always thankful for our incredible community, but today more so than ever. If you haven't yet made the rocket jump, you can find friends, online matches, developer updates and all the latest news on the Treadnauts Discord.

See you there!
Topstitch Games
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Treadnauts Patch Notes v.0.81

UPDATE 6/7/18: "The Free Games with Prime Update"

Have you heard? Treadnauts is free for Twitch Prime members this month!

Today's patch is mostly focused on stability and quality of life improvements for all of our new players. There's a couple of fun new features for online matches, too--check out the full patch notes below!

  • The matchmaking algorithm has been improved, making it easier to find games close to you.
  • The Spooky Shells and Slow Time modifiers, as well as the "Sherman Chess" mod preset, can now be played online!
  • You can now adjust your screen scale in settings (for non-standard monitors)

  • Custom keyboard controls should now save correctly after closing the game
  • Collecting a crate will no longer restock your cork in Corked mode
  • Slow-mo kills can no longer occur while the scoreboard is displaying
  • Fixed the Jingus sometimes spawning in the wrong color in team mode
  • Bots can no longer get achievements
  • You can no longer get EXP for just watching bots play a game
  • Fixed an issue related to text rendering in Corked mode
  • Fixed an issue where gaining multiple levels at once could cause visual issues
  • Fixed revenge target dots persisting after a round ended
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes let you control other players on the win podium

There are tons of new pilots learning the ropes this week in the online matchmaking queue and our discord community.

It's a better time than ever to jump into online matches. See you there!

Topstitch Games

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Treadnauts Hotfix v0.76

HOTFIX 5/17/18

Happy Thursday, everyone! Today's patch fixes critical issues with the Bots & Boxes update.

  • Prevented certain sounds from looping indefinitely (for real this time!)
  • Fixed endgame pillars spawning in the wrong position in certain team situations
  • Prevented more situations where online players would spawn in a broken tank with a lightning effect (hopefully all of them?)
  • Lobby panels will now properly show team colors online
  • Playing a matchmaking game no longer changes the private mode mod settings
  • Shadow shells no longer explode if they are already touching terrain when they spawn
  • Fixed an issue on certain Salt Harbor maps where revenge targets would be restricted to the middle of the screen
  • Fixed an issue where mashing the "quit to desktop" button would delay the shutdown process
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Treadnauts Patch Notes v.0.75

UPDATE 5/15/18: “The Bots & Boxes Update”

Buy some batteries! Cop a crowbar! Check your mailbox! The Bots & Boxes update has finally shipped!!

Power-up crates are here!

One of our major goals with this update was to make the Casual game mode feel more unique.
Before this patch, small tweaks like auto-shields and the shot preview line were the only things that set Casual mode apart from the Competitive ruleset.

Keeping things fresh round after round was another key point for Bots & Boxes. For experienced pilots, every matchup might feel unique. For newer players, the finer points of moving with style are still a mystery; variety between games is more likely to come from different maps and mods than from mix-ups or complex combos.

We also wanted a better way to help new players discover all of the fun tucked away in the modifier menu. Lots of amazing mods are hidden in plain sight for some new players… not to mention the surprising effects you can get when you mix and match! (Spooky lasers, anyone?)

Item crates check all of the boxes: they create a meaningful difference between casual and competitive play, help keep casual games exciting and fresh by adding random variance, and offer new players a sample of some of Treadnauts’ best modifiers.

Pilot A.I. has arrived!

Bots are the second major addition in the v0.75 update. Our community has been requesting bots for a long time--some of them have even started making Treadnauts bots on their own!

With this update, you can finally test your strength against Topstitch Games’ deadliest robots. Computer-controlled tanks will try to get you with every trick in the book: they can squash, curve shots, and even shatter bullets.

There are three difficulty levels to choose from, so you can work your way up to challenging Auto-Wagner in his final form.

In addition to our major additions, this update comes with a ton of other improvements, upgrades, and small additions. Check out the full patch notes below for all the spicy details!

