Oct 13, 2017
Captivus - Chris
Hey folks,
Currently going through a slow period with updates. My family and I are currently preparing to move to a new state, so getting everything in order for the big move is taking a lot of the time that I usually spend on updating. That being said, I hope to have some UI updates and card fixes out by next Friday as part of a larger overall patch.
Oct 6, 2017
Captivus - Chris
A few minor updates that should make it easier on new players as well as some bug fixes.
Patch 1.4.5a
  • Card Changes
    • Added sounds and particle FX to Captain Mal, The Grappler, and Tech Sergeant Tinker.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed Cry Baby spawning two defender turrets in the turret slot.
    • Fixed AI refusing to play Captain Mal.
    • Fixed Micro Assault Drone not instantly applying his attack = health ability.
    • Fixed "Card Unlocked: None" issue.
  • UI Updates
    • When you go to attack another card, the board will highlight with the valid attack targets.(Ex: If a defender is on the field, it will only highlight defenders. If you are selecting a turret to attack a player, it'll highlight the shield if a shield is in play.
Captivus - Chris
Patch 1.4.5 is a very exciting patch. 6 new unlockable cards, 1 new spawnable card, and a ton of balance and quality of life updates. Let's break it down!
Patch 1.4.5
  • New Cards
    • Cry Baby - When Cry Baby takes damage, it spawns two 1/1 Anti-Ship Weapons Platform that last for two turns.
    • Mysterious Pact - Upon entering play, discard your hand and take X damage, where X is equal to the total amount of cards discared. X cards from your deck, with a mana cost of X or less, will come into play.
    • Radioactive Trace Compression Block - Decrease your ship's health by 1 per turn. You gain +2 energy per turn.
    • Poisoning The Well - When this card enters play, after 2 turns, it will deal 2 damage to all of your opponent's boarding party.
    • Nime the Friendly - When Nime the Friendly comes into play, he buffs the health of all current cards on the board.(This buff does not stack with other buff effects.)
    • Multiphasic Blaster - At the end of Multiphasic Blaster's turn, the residual radiation left behind will deal 1 damage to the enemy.
  • Card Changes
    • Marine art changed.
    • Added Art to the Grappler and Commander Geod
    • J-54 Defender - Health changed from 3 to 2
    • Encrypted Sentrybot - Health changed from 5 to 3. Energy cost requirement changed from 3 to 4.
    • Mk.5 Autoturret - Energy cost requirement changed from 5 to 6.
    • Temporal Field - Energy cost requirement changed from 5 to 3.
    • Space Grave - Energy cost requirement changed from 4 to 3.
    • Trap notifications added to trap cards when they are triggered.
  • New Features
    • Coupon System - Under the profile tab, you can enter code's to redeem for in-game currency(Energy). These codes will be given away as part of promotions.
    • Tournament Play - This is a secret mode that can be accessed when given the code by a developer. This code will allow you to join sanctioned tournament servers.
  • UI Updates
    • Options added to the setting menu(Audio, Resolution, Fullscreen/Windowed)
To celebrate this patch, and the addition of the Coupon system, you can use the Coupon Code "spooky" in the Coupon system on your profile to obtain 333 credits. Hurry though, it expires on November 1st!
Captivus - Chris
Good evening all,
DLC Purchases should now properly apply to your account after installed. There was an issue with the Steam Depot that has now been resolved. Those who have purchased the Founder's Edition should now see the DLC package download automatically upon restarting Steam. The 1500 credits will add to your account on login but may take time to show up.
Happy fighting!
Captivus - Chris
Currently, I am aware of issues regarding the retrieval of Steam data that may prevent some users from logging in. If you are currently experiencing this problem, please post in the forums that you are getting this bug, and I will get in contact with you to obtain the log files as well as possibly creating another hotfix so that every user is able to obtain the same experience.

Oct 4, 2017
Captivus - Chris
Good morning,Yesterday was Launch Day, and with that, I've identified a number of bugs as well as balance issues that needed to be worked out. I also found places where I could improve the game.
