Darkestville Castle - Lillamused
We got more news for you, guys! Darkestville Castle is now available on Linux. And don’t forget about 38 new achievements we added to our game game recently, so Cid’s adventures are now more entertaining than ever!

By the way, right now you can purchase Darkestville Castle with a 50% discount — great chance to jump into this amazing hand-painted world full of surprises, puzzles and charismatic habitants!
Darkestville Castle - Lillamused
Dear friends, we are excited to announce that our fancy and atmospheric quest Darkestville Castle got 38 brand-new achievements! We hope this update will make your journey even more colourful and fascinating.

Unfortunately, right after we released this update some players encountered disturbing issues with unlocking new achievemets. We fixed this problem, so you are welcome to check it out!

Oh, one more thing. To make this announcement even better we decided to give you a new 50% discount! It’s gonna be available starting January 17th till January 20th. Welcome to Darkestville — amazing hand-painted world full of surprises!
Darkestville Castle - Lillamused
You'd ask how Cid is doing?

Well, he's just fine! Cheerful, witty and full of energy! Let's hope that Dan Tipotot won't spoil everything as usual...

But we won't let that happen, right? As part of the winter sale, Darkestville Castle is available with a 50% discount.

Stylish graphics, funny characters, a fascinating story and cunning puzzles - all this makes Darkestville Castle a 100% perfect Christmas gift! Treat yourself ;)
Darkestville Castle - Lillamused
Hey folks! Be quick to get your spooky Darkestville Castle experience with 50% discount! :D

Darkestville Castle - Lillamused

You've asked - we are more than happy to provide!

Today Darkestville Castle finally got French and German localization. Cid continues to conquer the world!

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Darkestville Castle - Old Gamer
Hi everyone! Today Darkestville Castle is on sale at 33% off during the Lunar New Year Sale!

Also Darkestville Castle is now bundled with other quests in Buka Adventure Pack. We are sure you'd love to play all those quests during the upcoming weekend ;) And this bundle is also on sale - 57% off till th 19th of February! So hurry up and get it!

Have fun, guys! ːsteamhappyː
Darkestville Castle - Lillamused
Yay everyone! Trading cards are now available. Enjoy! ːsteamhappyː
Darkestville Castle - Old Gamer
Darkestville Castle is 20% off on Steam. Happy holidays!

Darkestville Castle - Lillamused
Hi guys!
A friendly reminder, that you can buy to buy Darkestville Castle at a 20% discount till tomorrow evening! Hurry up :)

Aaand, what is more, our favorite quest has all the chances to win the “The World Is Grim Enough Let's Just All Get Along” Award. All is in your hands - you just need to nominate Darkestville Castle here or here. Despite his bad temper, Cid will be very pleased to receive this award, so let's all vote together for his sake!
Darkestville Castle - Lillamused

With only a few days left before Halloween, Steam sales is well under way. We just couldn’t pass up such an important event. That’s why from October 26th till November the 1st Darkestville Castle, the real Halloween adventure game, has 20% discount!

Also we wanted to thank our creative contest winner - Artie-K, whose artwork perfectly fits our Halloween Steam page decoration!

Trick or treat?! Hm… Trick!

To celebrate Halloween, developers added a new tricky mode to the game – ‘MEOW’. Just keep in mind — you should activate it only if you are 100% self-confident as it drastically increases game difficulty!
We’re not going to reveal all the details though – just try it if you dare.


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