  • Item crates are out for delivery! You can now add item crates and a handful of new modifiers to your matches.
  • The Casual preset has been reworked to feature item crates.
  • Bots are fully operational! Try dropping AI pilots into local versus or private online games.
  • There are four new maps to unlock. In addition, a slew of old maps have been improved, ranging from small tweaks to complete reworks.
  • The Science Ball™ has been revamped. It’s more of a zoning tool than a pinball of death these days.
  • Skilled pilots can now do Spring Hops! Try jumping just after landing on the ground to spring higher.
  • Beautiful polish improvements across the board. We’ve upgraded particle systems, menu screens and game graphics all over. Shiny!

  • Room owners can now kick players from their online lobbies.
  • Added a ping indicator for online lobbies.
  • Added the Sherman Chess preset for local games.
  • Tanks can now shatter lasers.

  • Fixed several scenarios where a broken, uncontrollable tank could drop into online lobbies.
  • Improved online player syncing. Players should no longer "snap" to surfaces so dramatically, and movement should look more fluid and natural as a result.
  • Fixed several issues where looped sounds would play permanently if they were playing when the player died.
  • Bouncy shells no longer come to rest at the bottom of water pools and persist forever.
  • Improved network syncing of tanks while they are submerged in water.
  • Fixed several graphical layering issues related to water.
  • You can now switch between areas on the map select screen much faster.
  • Fixed a visual issue related to the Target Test time text (say that five times fast!)
  • Player-colored background visuals now use the colors of players' teams instead of their original character.
  • Fixed several achievements unlocking incorrectly.
  • Fixed a visual issue where ice sliding particles would sometimes fail to appear.
  • Synced a handful of missing sound and particle effects in online matches.
  • Fixed a bug where the matchmaking timer would tick too fast.
  • Fixed a visual sorting issue that placed Randall in front of terrain.
  • Shell casings now spawn above podiums instead of players on the win screen.
  • Adjusted the strength of neon lights in Wave District to fix visibility issues.
  • Fixed a bug where more than 2 players could join a matchmaking lobby.

As always, you can find online matches, developer updates, and all the latest news on the Treadnauts community discord.

See you there!
Topstitch Games
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Treadnauts Hotfix v0.56

HOTFIX 3/14/18

Good news, everyone! We've just uploaded some crucial fixes for yesterday's patch.

  • Players now spawn with two bullets in target test mode
  • Fixed a visual issue with jetpack smoke
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to shoot two bullets at once with some controllers
  • Clashing your own bullet now properly destroys both shells
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the options and pause menus from displaying correctly
  • Fixed a handful of issues related to changing your display resolution and mode
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Treadnauts Patch Notes v.0.55

UPDATE 3/13/18: "The Bullet Time Update"

Calling competitive pilots: this update has crazy new tech that's sure to turn the meta on its head. You can now add backspin to bullets!

There's also a bunch of quality-of-life improvements that members of our community have requested, including new settings modifiers and support for rebinding keyboard controls.

After this update, the Treadnauts team is shifting gears into full console production. That means updates will slow down until our full launch this summer--think every few weeks to a month.

  • You can now curve your shots! Press left or right a moment before you fire a shot in the air, and your shell will curve for extreme mixup potential. "Add some English!"
  • Keyboard controls can now be rebound! If you don't like the default layout, this is the update for you. Go to the options menu to try it out!
  • Added four new modfiers: infinite jumps, a toggle for bullet bending, explosion splash damage, and point penalties for self-destructs.
  • Emotes can now be activated in the lobby, the winner podium screen, and while dead in an online game. There's also a separate control for activating emotes instead of the "honk" button. (RB on controller, E on keyboard by default.)
  • Tweaked the XP curve to prioritize giving players new maps earlier, and balanced XP rewards in general for Target Test and Versus games.
  • Added two new wrecking ball designs created by the community! Thanks to everyone who participated in the "Get Wreck't" competition!

