Scuttlers - Ne Vogel
Controller Support for Runners

You can now use a controller to run around when playing as a Runner. The game should automatically recognize your controller and you should be good to go (Obviously this also works in solo challenges).

You can also assign any other buttons on your controller in the controls menu (this was already possible, but it seems like a good time to remind you!)

  • Total distance travelled statistic should now be more accurate.

User Suggestions

Just like we mentioned last time, if anyone has an idea how controller support would work with the Leader role, let us know!

The Scuttlers Dev Team
Patch Notes ⋅ March 30, 2018
Scuttlers - Ne Vogel
Death Messages

You'll now see different chat messages when other players die, so everyone is always aware that you messed up. No more hiding from it!

Haunted Achievements

Achievements have been added for the haunted environment, analogous to the Forest achievements.

  • The music no longer messes up when going from a haunted environment to a forest challenge.
  • Some errors with Steam Achievements synchronisation have been fixed. We're still not sure if everything is working correctly, so we'll keep an eye on this one.
  • Fixed a few spelling errors.

User Suggestions

Before adding more content, we're currently mainly looking to finish and clean up some of the current content. An example of this would be controller support (how would the leader work with a controller?). We'd like your feedback on this, so we know what to focus on. Let us know in the comments!

The Scuttlers Dev Team
Patch Notes ⋅ March 14, 2018
Scuttlers - Ne Vogel

Those who have been following the recent events concerning EA and Battlefront II, will know what this is about. Heroes are locked behind a massive paywall (or a very long grind), making the game essentially pay to win. We've all heard the public's opinion on this, and we agree.

While Scuttlers was never pay to win, there was the option to pay for cosmetics with real life money. It has been made loud and clear that even when people have the option to unlock these in-game items purely by playing, the fact that they are attainable by paying money, made acquiring them feel like less of an achievement.

The Changes We'll be making
  • The option to buy cosmetics with real money will be completely removed. It's as simple as that. Cosmetics will only be attainable by unlocking them with Scuttle Points.

  • The amount of Scuttle Points you earn each game, will be increased. We'll be doubling the amount of Scuttle Points you receive after a game. This should make unlocking cosmetics less of a grind, and leave us some room to add very rare cosmetics. It should also give more value to the special cosmetics like the Forest Mastery Cape.

The Scuttlers Dev Team
Scuttlers - Ne Vogel
New Environment: Haunted

The Halloween update introduces our second environment: Haunted!

When creating a server, you'll now be presented with an extra choice: the environment. This is where you can select either Forest or Haunted. We'll be starting out with 2 different maps, and adding the other 2 maps (for a total of 4, like Forest) in the coming updates. This way, we can find issues easier and fix them without having to change all maps.

With Haunted comes new music, new graphics, but most importantly: new obstacles! Where forest has pendulums and circle saws, Haunted, along with the usual moving platforms, has the following obstacles:

Falling Axes

These do what you'd expect them to do. They go up and down and deal massive damage to players hit by them. That's right. Massive. They are very thin, making them easy to avoid. However, they will instantly kill you if you get hit by them.


Webs slow any player that is currently touching them, by quite a large amount. You can simply walk around them, but they sometimes block off shortcuts. This means you'll have to make the choice of either taking the shortcut and rendering yourself vulnerable to the leader's abilities, or taking the long way around.


These are the Tropical Wagtails' spooky friends. Just like the ability, they slow and damage players that are hit by them. However, they roam around the WHOLE map, so you'll have to keep an eye out for them at all times.

Next week(s)

We'll be expanding on the haunted environment, meaning there will be Haunted Challenges, Abilities, and Accessories coming soon!

Other Changes
  • For those who don't know, Scuttlers is currently on sale for Halloween on Steam, at 60% off!
  • When creating a server, the server will now have a default name: [Your Name]'s server.
  • The main healthbar in the new UI will now properly display the dragging effect like the smaller healthbars do.

The Scuttlers Dev Team
Patch Notes ⋅ October 27, 2017
Scuttlers - Ne Vogel
UI Update

We've made some changes to the UI of both the leader and the runner. These changes are focused around making things easier to read, and more consistent.

For example, the health text has been changed into a healthbar at the bottom of the screen, similar to the leader's mana bar. This gave us space to move the debuffs and the score as well, placing them in a more centered position.

Checkpoint rankings

With the newly created space, we had an opportunity to add some more info to the screen. You can now see a live ranking of how far other players are into the map. You'll see the number of checkpoints they've reached, giving you an idea of who's ahead of you, or behind you.

