Hunt 'n Sneak - JamesK
Hey everyone!!

This latest update is all about addressing player feedback and implementing UI changes! We have had some great feedback from players and, today, we are implementing some updates that address some of the feedback we have received. Of note, we have made it easier for Pixies to know where they are, especially when walking into a wall or object.

The game is also going on a 25% off sale for the summer sale, so if you haven't got the game yet, now is a good time to!

Major changes include:
  • Pixies are lost and confused no longer!! Now when Pixies walk into a wall or an object their feet light up and, those using a controller will feel a warning vibration!
  • New tutorial pictures for when players are selecting the game modes. These are briefly shown again before the match commences.
  • Added a brightness slider (in the options menu) to help players better see the maps
  • In-game lighting has been updated so we now have brighter maps - but beware of the thicker fog!
  • Infernal Wastes map has had a visual design change, with the rock ledges now more visible
  • End game screen has been visually updated and, a bug has been fixed that occasionally showed incorrect information
  • Pixies can now ‘ping’ more frequently to reveal their location
  • Added more sound effects to abilities and pixie dialogs

Smaller changes include:
  • Fixed map colliders - so no more sneaky hideaways!
  • Characters are now 20% faster
  • Online: Bergy’s shield is now properly destroyed for clients after being destroyed by a Gobbler
  • Online: Teleport orbs are back to only having one use per orb
  • Online: Client score fixed for Stockpile game mode
  • Online: Puglsey’s orbs now properly disappear once the timer has run out

Thank you for playing, join our Discord server to chat with the developers and find people to play with!

Happy Sneaking,
The Hunt ‘n Sneak team
Apr 26
Hunt 'n Sneak - JamesK
Hey everyone!

We hope you’ve had a great time hunting the Pixies and sneaking about the Gobbler! It has been a crazy couple of weeks since the release of the game, and so far, we have had some great responses. Since the release we have been working on the feedback given to us, as well as some other exciting updates!

What we have updated
• Bergy got an upgrade - gone is the geometric style shield and here to stay is the new icey shield that reflects their super cool personality!
• In-game controls have been added to the lobby screen
• The button legends are dynamic, now supporting the: Xbox, PlayStation and both left and right keyboard schemes
• The lobby has had a make-over and is now easier to navigate
• We have added two networking options:
  • Alternative port. If you are having issues with connecting to the servers, you can use an alternative port to connect to the server
  • Region. This determines which server location you will connect to – matches are region-based, but you can join with friends by opting to connect to their region instead

Thank you for playing, join our Discord server to chat with the developers and find people to play with!

Happy Sneaking,
Hunt 'n Sneak - JamesK
Hunt 'n Sneak
The four-player party game where we have taken the age old hide and seek and transformed it into a manic asymmetrical multiplayer game has now arrived on Steam!

So gather your friends and family and prepare to hunt as a fearsome Gobbler and sneak around as a mischievous Pixie because you can play right now.

Future Plans
While Hunt 'n Sneak already comprises a considerable amount of content, this is just the start of our plans – with free updates planned for the game over the coming months. We would also love to hear your feedback and reviews of the game, if you'd like to see something in the game let us know on Steam forums or on our Discord.

So what are you waiting for? Jump in and give the game a go!

We at Pixel Engineers are extremely excited to show the game to everyone and we are very grateful to have the opportunity for you to play it.

Thank you,
Pixel Engineers


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