  • The game will no longer crash on quit while a controller is connected (finally!)
  • Fixed an issue where the gamemode would auto-switch to a different mode, despite the player having intentionally picked one already
  • Fixed an issue where level ambience would no longer play in lobbies that weren't the Gold Room
  • Added support for several common controllers that previously didn't work, such as Logitech controllers
  • Fixed an issue where sea mines would sometimes explode infinitely online, causing massive lag and sound spam
  • Fixed a bug that caused visual issues when smoke particle trails overlapped
  • Fixed an issue where the floating screens in Wave District would sometimes spam their collision sounds
  • Fixed an issue where the player's name would show up while emoting online, occasionally in the wrong location
  • Fixed an exploit where the properties of a player's text on the leaderboards could be modified client-side
  • Fixed a visual bug that prevented clashes from destroying compacted snow
  • Fixed a visual bug caused by shooting a science ball with an afterlife target
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented lobby panel camo colors from updating
  • Improved online syncing of physics objects

Though we won't be pushing updates quite as frequently, we'll still be constantly active on our discord chatting with fans and playing games. Our heartfelt tanks go to YOU for making the Treadnauts community a beautiful place to fly.

See you soon, pilots!
Topstitch Games
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Treadnauts Hotfix v0.52

HOTFIX 3/1/2018

Happy March, everyone! Today's update fixes some critical bugs from patch 0.51.

  • Fixed an issue where playing many consecutive rounds in a lobby (including the GOLD ROOM) would cause new players to lag severely and sometimes crash upon joining
  • The more detailed "connection failed" messages now actually display properly
  • The GOLD ROOM more consistently kicks all players upon closing
  • Fixed an issue where usernames would change to the master client's username upon leaving during the endgame screen
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Treadnauts Patch Notes v.0.51

UPDATE 2/28/2018: "The GOLD ROOM Update"

The GOLD ROOM has appeared. It opens in fits: sometimes at lunch for twenty minutes, other times for hours in the dead of night. Every time it opens, a stream goes live.

Strange things have been reported from inside the room... things that don't appear on the public stream. Of all the rumors swirling, one is most persistent: some day soon, the GOLD ROOM will close forever, leaving priceless rewards behind for those who unlock its secrets.

Check out our Discord to get notified when the GOLD ROOM is open!

By popular demand, we've also added chat macros to online matches. You can now send a variety of emotes to other players to express your wonder, love & salt!

  • The GOLD ROOM is a special game lobby with unique aesthetics and properties. While the GOLD ROOM is open, you can join via the special room code "GOLD".
  • Chat macros can be accessed in online matches by holding the "honk" button!
  • You can turn the chat text on or off in the settings menu.
  • Failing to join a room will now give more accurate information as to why (The room is full, the game is already in progress, etc.)
  • Private games now award badge wins (subject to change as the game develops!)

  • Improved online physics object syncing in several cases
  • Fixed players sometimes displaying the wrong country flag in an online game
  • Fixed more locations where the touchpad prompt would show up instead of "start" on PS4 controllers
  • Removed the ability to hit "confirm" and play a sound when viewing an error message
  • Afterlife target controls are no longer inverted in Australia Mode
  • Fixed fullscreen mode minimizing itself when losing focus on the game window
  • Fixed Stereo audio working improperly
  • Fixed several instances where the loading screen camo animation would sometimes display twice
  • Many assorted localization improvements

As always, you can join our community on Discord for matchmaking, memes, and behind-the-scenes.

See you in the GOLD ROOM!
Topstitch Games
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Treadnauts Patch Notes v.0.45

UPDATE 2/18/2018: "The Lightspeed Update"

In this update, we've brought you a new and improved matchmaking system that will make it much easier to find a game.

We've also got THREE new modifiers, and guess what--they all work online! No level requirement for these--go nuts!

In addition, we've fixed a bunch of bugs, especially those related to stability issues while matchmaking or picking characters in the Online lobby.