You'll also see that next to these rankings, there is an eye button. This button will only appear for the leader, and will focus the camera on that specific player. That brings us to the next update!

Camera Update

To allow the camera focusing on players, we had to rewrite a big chunk of the camera, so that gave us the opportunity to add some handy extra features! These features will only be available for the leader, because we don't want runners to have a big overview. If players want it, though, we'll add them to the runners' camera as well.

So, you'll now be able to pan across the screen by left-click dragging the mouse. This feature was suggested by a couple of players, so there it is! You'll also be able to zoom in and out using the scroll wheel. You know, for when you want to check out someone's hat.

Other Changes
  • We've added mesh instancing to some of the static models (trees, rocks, platforms, ...).
    TL;DR: This increases performance.
  • The camera update should have fixed and prevented a few other camera inconsistencies.
  • Sometimes, errors weren't properly sent to us. This has now been fixed.

The Scuttlers Dev Team
Patch Notes ⋅ October 20, 2017
Scuttlers - Ne Vogel

Hi there! This patch is going to be a smaller one. With some of our efforts going towards the upcoming new environment, we had to cut back on updates this week. We're also still thinking about a nice way to reward people for earning achievements, so that will probably happen next week. Either way, enjoy!

New Accessories
  • Common: Moustaches (5 colors)

To the person who requested this: here you go!"

Other Changes
  • We've added an extra hidden achievement.
  • 5 New easter eggs have been added, so let the hunt begin!
  • We automatically receive error logs, making it easier to detect and fix other bugs.
  • Taking damage while shielded no longer shows a damage popup number.
  • Some of the tooltips were not scaling correctly, making them clip the edge of the screen. This has now been fixed.

The Scuttlers Dev Team
Patch Notes ⋅ October 13, 2017
Scuttlers - Ne Vogel

Do these really need an introduction? Doing noticable things will give you achievements. Achievements give points, the more difficult the achievement, the more points you'll get. We'll be introducing rewards for reaching certain amounts of points, but aren't really sure yet about what we could give (apart from SP and EXP). We will expand on this later.

All achievements have also been added as Steam Achievements, so you'll unlock them there as well!

We'd like to hear what kind of rewards you would like to see from the Achievement System, so please let us know! You can always join in on our Discord by clicking here!

Other Changes
  • A bunch of new Steam Currencies have been added, and some have had their prices lowered to adjust to the new Steam Currency Updates.

The Scuttlers Dev Team
Patch Notes ⋅ October 6, 2017
Scuttlers - Ne Vogel
For the full patch notes, check our website:

Solo Challenges: Leaderboards

To complement last week's update, we've added leaderboards to the Solo Challenges, so you can compare your score with everyone else! At first, all players will be listed as "Anonymous", because we're still in process of saving the player names on the server. This means that over time, the names will become visible as well.

Clarity Updates

This week's update also features some features that will help with making things more clear. To start off, we've added help messages in some places. These messages will explain things that may not be 100% clear. You can disable them in the settings menu.

Damage numbers are now also a thing. Meaning you'll see a red number pop up telling you how much damage you took. These numbers also pop up in different colors for when you're healed or when you get extra points from a powerup.

Finally, we've added a message that pops up when you finish in a multiplayer game, telling you you've finished and that we're waiting for the other players to finish.

Other Changes
  • Servers that are in-game are no longer listed in the server table.
  • You can now press backspace to respawn in solo challenges.
  • Exitting during a solo challenge now brings you back to the solo challenge overview.
  • Exitting during a multiplayer game now brings you back to the server table.
  • The chat is now disabled in solo challenges.
  • Solo challenges no longer end when you have 0 score.

Note: these also include the things that were fixed during the 25/09 hotfix.
  • Some sync issues have been fixed.
  • Removed the Discord button until we find a better way to do this.
  • Fixed a bug that caused solo games on a multiplayer server to give the wrong amount of points.
  • Some small UI errors have been fixed.
  • Accessories should now load correctly for everyone.

The Scuttlers Dev Team
Patch Notes ⋅ September 29, 2017
Sep 24, 2017
Scuttlers - Ne Vogel
- Some (if not all) sync issues should be fixed now. Please let us know if they aren't.

- Removed the Discord button until we find a better way to do this.

- Fixed a bug that caused solo games on a multiplayer server to give the wrong amount of points.
Scuttlers - Ne Vogel
Just a heads up that we're aware that the Discord link in the menu closes the game. A fix will be uploaded next patch.

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