Patch 1.4.4a
  • Card Updates
    • C3-J5 Roller - Text updated from "Deal +1 damage to enemy upon taking damage" to "Destroy the attacking unit"
    • Encrypted Sentrybot - Energy Cost changed from 3 to 4. Health changed from 5 to 4.
    • Cyborg Mercenary added to the Base Card list, no longer an unlock.
  • Card Bug Fixes
    • Belligerant Gambler should now apply the +4 attack when he discards a card.
    • C3-J5 Roller volume reduced on the host.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Upped the error allowance upon login.
    • Fixed issue with UI just mimicking player's rank and stats rather then getting two individual UI's.
  • UI Changes
    • Changed main menu background.
    • Changed loading screen background.
    • Added a player's online tracker next to the energy counter.
Oct 3, 2017
Captivus - Chris
Hi all,
I just wanted to clarify that if you are having trouble saving your deck that you've created, please try naming it something else instead of "New". I will be putting out a patch later tonight that fixes this issue, but until that patch is released, this will work.
Captivus - Chris
The day has finally arrived. I've been in crunch mode all night, preparing to release Captivus. I can proudly announce, that it is ready. It passed most of my testing checks, and while I expect a larger audience to find more bugs, I am confident that I can hopefully have them fixed by the end of the day. So, without further ado, welcome to Patch 1.4.4, the first patch of Early Access.
Patch 1.4.4
  • Card Updates
    • All Units and Defenders updated to only allow a max of four in deck.(Old amount was six.)
    • Streamlined Hull energy cost changed from 3 to 6.
    • Space Grave max deck allowance changed from 4 to 3.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Tactical Nuke now properly removes all cards from the board.
    • In-game UI now properly displays your Ranked Border, Ranked Icon, and Title.
  • Backend Changes
    • When unlocking a duplicate card through the Deck Builder, you will now activate a Dupe Counter. The dupe counter increases the amount of energy you recieve by 5 for each duplicate, with a max of 90 energy returned. This should make the unlock process feel less grindy as you are losing less energy.
    • DLC Edition: Founder rewards will now properly be given to those who purchase the DLC. This may take several minutes toupdate on your profile.
    • AI Difficulty decreased.
  • UI Updates
    • Deck Builder now shows the min. amount needed to play a game.(20 cards)
Captivus - Chris
Today marks Day 3 of the 4-Day Dev Q&A, and to celebrate, we will be giving away keys to those who ask questions, as well as giving away in-game credits to the really good questions. So tune in today at 5:00 PM EST over at https://www.twitch.tv/captivusgame!
See you there,
Captivus - Chris
Greetings,If you like card games, and you've played Magic: The Gathering, then you are most definitely familiar with the concept of the Instant card. These cards can be played at any point in the game, whether it's your opponent's turn or not. I've always been a fan of this, and personally believe hearthstone could benefit from card types like this. They prevent all of the power lying with the player currently taking their turn, and give some control to each player. So, 60+ patches later, we've finally added that control. Let's have some fun and get competitive ladies and gentleman!
Patch 1.4.3c
  • New Cards
    • Celestial Storm - When Celestial Storm comes into play, all of your opponents unit's can not attack for that turn. Celestial Storm can be played at any time.
    • A Temporary Distraction - When A Temporary Distraction comes into play, return the last card played by your opponent back to their hand.
  • Card Changes
    • Cutting Costs - Description changed from "Discard two cards, in exchange, get one mana." to "Discard two cards, in exchange, get one mana. Cutting Costs can be played during your opponent's turn."
  • Bug Fixes
    • Commander Geod now properly spawns a card if there is space available on the board.
    • Tactical Nuke now properly kills everything on the board, and removes debuffs.
    • Fixed a bug where the game would freeze when you unlock a card.
  • Backend Changes
    • Player libraries are no longer hosted client side, and have been now completely redirected to the server. This means you will have lost all the cards you've unlocked. This was planned and was done to prepare for a proper balanced launch of the game.
  • UI Changes
    • Added tooltips to important UI elements so you can see what they represent.
    • Added a new profile tab where you can keep track of your current rank, rating, wins, and losses.
    • Added the tutorial to the Profile/News/Tutorial tab in the right of the main menu.
    • Added a green halo around cards that are playable during your opponent's turn.

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