  • Matchmaking now searches in nearby regions as well as your own, greatly improving odds of finding a match
  • Lasers, Stealth Mode, and Split Shot are now available as modifiers!
  • A new modifier preset, "Stealth Mission", is now available!
  • Added Lasers to the "Astronauts" modifier preset
  • You can now see other players' country flags in the online lobby

  • The 13th map in each zone now properly shows up in rotation! If you want, you can pretend like we just added 4 new maps!
  • Bullets can now be skipped on water online
  • Improved online player syncing while underwater
  • Fixed an issue on Mac where screens (such as in the tutorial or Wave District) would turn white and become unreadable
  • Fixed online players sometimes falling off of surfaces before a match begins
  • You can no longer break your own shield while self-kills are turned off
  • Players no longer get reset to weird angles when a new player joins an online lobby
  • Fixed online players frequently sorting in front of things they shouldn't be
  • Sticky Grenades can no longer be turned on via the random button in Online mode
  • Landing on the Science Ball while someone else owns it now properly sets it to your color
  • Fixed an issue where the Science Ball zap sound effect could persist forever
  • Fixed an issue where backing out of a matchmaking search right as you found a match would cause you to get trapped in a match by yourself
  • Panel camo now displays properly if a player dropped in before you connected to an online lobby
  • Fixed an issue where multiple characters could be dropped in at once by mashing the button
  • Fixed bugged shot effects in the online lobby that would linger forever
  • Fixed an issue where a tank could drop in without a player, causing bugged visual effects
  • Fixed an issue where two or more players could end up in control of the same panel in the lobby
  • Improved Science Ball syncing online
  • Fixed visual errors related to usernames on the scoreboard
  • Status text in the matchmaking lobby now says "Searching for Game" while the master is queueing with a buddy
  • Fixed a small text bug for non-English languages in online lobbies

We've got an exciting week ahead. Now is a great time to join our Discord channel, make some friends, and play some Treadnauts matches online!

See you there!
Topstitch Games
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Treadnauts Patch Notes v.0.42

UPDATE 2/7/2018: "The Tanking Off Update"

A massive tank you to everyone who supported us during our first week in Early Access! We're having a great time chatting with the community, hearing your feedback, and playing games with you online!

This update primarily brings bug fixes and quality of life changes. Coming up, we'll be working towards a more stable online experience, and making it easier to find a random game in matchmaking.

  • Driving over terrain with sharp edges is now much easier, and tanks should get stuck on internal corners less frequently (primarily affecting Dreamland and Salt Harbor)
  • Added player usernames to the scoreboard and endgame screen in online matches
  • Random mods are now available in private online lobbies
  • The prompt to set a password for a private online game now displays properly
  • Afterlife targets now spawn with a loaded bullet

  • Fixed an issue in private lobbies that would cause the game to be unenterable for new players after completing a round
  • Fixed several instances where the game would hang on the loading screen forever, especially after completing an online match
  • Players can no longer get in the way of the master player's screen during matchmaking
  • Shattering a bullet no longer occasionally halts your momentum
  • Fixed an issue on Mac where the in-game screens (such as those in the tutorial or Wave District) could become bugged and display a white screen
  • Santi now appears correctly on a player's screen who has not unlocked him when the lobby panel is owned by someone who has
  • Adjusted the sensitivity of wrecking ball kills, they should no longer kill you by driving into them
  • Fixed a rare bug related to save files that would freeze the game at the "controller advised" screen
  • The pause menu no longer freezes time in Target Test
  • Corked mode now displays "shame" prompts properly (and in the correct font)
  • Players can now pause the game during the start-of-round countdown
  • Jump smoke particles now display properly
  • "HURRY UP" prompt no longer appears on the credits screen
  • Fixed the online scoreboard sometimes displaying too wide
  • Very long usernames now display properly
  • Player-colored objects in the background of the level select now display properly
  • Offscreen indicators are no longer visible during the loading screen
  • Jetpack visuals and sounds no longer continue when the player dies in certain circumstances
  • Removed the tank from the Rust Valley 7 target thumbnail
  • Fixed the flowers dropping the wrong color petals on Rust Valley 5
  • Flowers now consistently drop petals when driving over them online
  • Fixed stability issues related to the level-up animation
  • Fixed several issues where you could enter the pause menu/perform other UI features while a new scene was loading in
  • Online lobby no longer shows touchpad prompt for PS4 controllers
  • Tank engine sounds no longer play eternally if you finish a target test while moving
  • Various localization improvements

If you still haven't joined our Discord, now's a better time than ever! There are plenty of friendly pilots talking Treadnauts and organizing online games.

See you next week!
Topstitch Games

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